Cognitive Dissonance, Swimming, And Popcorn: Why The Battle For “Biological Females” Is Self-Defeating

Something is moving in the case of the swimmer dude who wants to win by competing against the girls. A group of parents has stated that the dudes are “trampling all over biological women”.

The problem is, the parents want to eat their cake and have it, and it’s just not going to work. The very mention of “biological women” can only mean one thing: that there are two kind of women, of which one is biological and the other is, somewhat, not biological (try to wrap your brain around that!). The parents themselves say it very clearly when they state that the relevant sport authorities must (emphasis mine) “find a way to include transgender women without trampling all over biological women.”

It just does not work that way. Either dude is a woman, or he isn’t. If he isn’t a woman, the parents need to wake up to reality and start saying out loud that he is a dude. However, as long as they keep stating that the dude is a woman of sorts, then any other place for him that is not among women would be discrimination and, delightfully, “transphobia”.

Inviting the sports authorities to “find a way” is just stupid. You can’t “find a way”, out of thin air, when there just isn’t one. You can’t find a way out of sheer reality. Reality states that there are male and women competitors. To decide that there should be a tertium genus is self-defeating, as the trannies would be relegated into something that no liberal parent could justify for as long as he or she remains blind to reality.

I have stated many times, and repeat today, that all liberal parents should reap what they sowed, and have their daughters’ dreams of glory shattered by the mentality they themselves have created. The daughters, then, will be either innocent of woke thinking – and then they will have only their own parents to blame – or subscribers to the madness – and then they will also have themselves to blame -.

This battle is self-defeating. It is the expression of a colossal cognitive dissonance that these liberal parents just refuse to see.

Let them pay the price of their own stupidity and political correctness. Virtue signaling has consequences.

I have a solution for these concerned parents. They won’t like it, but hey… The solution is:

  1. Shut up and get fully on board with the madness. Tell your daughters that to even think that they are being unfairly treated is transphobic. In fact, tell your daughters that, at this point, they might as well think of spending no time anymore in the swimming pool, and far more time in the kitchen.
  2. Wake up to reality and decide that a dude is a dude is a dude. When that has been understood, all the rest comes from itself.

I wish *no* good luck to the parents.

In the meantime, I will have some popcorn.

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  1. Why cannot a young girl or a woman self identify not only as a male athlete, but as a first place blue ribbon winning, champion, Number 1, gold medal winning male athlete, no matter how she/he performs in a competition? And [!!!] why cannot three such young girls and/or women ALL so self identify for the same competition simultaneously? Let us pursue this logic – why cannot someone self identify as the reincarnation of the race horse, Secretariat? Logic hasn’t yet stopped or chopped this: A third – male or female – would like to self identify as the gold medal winner – retroactively – of the 100 meter dash in the 1936 Olympics held in Berlin, Germany as Hitler watched. Onward: in a specific competition in which a male self identifying as female has been approved to compete as a female, why cannot some young girl say she now self identifies as the male competitor? or some other male do so? Guy, Texas

  2. Ever heard the idiotic term “mansplaining”? It is defined as a man condescendingly explaining things to a woman, and is typically applied to a man arguing traditional values to a feminist.

    But THIS bullcrap — a dude correcting a woman as to her “misconceptions” on the definition of femaleness — that is REAL “mansplaining.” To be told what it means to be a woman by somebody who cannot have That Time of the Month, cannot be a mother, cannot go through the Change of Life, cannot possibly know what it’s like even to think like a woman, is the ultimate in “mansplaining.” Yet the feminists are totally fine with it.

    By the way, to all the women out there: next time a guy corrects you because you correctly identify him or some other guy as a guy, accuse him of “mansplaining.” It is exactly what he is doing, and woke males live in fear of being accused of it.

  3. Ron, Mundabor is just a little right of the “HEN”

  4. There truly are only two ways to look at it and you have enunciated them clearly. It is time for the parents (and their daughters) to come to terms with the reality they have created. Or get real.

  5. So-is “femsplaining” even possible?

  6. Maybe this also Our Lord allowing women’s sports (which is a ridiculous notion and a waste of time…let alone the immodesty and women trying to be someone they are not i.e. men) to go where it should go: the trash heap. Women’s sports is mostly women trying to ape men…and having most people not care at all about the whole notion. The sooner women’s sports dies, the quicker women can get back to being true women:+) God bless~

  7. These American parents are insane. Even after their own children are affected negatively, the parents still want the mentally-ill to be pandered to (a.k.a. “included”). The fakegirls should have been kept out in the first place, if they were really interested in these sports then they’d have made their own separate teams and contests. This BS is the same as sodomite marriage, it’s not about “tolerance” or “inclusion” but about lording it over normal people.

    Also, I’ve noticed that the fakegirl athletes were usually competition losers in the male contests before they decided to “switch teams” to take part in the female contests where they could win more easily.

  8. Yes, make popcorn for sure, because there are so many little Jennies who have been given lessons, taken for tournaments, meets, etc., in swimming, running, etc., with dreams of scholarships and prizes, who are now going to find themselves beat every time by a dude. Thus far, young runners in Connecticut made a bid to end the madness, but it wasn’t enough. There needs to be a furor. Perhaps they were waiting for NOW or feminists to notice the gutting of women’s sports, but tranny trumps all, ALL, and nobody is going to notice the problem except the disappointed young ladies and their ticked off parents. They need to make the fuss and put some money behind it in lawsuits. Even then, my money would be on the trannies, because tranny trumps all. I am already tired of hearing how “tearful” the lady losers are. What do you mean “tearful”? Get mad! You work for years for your opportunity and you sacrifice and it gets stolen from you and all you tough ladies can do is cry? Stop waiting for someone to rescue you, because no one is going to touch this third rail. You are going to have to speak some truths if you want a chance to win anything anymore.
    As a woman, I have to say this is an annoyance. A woman pays a certain amount of “lady dues” as a woman, and just as I cannot pay dude’s dues, dudes can’t pay my dues either. There are certain things only women are going to experience, and there’s no substitute for experience.

    • I would not say “get mad”. I would say “eat your shit”. It’s only when they understood that their thinking produces shit, and don’t want to eat it anymore, that things will start to change.

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