The Archbishop of Peterbury

There are many times when the Evil Clown really, really sounds like a so-called Archbishop of Canterbury. Which makes sense, if you consider that he struggles in seeing the differences between a Catholic and an Anglican.

Typically, an Anglican prelate will be concerned with stuff that have nothing to do with sin. Fornication, abortion, sexual perversion, concupiscence in general will be no problems to him. But so-called social justice, the so-called health of the planet, and other issues like that will be what is preeminent on his mind.

Francis is the same. I can’t remember one single time he condemned fornication, cohabitation more uxorio, and the like. He tells us not to “obsess” about abortion. But the old nincompoop keeps babbling about… the earth.

He also does not miss a “world religion” date. Dates that are fully unknown and irrelevant to Catholics (like earth day, which apparently happened very recently) are very important in his calendar.

Then, the usual drivel.

The earth was, we were told, wounded already five years ago, when he wrote his satanic Laudato Si (a document, mind, he seems to be the only one remembering). In these five years, we are told, the earth has bled, copiously; it has stumbled; it has cried for help a lot, and is now in urgent need of recovery in an intensive care unit. Only, no one seems to notice, apart from retarded adolescents, environmental nutcases, communists and assorted enemies of capitalism, and one heretical pope; who is, actually, a mixture of all that, and very possibly also retarded or at least demented, with the only exclusion of “adolescent”.

Francis loves to sound modern, “eco”, hip, “with it”. Perhaps it makes him feel younger. It surely makes him sound stupid.

What we have here is a sort of Archbishop of Peterbury, so far removed from Christianity that he does not even care to hide the fact. His fake references to sin, which are fairly rare, are never meant to condemn sin qua sin; they are, in fact, always meant to do something else: condemn Capitalism, or Catholic orthodoxy, or just wanting to be a decent man.

But if you stink of sheep (or of your own, male secretary), this is fine with him.

This is why the world is sinking in a pit of fornication, contraception, abortion, and perversion, but this guy is worried about the “bleeding” and “wounds” of the earth. Bleeding and wounds which, as always, are due to the “greed” of us, evil capitalists.

I think I will reflect very attentively on Francis’ grave warning. And then I will go out, driving around in my car.

Just for the fun of it.

I will call it “earth day celebration”.


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  1. Doe you think he might be a pagan earth warrior hoping for One World Religion with teaching of non doctrine content ? just a thought

  2. “of the heart” I assume should be “of the earth”?

  3. Don’t forget to switch the AC on.

  4. I am always concerned with the advocacy of “Capitalism” as if it’s some kind of antithesis to “Communism”. Unfortunately for the silly Anglo-Judaic Yankophile, the end of unbridled Capitalism is Communism.

    The identified theological and sociological disorder described as “Americanism” is alive and well way beyond the popularisation of the French Revolution as it is “incarnated” in that portion of North America known as “The United States”.

    • We should all advocate Capitalism. Capitalism is good, and eminently Catholic. Besides, in other languages (like Italian), Capitalism is the antithesis to Communism. Alas, too many people still think Victorian Coal Mine when the word is pronounced.

    • Matthew R. Schwartz

      Capitalism guided by Christian ethics and morality is the superior system, especially since it channels man’s fallen nature ( greed, ambition, pride) toward a more positive outcome for all. True economic communism would also be functional if guided by Christan ethics and morals but it does not effectively redirect man’s fallen nature. Apathy, laziness, and gloom are given free rein over society with communism.

      “Political” capitalism, otherwise known as corporatism is a potential negative of governing capitalism yet political communism brings about tyranny. Of the two potential negatives, capitalism is the least harmful to man.

    • Communism would never be acceptable, because it would stifle the God-given right of a man to improve himself and create prosperity for himself and his children.

  5. I do not hear the voice of the Good Shepherd from this charlatan squatting on the papal throne. Have not heard it even once in seven years.

  6. Stéphane Mercier

    It’s Laudato si’ year (since May 24, haven’t you heard?), enjoy your ride! And don’t forget to go green, having a huge bbq in the wild. Be creative, be full of surprises, spread the revolution of tenderness starting with a juicy & extra tender piece of meat. Do it for the planet, make the clown smile. I’ll have a laudato-burger tomorrow on my way back home. One year of fun with the planet!

  7. Mundabor, I admire you deeply, so it stabs at me when I read something that you have written that seems cruel, even though I know you did not intend it to be cruel. Please don’t use the word “retarded” as a synonym for “stupid”. I care nothing about being “politically correct”; this is something I’ve felt deeply about for more than forty years, long before anyone worried about being politically correct. Mentally retarded/handicapped people and those who love them have heavy enough burdens to bear without hearing or reading — and yes, some of your readers have family members who are mentally retarded — “retarded” as an insult or slur. It really is painful. Please think about this.

    • This blog is not for you.
      When I was a child, in second grade, the teacher, speaking about Saint Bernadette, told us that she was retarded.
      You see, the age when facts hurt people came later.

  8. Mary K Jones

    Something about this post gave me a bit of a shock. I have long been aware of the horrors of the modern church, but your comment about ‘sinking in a pit of fornication, contraception, abortion and perversion’ gave me a chill up my spine. There is nothing of Catholicity in Francis. We are dealing with a totally superficial pope, pencil on paper, nothing more. He seems to have absolutely no idea of what Catholicism is, or was in the past. And we are left to suffer under his pathetic rule. At least if it remains superficial there will not be much to clean up when he is gone. But there is no guarantee of the future. But miracles happen.

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