The House Is Burning, And The Smoke Of Satan Is Charring The Church.

Edward Pentin (who, by way of his job, is forced to read the rubbish we carefully avoid) has sent this tweet  about the Satanic Synod. I have put a snippet above.

This gives you the scale of the devastation that is currently ravaging the Church; a devastation that is getting worse almost by the month, and which is aided and abetted by all members of the hierarchy who do not denounce the root of the problem: the Pope.

I will not comment on the single statements above, because there is really no need for it with any Christian. Let me, instead, focus on another issue that is, perhaps, not so evident to many.

This is the fruit of the failure to denounce Pope Francis as a heretic and ask from him that he recants or be deposed. All the members of the hierarchy who have not done this are part of the problem, not of the solution.

Francis has always hated Catholicism. He has hated it with a passion. He has hated it, I think, even more because of the obvious problem of scrounging an entire existence out of an organisation he so seriously loathes.

Now that he is Pope, he is abusing his role and power to demolish the Institution he hates as much as he can; without caring for, or worrying about, any divine punishment, because obviously he does not believe in God, and probably never has.

But do not think that I make of him the only culprit. I have insisted often here, and will continue to say, that this monstrous individual has been aided and abetted every step of the way by all those who, under the pretence of “prudence”, have renounced to draw the consequences from the behaviour of this evil individual.

At which point will the SSPX, and the Bishops and Cardinals, ask for the forced removal of this disgrace?

What if Francis declares God a “She”, but he does not do so in a formal document? 

What if Francis instruct us to pray to the Father, the Son and Holy Allah, but he does so in a letter to some Muslim Imam?

What if Francis introduces an eleven commandments, “Thou shall worship Manitu”, but he does so talking with journalists in an aeroplane?

When will this stop? Can the above mentioned individuals (this includes the SSPX) not see the deep damage that is done by allowing Francis’ new “Our father”, or his heresies about the capital punishment, to get into official teaching texts like the Catechisms?

Dear bishops (this includes the SSPX) and Cardinals:

the house is burning, and it is time to take a hard look at the fire.

Yes, the building will never be destroyed. But this is not a reason to let the fire ravage the building.

This disgraceful era (which, bar a Divine Intervention, has all the look of going on for several more decades, as is it clear that evil people are raping the Church unopposed) will be remembered less for the heretical Popes as for the complicit Bishops and Cardinals; because their cowardice and inaction will be remembered long after the very name of the heretical Popes have been forgotten by all but historians and history buffs.

The house is burning, and the smoke of Satan is charring the Church.

Our shepherds react with “prudence”, and faint meowing, and professions of truth that do absolutely nothing to deal with the problem.

It is like having a violent bully at home, and going around the house telling people about the virtues of niceness whilst the furniture is being destroyed all the other occupants have black eyes. For heaven’s sake, Bishops and Cardinals: tell the bully that he needs to stop or he will be kicked out on the street!

Nothing less will suffice, if this generation of Church prelates is to be remembered as Catholic in any meaningful way.

We live in time when one has to write blog posts stating what, in all generatiosn before us, would have been considered so obvious as to be not even worth discussing.

But no, we live in the time of the prudent Bishops.




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  1. Here we have the good, the bad and the ugly Bishops and Cardinals. The “good” are few and think they are powerless, the bad agree with Francis and want a godless New World Order Church, the ugly are completely indifferent and only want to keep their cushy jobs.

  2. Great job M, We certainly need the Cardinals to act to depose PF. Question: who will supply the financial and logistical support to the cardinals when they do this? Not to mention the overwhelming need for security. You are asking every Cardinal dissenting PF’s validity to stick their neck out on a limb for Christ’s Church. You expect them to accept the consequences when PF takes their red hats, their support, then laisizes them. They’ll all be forced to go into hiding – like Cardinal Vigano. He’s probably being hidden by SSPX, which you believe should act first. OK, but they are as dependent on PF’s approval as any Cardinal.
    I don’t believe any of this is a tenable solution. PF will be deposed when significant numbers of laity support dissident Cardinals, and those laity are willing and able to financially support and secure those cardinals. If no Cardinals can be found to take a principled stand, then only a military posse will be capable of doing the job.

    • I disagree. Vigano’ went into hiding because he was too near to the Vatican. But a Cardinal living, say, in the US would be under no obligation to go anywhere and would certainly not obey any order to go to Rome. As to the finances, Deus providet. Athanasius and Eusebius never seemed to have been slowed down by such considerations.
      The immense riches of the church are not only in his patrimony but, most importantly, in the money of the faithful. I do not doubt if the Cardinals were to find the guts the only thing that would not be a problem would be the finances.

  3. John Paul I: “God is Father, and even more, He is Mother.” This stuff has been around for a while.

  4. No doubt the Church is under Satanic attack enforced by Satan’s soldiers of all types this is in part with the same satanic attack European nations have been experiencing for decades and have sadly lost to that evil attack

  5. From a pracpoint, how here in the US could you have a marrired priest with children and pay him $2,000 a month? The bishops would have to pay him at least $60,000 a year to start. Then how can you punish a celibate priest who probably will work more because he’s not bound by marriage responsibilities, to work for a third of that pay. In justice marrired or celibate they should be equally paid. This would mean the vast majority of our parishes would have to eliminate much of the paid staff, DRE etc and cut way back on assessments to the diocese. Bottom line, financially it would be a disaster

  6. I beg to differ. For the SSPX bishops to ask that Francis be deposed would be a tacit admission that popes Benedict, JPII, and Paul VI were acceptable. Certainly Pope Francis rejects more articles of faith than all the other conciliar popes put together, but “neither living nor lifeless faith remains in a heretic who disbelieves one article of faith”, objectively speaking. The SSPX have already condemned the Second Vatican Council and all of the errors that it sanctioned, whether they be championed by bishops or popes.

    • The Popes preceding Francis were most certainly acceptable. The SSPX never said anything to the contrary. But Francis has a different quality to him, as this blog has richly documented.

  7. Amen to your words here. We have always believed we could survive a rogue pope, but when the Cardinals and bishops go bad, who can correct it.

    • We will survive that, too. But it will be a challenge none of the generations before us had to face. Still, they had their own, and we should not complain for our lot.

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