This Is How An Atheist SJW Pope Speaks

The Evil Clown has vomited another one of his tofu statements about sport as a way to promote peace and social justice.

You notice here the workings of the mind of a commie atheist.

Firstly, there is this idea that only the world below counts. A man who is at the head of the greatest religion on earth opens his lewd mouth almost exclusively to blather about peace, social justice, equality and the other idols of the godless social justice warriors like himself. On the rare occasions when the man happens to mention heaven and hell, it is also to promote his commie values: blessed are those who proclaim forced redistribution, building walls in unchristian, and the like.

Secondly, there is the idea that, here below, only political ideas count and everything is subordinated to it. Sport as entertainment isn’t good enough. No, sport must be subordinated to and made an instrument of the same rubbish he goes around talking without pause; because, being an atheist commie, this is the only reality the man cares about, obviously from the comfort of his entire hotel floor.

This is how an atheist SJW Pope speaks. It is as clear as the sun, for everyone to see.

Boy, this man is rubbish. Utter, undiluted, unashamed, first-class, 100% rubbish.

I hope even those V II Cardinals who aren’t hostages of the homo mafia can see it. I wonder, though, how many they are.


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  1. Terri Bradley

    “I wonder though, how many there are.”……..Precious few Mundabor……precious few. Basically at this point we are ON…..OUR…….OWN. Those that have been paying attention now know that the Bishops for the most part have lost all credibility…..every drop…..every ounce that they ever had in the first place. They are, for all practical purposes on the other side. The hierarchy in the Church of Christ, almost all of them, have lost the faith entirely. As Steve S. has said in one of his articles, it’s like trying to fight a Dragon with a tooth pick, or as I say, trying to bring a knife to a gunfight. I think we are now at this point, actually looking at the ‘Anti Church’ that John Paul ll talked about. Anyone who is looking at this situation realistically, has to be able to see this, as difficult as it is to digest. There is no other conclusion that one can come to. This has all been prophesied, but to actually try to live through the prophecy is a horse of a different color, eh?

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