Meet The Portland Nazis


The burning of bibles in the public square is highly fashionable among people claiming they fight against “racism” and “inequality”. This would clearly mean that they think the Bible is… racist.

Well, perhaps they don’t think that, either. This has never never been about racism. The lives of Blacks, or anybody else for that matter, have never been anywhere near the radar screen other than as a pretext. The aim was, from the start, a Marxist revolution; and Marxists, as we all know, don’t like Bibles.

Gathering very close to each other (which those who really read, instead of burning, the Bible, cannot do), these violent subversives throw away the mask and show the entire planet what their real aim is: a Marxist-Anarchist revolution, by which the more is destroyed of America, the better it is.

Some of them are certainly interested in the establishment of a Communist regime after the Venezuelan fashion; others are, methinks, more interested in a drug-addled, Anarcho-Mad Max-State, a huge CHAZ where drug is cheap, work counter-revolutionary, and you can keep whatever you manage to steal. Add to this the looters waiting on the sidelines, the failures of all sorts, the Bernankified, tattooed lefto-sluts and the Lesbian land whales, plus all sort of other weirdos and perverts, and there you have them, the heroes of the 2020 Democratic party and its official leader, Creepy Joe Biden, aka “Dementia”.

These people are so dumb – or so ignorant – that they do not understand that there is nothing more immediately associating them to their other heroes, the Nazis, than the burning of books in the public square, in well-publicised bonfires meant to expose their intolerance of everything that is good and beautiful.

When you understand the fundamentally, radically subversive nature of this movement, you understand a lot of things: why it is now mainly influenced and fuelled by White failures; why monuments of Abolitionists are vandalised or taken down; why the American Flag is also burned (as happened a couple of days ago in Portland, too).

Racism is nothing to do with this. It never was. It was, always, only a bait for the stupid, of whom there will never be any scarcity, and the naive, who resemble the former very closely by now.

It is a boon for us that these people – like Francis; like every damn hater of Christ out there – are just not smart enough to wear their masks for some three of four months more. Their all-devouring ideology must, will come out in the open. And the bubble in which they live, reinforcing their madness, encourages them to give open, public display of their own anti-Christian, anti-American madness.

Normal people, in the meantime, watch and take note. They will not start twitter wars; they will not organised any counter-burning of Das Kapital; they will not attract attention to themselves, or put them in the centre stage in order to compensate for a failed existence.

But they will take care that, come November, their opinion on all this is duly recorded. As happened in 1968, in 1972, in 1980, and in 2016.

These people are declaring war on the Bible and the flag at the same time. If they think that this can all be smuggled as “anti-racism”, they are even dumber than I thought; and I never thought much of them anyway.





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  1. Good stuff Mundabor. How many of these crazies are there? My guess is no more than those who died from the virus, an insignificant number. The real problem is the “good- hearted” Liberals who secretly admire and encourage them.

  2. Another nail, smite upon the head.

  3. Still waiting to hear from the “orthodox” Bishop of Portland or his fellow hireling up the coast in Seattle.

  4. The problem is trump on the other hand, started and maintains this “national emergency”, platforms fauci, orders the”voluntary” vaccine to be delivered warp speed to us by the army, stirs the pot of statue toppling, connected to epstein in more ways than his p***y remark. Tepid prolifer as far as actions go. How is this someone that republicans or disillusioned democrats can embrace? Ron/Rand Paul 2020.

  5. An addendum to your description of the forces arrayed against (as I put it) the Judeo-Christian worldview and the idea of America: I fear that the drug addled, miseducated brats in the street are not the main problem, but merely a symptom, a tool of much larger players. One small case in point I ran across recently: Nikita Mitchell, blm organizer, young senior manager for Cisco, who has one foot in the street, and one in the boardroom, with the full support of her bosses. The riots, chaos, and cancelling of persons and of history are supervised and funded from the very top of corporations worldwide. The world is a very swampy place these days, and getting swampier very quickly, it seems.

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