The Queen, The PM, and The Dead Ukrainians

Many happy returns, Ma’am..

Today is the second day of the massive celebrations for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. The Country is (at least as far as I can see it from my perspective) pleasantly lullying itself, enjoying the wonderful days (today is glorious, as it was yesterday) and trying not to think of the harsh realities. These are rising inflation, rising energy costs, and the toll the economy will have to pay because Boris desperately wanted the Country to forget both the suffering he has inflicted on the Country with his repressive measures and the fact that he, himself, thought that he and his cronies were above the rules.

Today is, also, day 100 of the Special Military Operation now ongoing in the Ukraine. Even the BBC, always incompetent and contradictory, implies that the Russians are now embarrassed by the operation going on for so long, but readily admit, in the same storyline, that Russia took 20% of the Country in just 100 days. Yes, this includes the parts already controlled by the Donbass militias; but however you turn it, it’s very impressive, which even the BBC understands.

Meanwhile, Elensky himself admits, twice, that the Ukrainian soldier die at a pace of up to 100 a day (spoiler: they are clearly more!), and get wounded to a pace of 500 a day. This is a loss rate that no 40 million Country can sustain for long. The US have around 8 times the population the Ukraine has (before all the people going out). Imagine a situation where the US are losing around 5000 soldiers a day, of which 800 killed, and you get a better idea of what is going on.

I often hear the point, “they are fighting for their own Country”, as if this were the solution for the problem. It just isn’t. Firstly, around 30% of these 40 millions are ethnic Russians. These ethnic Russians are largely in now Russian controlled territories, and who know how much they can trust the others. Therefore, to make the scale of the tragedy the Ukraine is going through more realistic you might want to multiply the numbers already given not by 8, but by 12, which leads you to around 1200 corpses and 7000+ casualties a day to give a realistic US comparison. Secondly, it does not appear very evident that the Country is undergoing a wave of Patriotism. When able young men get conscripted at the shopping centre, or rush to enrol in the Territorial Army to avoid being sent to the front, you know your patriotic war is on a wobbly footing.

The truth is brutally simple: not nearly as many Russian soldiers are dying as the BBC wants you to believe; many more Ukrainian soldiers are dying than Elenski wants you to believe; Russia has all the time in the world as Putin enjoys unprecedented popularity and his Country unprecedented prosperity; Ukraine is now officially living on the West’s alms; the “sanctions” are clearly hurting the West as they enrich Russia.

The game is up. It would be wise to stop this useless carnage and discuss with Putin, realistically, about how much of the Ukraine he would be content with. But neither Elenski wants to do it (because he and his clique want to profit from the armament bonanza; plus, Elenski would be killed by his Nazi bodyguards if he were to push for real “peace” anyway), nor the West wants to do it (because they would have to admit how tragically incompetent they are; plus, Boris would be in trouble twice as “Partygate” would immediately become an issue again), nor the extremely Russophobic Poles want to do it (because they are, well, Russophobes; plus, the Twitter heroes and Facebook generals still haven’t moved to the next “cause”).

Result: Ukrainian soldiers are going to keep dying senselessly as Elenski & Co add more money to their already considerable stash.

Celebrate your Jubilee, Boris.

As the Ukrainian soldiers (and beer-bellied family fathers) die, you might well manage to keep your job.

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  1. franciscofrancojr

    Interesting! When does the West’s next war start?

  2. Mary K Jones

    I’m afraid you’re right. There isn’t any other explanation that makes sense for Ukraine to allow such a beating.

  3. Ironic that Henry VIII’s bid to consolidate his power by apostatizing and despoiling the monasteries led directly to the creation of the godless oligarchy under which his country (and indeed the whole world) now groans, and where his successors are powerless to protect their subjects from the predations of their politicians. It turns out that the Catholic Church (when healthy and free to act) is the true guarantor of both kingly authority and the legitimate freedom of subjects.

    I hope and pray that, when the time comes for Her Majesty to leave this world, she does so from within the bosom of the true Church, as her great-great grandfather Edward VII is said to have done.

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