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The First Nowell

Peasants Discussing Nuclear Fission


There is online one of the endless articles addressing the constant decline of the Church in Germany. 

As everything that comes from the CNN, the article is unable to even begin to explain what the author is talking about, because the author does not understand jack of Catholicism and thinks that the crisis in the Church is due to factors like the scandals in themselves, rather than focusing on the causes of the scandals (abandonment of God, of liturgy, and of tradition, and infestation of the Church with homosexual priests). Reading the article is like reading XVIII Century peasants discuss nuclear fission.

Still, this is not what I want to direct your attention to. What I want to direct your attention to is this snippet:

Christian Bauer, a theology professor at the Innsbruck University, said the issues the conference will discuss are not new.
“How is power checked and balanced in the church, how can we go beyond the homophobic and misogynist church… all these are old issues, but they became urgent in a new way since the abuse crisis have started,” he told CNN.
You couldn’t make it up.
The Church in Germany is plagued by homosexual priests, and the conveniently picked “theologian” clearly thinks that the answer is… more homosexual priests in the Church besides more sodomy in the German society at large.
Boy, I’d like to know for which team this guy bats…
The article describes the Church in Germany as “headless chicken”, because the author does not understand anything of Catholicism and must attribute the crisis to a kind of lack of managerial guidance. How typical of these fools. If they had an ounce of Catholicism in them, they would all understand (priests, bishops, theologians, journalists) that the crisis in the Church in Germany is due to 1) lack of Catholicism and 2) sexual perversion, and that the two actually go hand in hand and interact every day in the wider picture of the Church in this extremely troubled XXI Century.
It truly is appalling to see so-called professionals either not understanding anything of what they are writing about, or – which I don’t think is the case, but would be even worse – understanding and wilfully trying to divert the attention from the crisis of Catholicism to a sort of policy or governance issue.
The headless chicken are not only in the Church.
They go around writing about Her.




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