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Meisner: The Contraceptive/Abortionist Cardinal


Spot the clown: Cardinal Meisner.

Spot the clown.


Cardinal Meisner is just another example of everything that is wrong with the Church in Germany. The local bishops and cardinals do everything they can to persuade their sheep they feel prisoners of an antiquated moral system they would like to “modernise” and harmonise with the wishes of said sheep.

How can it be a surprise that pro-life movement is so weak in Germany, if cardinals discuss on the supposedly legitimate ways to avoid that a baby be conceived. How can it be a surprise that common Catholics are so confused in matters of sexual morality, if another cardinal (Woelki, in this case) expresses himself in favour of sodomy within a “committed relationship”. The Gestapo was extremely committed too, therefore according to the cardinal its members must have been good chaps and their commitment worthy of protection?

The German prelates have largely demolished sound Catholicism in Germany, and through the work of their representatives during Vatican II they have largely contributed to the sabotage of Catholicism in the rest of the West, too. They are, today, mainly worried with the possibility of their extremely badly instructed sheep refusing to pay the “church tax” en mass; therefore, they try to pander to the wishes of their clients like, I must say it, a prostitute does.

And these prostitutes are rather active: the article linked to states that

The German bishops’ conference will take up the question of emergency contraception for rape victims at a regular meeting later this month.

Expect more heresy, at most thinly veiled by subtle distinguo, provided the German prelates really do care for distinguo at this point.

Still, their efforts are ultimately self-defeating. There is no reason why a badly instructed, or more or less indifferent German should continue to pay the Kirchensteuer to a man like Cardinal Meisner. What does Meisner say, that a journalist wouldn’t be able to say as well? Why should the average German Catholic – who does not understand anything of Catholicism in the first place – continue to pay an organisation that minimises the importance of being Catholic? Why should they make an extra effort for people beset with exactly the same ideology as everyone else out there? 

With their pandering to every wish of their clients, the German clergy is only postponing its demise.

They have made themselves useless. They will be recognised, and treated, as such.


When People Do Not Get It

Extremely busy: St. Michael the Archangel.

Extremely busy: St. Michael the Archangel.

You might not know it as a reader, but if you run a blog you can see who links to your blog post: when some visitor of the other blog clicks the link, you get to see from which site your blog post has been clicked. It was in this way that I discovered some excellent sites, and some very stupid ones.

Yesterday I discovered a site of the second kind. I have written a blog post about Athanasius and Archbishop Lefebvre, pointing out that both resisted to the pressure of their time and held fast to Truth because it is the Truth coming from God, immutable and not depending from the “ecumenical” and “inclusive” pressure of the moment. I am not a mother tongue, but I am absolutely sure the dimmest intelligence must have understood, by reading the blog post, that Athanasius’ and Archbishop Lefebvre’ s disobedience was due to the necessity to be loyal to a higher obedience than the one to the Pope – that is, the one to God – and that the Truth of God can be found most clearly and unquestionably  in those teaching that have, being the Truth, never changed (organically develop they can, of course; but changing, they can never do).

Well, exactly this point seems to have been willingly ignored by that poor troubled soul who linked my blog post to his perverted blog explaining that as Athanasius was once seen as heretic and then found to be right, then the homosexualists pretending to be in harmony with Christianity will one day be seen as orthodox too. The only point of my blog post (the existence of an immutable, divinely given Truth unchanged by ages and to be protected even against Catholic authority if needs be) has been not only ignored, but turned into its exact contrary, in a tragic parody of the point I have made.

This is, I reflected, typical of homosexualism: a perverted thinking leads to the self-delusional turning upside down of the most elementary truths, and to a blatant disregard for the most elementary logic. You read blog posts like the one that contained the link to my own one and you understand Satan has these people so firmly in his power, that they would use everything and turn it into its exact opposite just to satisfy their obsession.

This is, of course, not the first time I am confronted with people unable to reason; discussion boards all over the planet are full of them. Still, that even confronted with yours truly’s rather refreshingly blunt writing style they would pretend to understand the exact contrary o what I have written is profoundly disquieting.

Souls are at stake, and Satan is making a big harvest.

May those poor (=stupid), confused souls manage to repent and get to terms with Christianity before they die.


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