Donald Trump Superstar

Official portrait of President Donald J. Trump, Friday, October 6, 2017. (Official White House photo by Shealah Craighead)


I remember 2016, when Hillary (minus pop stars) could gather no more than twice the journalist present as her “oceanic crowd” and poor, pathetic, meanwhile forgotten Tim Kaine would attract masses by the… dozen, likely trying very hard not to cry. At that time, Trump regularly had 15,000, 20,000, 30,000 people wishing to be at his rallies, the most beautiful thing being the parties of the people outside of the official grounds, with screens catering for them. People who had come knowing they had no chance of getting in, but happy enough to be outside, and party with fellow Patriots.

This is a long distant memory now. Nowadays the crowds for Trump , in a time of pandemic, are counted by the hundreds of thousands. The phenomenon is just staggering to see. It is the witness of a degree of popularity never enjoyed (in life) by JFK, or Lincoln, likely not even by Ronald Reagan. This guy is a superstar. 

One day before it’s not enough to get a chance to be in the proper rally grounds, They are now starting to gather on the Thursday for a rally on the Saturday. It’s just as beautiful as that.

Keep telling lies to yourselves with your polls, Democrats. Call them “science” if you start to feel insecure. Reflect pensively, between an amouse bouche and a champagne flute at your mini-party, how Republicans will react to their defeat in November.

Keep dreaming.

We will keep winning.


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  1. Most of the polls intentionally understate Trump’s popularity by over-representing Democrats. They do this to discourage Republicans from voting for anyone.

    • Bad calculation. Republicans will me more, not less, motivated to go to the polls if a Biden/Abrams Presidency looms..

    • Mundabor. I was just making a factual statement that the polls are purposely designed to discourage Trump voters. But I do agree with you that it has the opposite effect.

  2. They found a way to quash the gathering crowds, by the mayor or governor dispersing them as there were reports that there may be a counter-protest. So naturally, in our emasculated USA, instead of having sufficient manly men there ready to immediately arrest anyone disturbing anyone’s peace, which absolutely happened back in the days of true America, the answer is to disperse Americans who are exercising their right to gather peacefully, waiting their time to enter the arena to see their president. This counts as a win for the Left, once again, they can’t seem to stop winning, because our politicians hand it to them on silver platters. The Left wins because when they have temper tantrums the political leaders wet their own pants.

    • I am not sure it’s a win for the Left. I’d say thi swill move more people to vote for Trump.
      Still, I agree with you: time to man up.

  3. This is off topic Mundabor, but I thought you’d like to know the latest developments at the “summer of love” country known as Chop (latest name). Read foxnews for all the details. Two people shot, one dead, the other critical. I hope the families sue all the incompetent bit€hes in control of this area. I can’t wait to read any take you do on this completely predictable development.

  4. The tipping point has been reached! Skewed polls, threats of violent counter demonstrations, cowed public officials, added to the Antifa instigated violence of last week added to Biden’s refusal to condem the anarchy added to the ongoing CHAZ/CHOP ‘life-under-socialism-reality-show’ added to a seemingly emboldend far left = The ‘Normal-Rest-Of-America’ having seen what might be, giving Trump an overwhelming mandate in November.

  5. This is how I knew Trump was going to win in 2016. People loved him. Nobody loved Clinton.

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