The United Oligarchs of America

In the last days, the real winners of these elections have really thrown away the mask and showed to everyone who has won, and who the new rulers are.

It is scandalous, unprecedented enough that they dared to ban the President of the United States for… wrongthink. Still, they went further.

The obvious play now is the total cancellation of unwanted opinions from the public square. The way Parler is being openly targeted, and the banning of Steve Bannon from Youtube, is an all too obvious indication of where this is going.

“We won, we rule, and we will not tolerate dissent” is the clear message that has gone out. This is, of course, done with the ways of the XXI Century (“danger of violence”, “violation of our terms of service” etc.), but the intent and the substance are exactly the same.

There are several reasons why the Oligarchs do this. At a superficial level, it is the desire to virtue signal, which looks good on multibillionaires. It also ensures smooth operations when their companies are full of deranged liberals. At a deeper level, it is a bold (but not unexpected) offensive move in the presence of a now real threat of deeper regulation, or utter break up. The threat is to Democrats as well as Republicans. “Don’t you dare touch us” is the message.

It is, to make a comparison, as if Standard Oil would make clear that they will spend whatever it needs to be spent to further the careers of their allies, and everyone who dissents will see his opponent drowned in campaign money and his own political career annihilated.

But it is, horrible as that sounds, even worse than that. Facebook is now openly cancelling accounts of common people, of private accounts of people culpable of having worked with President Trump. This goes straight at people’s private lives, ability to communicate, and social relations.

To make another comparison, it is as if AT&T threatened to cut the phone line of whoever dares to make himself culpable of wrongthink, or Standard Oil would say that you will not be allowed to get petrol unless they decide you are a worthy sheep.

As in the cases of Standard Oil or AT&T, the fact that these are private companies is no excuse. Their role in the functioning of every Western democracy has become so important that they simply cannot be left free to decide to whom they want to offer their services. It also beggars belief that in an age which believes that a baker should be *obliged* to bake a homosexualist cake, when there are thousands of other opportunity to get the cake out there, Facebook, Twitter and Google should go straight at the jugular of people’s livelihood, private life, and ability to get information.

“But Mundabor, Mundabor” – You might say – “You are not on Facebook or twitter, either! Yet, you seem to do fine!”

Well, yes and no.

Firstly, I *choose* to be neither on Facebook or Twitter or YouTube, in the same way as I *choose* not to drive on motorways if I can. But this does not mean that myself, or anybody else, should be *prevented* from doing so, then the prohibition impacts in a very immediate way my and their ability to move and communicate.

Secondly, whilst I am not on Twitter, or Facebook, or YouTube, I get a lot of information from there. For example, I can access Donald Trump’s tweets both directly (with a simple browser) and indirectly (by reading articles that comment on news appeared on Trump’s account, or on any other Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube account). Twitter, Youtube, Facebook are where things happen nowadays, they are the way information is exchanged. To prevent me from accessing this information is to censor opinions, pure and simple.

So, where do we go from here?

We are now at the point where not only the US Government, but all other Western Governments need to start paying attention, and curb the immense power of these organisations. Unless they have gone totally bonkers (which I don’t think they are; they just pretend to be outraged because they are terrified of Trump Post-Steal), even the Democrats must realise that they will soon be enslaved by their new masters, and that their masters will not be shy in crushing them if they refuse to work on their cotton plantation.

Example: if the Facebook or Twitter desktop warriors decide that AOC is the future and Nancy Pelosi is a dangerous Neonazi (not much wrong with the last statement; but humour me for the moment…) , Zuck & Co will be under great pressure to act and cut Pelosi out, even if only in order to be able to keep having sex with their, no doubt, bitchy liberal wives.

This will go through all levels of local politics, too. I am fully persuaded that the RINO traitors in the leegislative chambers of MI, PA, WI, AZ and other states chose to ignore the evidence, well knowing that the Oligarchs will be grateful to them in time. When they retire or get kicked out, there will be no lack of extremely lucrative consultancy deals for them, their near relatives, their friends, even their mistresses. What has happened in 2020 in a handful of State will happen, starting in 2021, on many more occasions.

You are not against banning AR-15? Banned for potential incitation to violence.

You are not in favour of homo-unions, and of children being castrated? Banned for violation of human rights.

You think that people should be free to go to Church? Banned for endangering public safety.

You think that Joe Biden stole an election and got away with it? Banned for seditious activity.

The list can go on and on and on, and it will contain a lot of Democrats, too.

It is time for the Democrats to really wake up.

The Deplorables, they are already awake.

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  1. People will only start to wake up once they themselves are being shut up. Right now, there are too many on the left who are taking utter delight in the fact that those of us who tend to see the world a bit differently are being shut up, cut out and disgraced. Yet, as you point out, it is inevitable that many of these same people will suffer the same fate. Evil can’t help but consume itself.

  2. The behavior of Pontius Pence is indicative of how far the oligarchs and their political and media agents are willing to go. PENCE, being the worm he is, would have waffled and tried to shuffle his way to betraying Trump. Instead he stood tall with the corporatist elites and their agents. Assurances have been given by the oligarchs, media, pols, that the destruction of the Trump Movement is the very first order of business.

  3. Yes, it will effect a lot of democrat voters too. Those who “didn’t expect” the biden/harris administration to really do what they said. Or simply chose to vote for the democrat because they disliked Trump’s “politically incorrect” style, paying no attention to the substance at all. Or simply trusted the national media as news sources and never even heard of the biden family and its traitorus self-serving activities. Or like my own children who hated Trump and thought the republicans would hold the senate so there would be a brake on democrat excess.(The republicans have/had a built-in brake on themselves.)
    But the bottom line is tyranny hurts everybody and voting doesn’t matter when the means are in place to control the outcome, regardless of who got voted for. As in this stolen election and the total disregard thereof by the supposed powers-that-be, no election will be trustworthy in the future.
    As Stalin said: “It is not important who the people vote for, it is critical as to who counts their votes….”
    No one’s vote counts but the vote counter’s.

  4. Go to the alternatives. Forget Facebook…USALife. Forget Twitter…Parler. Forget YouTube…Rumbler. If everyone just took a few minutes to sign up to these new platforms and dragged over their content, we wouldn’t be having this conversation:+)

    God bless~

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