McCarrick, The Homo Deep State, And Benedict: Some Reflections

New revelation about perverted homocardinal McCorrick have emerged. The failing New York Times reports of the most explosive case yet: a decades-long abuse of a family friend, started when the boy was, if memory serves, eleven.

“Bastard” doesn’t even begin to describe this monster. There should be the death penalty for something like that, and possibly no statute of limitation. The prospective of hanging from a noose – and be that at the ripe, badly lived age of 88, – should be a deterrent for others with the same ideas.

Cardinal McCarrick risks, of course, nothing of the sort. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think this is the same guy who claimed to have “no memory” of any episode of harassment when the scandal first erupted. What a miserable individual. What a stellar POS. Satan is clearly working overtime with this one.

The disgust with this despicable individual must, however, not distract us from another absolutely vital topic: how many knew and remained silent? The already mentioned failing New York Times mentions two settlements, one for $80,000 and one for $100,000, also involving accusations of sexual harassment, and there can be little doubt much more will emerge. Those who must have known must, surely, be in the dozens, and some of them are now, or were before, in powerful positions. Even more disquieting is to think of how many must have covered the man, because they are part of the same homo mafia or are blackmailed by them.

The filth here might go beyond the imaginable, into the realm of a deep state of homo prelates able to intimidate everyone: perhaps, perhaps….

perhaps even one Pontiff; who, upon becoming aware of the extent of the filth, chose the flight instead of the fight. Perhaps, perhaps…

perhaps well knowing, from the report in his hands, that the homo deep state would be in a position to elect one of those not dangerous to them.

I have always thought the fairest thing to do to take Benedict’s words at their face value. But more and more disquieting dots are now being connected, and the “flight before the wolfs” theory seems less ingenerous with every new revelation about a man so powerful, so well-connected and, certainly, helped by so many like him.


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  1. i think Uncle Ted actually baptized this child as an infant. How about “Homo Creep Deep State”? It is beyond reason and common sense that Uncle Ted is a sui generis, a loner; this is a this multi-tentacled evil – he is probably the first domino to fall. As these pervert predators age and relinquish the levers of their homo-evil power, including control of the bank accounts and books, and legal settlements, their victims can no longer blackmail them for millions, and so they go public. Imagine what investigaytors are ferreting out right now about the whole homo-trafficing bishops network. This does not merely sound like a “corrupt organization” under the federal RICO laws, this IS one. And they have the gall to come out publicly about the evil of “sex trafficing.” Guy McClung, Texas

    • If one is a real victim I would not call it blackmail. It is the Church which should not offer shush settlements or even collective ones.

  2. I don’t know who the wolves are with Benedict anymore. He supports Pope Francis and V2 and didn’t seem to lift a hand against the homo infection during his pontificate. I hope I’m wrong on that.
    I think what needs to be investigated is just how much JPII and Benedict knew about this. From what I have heard, JPII was certainly told about McCarrick not only by a special delegation but by Cardinal O’Connor of NYC. We need to flesh out how these evil men flourished in the Church at such high levels when supposedly “conservative” and “faithful” Popes ran the ship. THAT would be an article worth reading.
    God bless~

  3. This is a prime example of why it is important to define what “Mercy” actually is.
    1: Acceptance of any moral choice or personal behavior; do whatever you please.
    2: A facet of Truth in which righteous behavior in Truth , through Love, is the ultimate end.
    It is no mercy to facilitate evil. McCarrick is going to Hell; a very deep, painful, never ending corner of hell, absent total conversion in his few remaining days. And he will undoubtedly be tormented there by those he takes with him in his evil wake.
    Hard words. Confrontation. Punishment. Shame. Suffering. Excommunication. These would have all been merciful to Ted McCarrick at any point in his miserable life. Conversion depended upon conviction of sin, separating him from God, his maker and judge.
    But he got “tolerant mercy” instead. And he is an 88 year old, dirty perverted old man who is just a few steps from a very fearful moment in front of Jesus Christ his judge; terrible on His throne in glory. Every knee will bow. He is bringing with him to his appointment a hellish body of work.
    I am a sinner. I became Catholic because I acknowledge my sin, my need of redemption and lifelong penance. I have zero interest in this hellish, tolerant “Mercy”©️ that seperates me from the true Mercy emanating from God’s Person that demands contrition, submission, conversion, sanctification.
    Ted McCarrick has just a few moments left. Pray that he falls on his knees until the end of his days in repentance.

  4. They all knew. They all know. There is no conceivable way JPII nor BXVI did not know. Please, this isn’t 1050. Who made McCarrick a Cardinal? You could not have the level of infiltration to the very top without knowing.
    Furthermore, I am having a very hard time now believing that you could get to be pope without…there’s just too many. How would anyone rise to the rank of Cardinal without being part of the club? Who would vote for them if they are not part of the club.
    They haven’t just infiltrated, they run it, manage it, have all the powerful appointments, etc. Now they are bold about their sodomy, they want us to approve of it. They have used the faith to break down cultural resistance to it from Catholics. It has worked in many cases. Using liberal guilt is very effective, people don’t want to be bigots, it is the biggest taboo. They’ll let go of revulsion, discomfort, even their Christian faith. Just don’t say they are narrow minded. It is an insult they cannot bear.
    I too feel there probably ought to be the death penalty for someone who corrupts someone of the same sex who is much younger. It devastates the poor victim, as it did the victim who talked to the New York Times. All of his siblings went on to successful lives, but the victim fell to alcoholism, drugs, crime, because it wrecks their lives, it’s something very hard to get away from. An evil, evil man does this to a boy or young man. In their warped mind this is “love”. And this one had all the prestige and power of the Cardinalate. He’s had a lifetime of it. What a travesty. Not to mention how many Catholics have left Catholicism because of the disgusting actions of these predators.
    God help vulnerable boys, the ones these predators go after. And no one should ever leave their boy alone with an unrelated male. If any man takes an interest in your boy, gives gifts, or God forbid, wants to take him “camping” or on vacations, SAY NO, and never leave him alone with them.

  5. Terri Bradley

    Absolutely…..he seems to have ‘fled for fear of the wolves’.

  6. They must be evil possessed in order to commit a worst sin that cries up to heaven for vengeance. Having tremendous pleasure to sodomize little boys and Vatican covers it up?
    It’s so sick and demonic. Please God save us.

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