‘Tis The Season To Be…. Watchful


The Advent is on us again and, like every year, countless people flock to the mulled wine stands, still enjoying the Christmas atmosphere though many of them certainly either do not believe in Christ, or don’t care.

In the last years, the tradition of Christmas Market has seen another popular usage rapidly establishing itself: the attempted massacre. Last year, five were killed in Strasbourg, and in Berlin in 2016 twelve were the victims of a joyful encounter of different people and different cultures. Modern Christmas Markets have anti-terror barriers, to remind everyone that the attack on Christianity has already begun, and this is only the start.

You would think the voters would learn. Well, some do. But it’s a darn slow process.

I doubt it will ever end, at least in the decades to come. The Christmas Market is destined to be a symbol of the way we, the Christians, are being attacked in our own Countries.

I would like to say “be vigilant”, and certainly it is good to be watchful. But the best think to do when visiting a Christmas market is likely an Act of Contrition, as sincere as you can muster.

There aren’t many ways to avoid the impact of an exploding Joyous Encounter Bomb after all.


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  1. Matthew R. Schwartz

    Francis has decried the barriers installed that prevent migrants from sharing their culture’s love for true human fraternity.

  2. If I got this story right, a young man was recently killed by a Jihadi in perhaps, the UK or France. He and a young woman were both stabbed to death. The father of the young man asked that his son’s death not be “used” for political purposes, and as I understand it that incident was incorporated into some political message.
    The father’s response seems stunning. He angrily denounced the rightful public address of this savage crime by identifying stating the facts as “examples of hate and bigotry”. I am paraphrasing, I cannot remember the exact words. This is the gist. He was angry at the political leaders who discussed it. Maybe there is more I don’t know.

    Regardless, there are just too many brainwashed people, people who are so twisted up by secular disorientation and confused morality to know right from wrong anymore. I’m not saying this poor dad is in this state, but what can be said about all the Europeans who either refuse to identify Islam as the problem and fail to hold their leaders accountable. Clearly to many people the worst possible thing in life that can happen to you would be to be labeled a bigot. This to them is far worse than murder or acts of actual violence. They fear it so much they would rather lose loved ones and when they do they immediately “forgive” or say nothing. Is that forgiveness? Are our loved ones lives so expendable that when they are attacked senselessly and killed we are more concerned about any potential message of “hate” that may arise simply by stating the facts? I’m sincerely not wanting to criticize this dad, God bless him, it’s just that we are watching as Christendom backs off and throws up it’s hands at Islam. It’s not going to end well if we maintain this attitude of weakness and appeasement, and if political leaders are not held responsible. I guess I still find it hard to believe people just won’t accept reality, nor see that diversity is a nice idea that doesn’t always work and in this case is going to be fatal. Yet they can’t step back from it.
    God, open their eyes.

    • There are many of these cases.
      Besides human stupidity and gregarious instinct (if you are stupid you don’t become intelligent because your daughter was stabbed), there is certainly the pressure of the interviewing journalists to say something “for peace”.

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