Retard Of The Year

The Great Cretin has obtained the highest honour a stupid, faithless, obsessed world can bestow to her beside the Nobel Prize: the “Man of the Year” award from Time Magazine.

People in Hong Kong are risking their lives to fight an oppressive Communist dictatorship, but the fantasies of the champagne-sipping, jet-flying bourgeoisie of this XXI Century are more important than freedom.

This clearly underendowed, but extremely arrogant girl, who is not attending school for who knows which fake reason, will now make another step forward towards her probable end: madness, addiction, or suicide. Such is, all too often, the destiny of people with not enough brain to understand that they are not special, the world does not revolve around them, and the media industry will ditch them very promptly when a new, fresher, more promising circus attraction has been found.

Nor do I find any reason to justify or absolve this monstrously arrogant girl. She is old enough and, whatever her mental (never a word was more approptiate) challenges, aware enough to know better, and she doubles down on her arrogant insistence of being heard with her even more arrogant insolence of talking everybody down. Princess Retard certainly makes no compromises with us, the thinking proles.

I am very glad that I have stolen her dreams. What is a dream to her is an Orwellian nightmare to sane thinking, hard walking folks. She will spend her next years in an unreal mixture of adulation, exploitation and, most of all, manipulation, until the devastating moment when she realises that she was nothing more than the useful idiot of industrial groups and political schemers.

I will not cry when she crushes under the burden. At seven, and certainly at ten, a child can commit a mortal sin. At her age, she is supposed to realise not only the vast stupidity, but – and this grates me the most – the astonishing arrogance of a young woman thinking that the entire world owes her obedience.

Go away, you and your dreams, Greta.

You are just a stupid, arrogant, blind tool of people much more intelligent than you, but with the same lack of shame.

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  1. John J. Marren, Jr.

    A couple of years ago E. Michael Jones of Culture Wars (based in South Bend Indiana…home of what was once a Catholic University known as Notre Dame) wrote an article about the Jesuit John Courtney Murray…the article exposed Murray as a CIA asset/operative. The article is available on line if your interested….

    That same E. Michael Jones’ article about Murray asserted that TIME magazine was a CIA controlled propaganda medium… from what I know I wouldn’t doubt it.

    Anyway, makes sense the CIA would award the man of the year award to one of their own…just sayin.

  2. Stalin, Hitler, Greta…

  3. They all became Time’s “Persons of the Year”.

  4. The world celebrates its own. Clarification helps identification revolting as it is.

  5. She is a perfect representative of the world today. What a tragedy for her she was born to parents who willingly sacrifice her mental health for an opportunity for them to exert control over the world. I find her unnervingly distraught and very limited. She has no original thoughts, but the world fawns and cheers her. We are a population of imbeciles ourselves.

  6. Anyone noticed some of the previous recipients of the “Man of the Year” (now Person of the Year) award from Time Magazine? Like Pierre Laval in 1931. A. Hitler in 1938. J. Stalin in 1939 and 1942. The Ayatollah Khomeini in 1979. Quality control is plainly not a priority at Time.

    • Bad persons for bad years – what we deserve. 95% of the population are below the cognitive level of Greta, so they have reason to look up to her.

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