Haters Gonna Hate.

Cardinal Pell has just died, apparently after a hip operation (it seems reasonable to be, full anaesthesia at 81 is no walk in the park). May he rest in peace, and his martyrdom bring him great joy, one day, in heaven.

The man spent 13 months of detention, and the related worldwide humiliation, because of accusations that, once the details emerged, appeared patently absurd. Imagine what it must be, as an aged Cardinal, to face detention. I am not the only one, I am sure, to suspect that either the accusation or the prosecution were heavily influenced, or I should say motivated, by the fact that the Cardinal was one of the few who, actually, spoke like a Catholic.

But I am not writing about this. I am writing about something else.

A short internet stroll will persuade you or the venomous hate existing against Catholicism.

Get some Twitter comments about the Cardinals, and realise that all those bitter, venomous people insulting and slandering the Cardinal in life and in death would likely unconditionally support the presumption of innocence and the respect for court decisions, when the decisions regard people they like.

Not with Pell, of course. Venom as much as you want. Blank hatred.

Make no mistake: this is hate against the Church, exercised towards a target who, being Catholic clergy, is acceptable to the liberal crowd.

Of course, these are the people blathering about hate all the time.

They will have their reward, and I suspect that, for very many of them, it will be a different one than the reward of this courageous Cardinal.

Rest in peace, Cardinal Pell.

I am confident that, where you are now, there are no haters.

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  1. Mary Ann Kreitzer

    I think we are entering a period similar to the attack on the Church in England during the 16th century. Churches are vandalized and destroyed from without and being closed from within by the descendants of the cowardly english bishops. Except for St. John Fisher, they cared more about the tyrant’s opinion than God’s. So they took their newly offered benefices from the king via Cromwell and watched the monasteries suppressed and given to the king’s friends. We should never forget that “Downton Abbey” was, in fact, and abbey. Sad times. I’m offering my rosary today for the repose of the soul of Cardinal Pell.

  2. Joseph D'hippolito

    I have to disagree with you. One doesn’t have to “hate the Church” to see how the Church has sabotaged its own credibility (and, worse, blasphemed God’s name) by mishandling allegations of sexual abuse. Pell, sadly, ranks among that number, even if a court found him innocent.

    A holy, righteous God doesn’t give a rip about people who “hate the Church.” He also doesn’t give a rip about the judgements of secular courts. His standards are the ultimate ones, regardless of the positions of those who bear His name in their authorityi.

    St. Peter Damian sounded the warning in “Liber Gomorrahianus” nearly a millennium ago! The hierarchy not only failed to heed it. It promoted people (Bergoglio, McCarrick, Danneels, Cupich et al) who demonstrate open contempt for it.

    • The accusations against Pell were of active collaboration and action, not mishandling.

    • Joseph D'hippolito

      “The accusations against Pell were of active collaboration and action, not mishandling.”

      Fair enough. Nevertheless, my comment stands because if the Church as a whole had dealt with clerical sex abuse more forthrightly over the centuries, Pell wouldn’t have been put in the position to face trial.

      I think it was Pius XI or Pius XII who had a clerical predator executed. That should be par for the course. God’s holy, righteous Name demands it.

  3. How many of the very same people who denounce Catholic clergy as a bunch of child molesters, are in favor of guys in dresses and clown makeup twerking and exposing their genitals to little kids? I’m thinking close to 100%.

  4. From down under in Australia I want to thank you for all you said of this great and courageous man, Cardinal George Pell. He makes the current crop of bishops feeble men of little Faith at all. May God bless you and your work.

  5. I liked Cardinal Pell because he generally acted like a man, something rare in the visible higher offices of the Church. I often thought he wouldn’t be a bad pope. May he rest in peace.

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