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In an age where effeminacy prevails at all levels and a more than alarming level of “sensitivity” is the fashion of the time, it might seem unusual to read about someone calling for the enemy to be “beating with fists”, without “counting” or “measuring” the blows, and striking “as one can”.

Utterly, utterly inacceptable, says the teacher is Islington. What will her unavoidable “gay friends” think? Urgh, monstrous!

Well, you only need to click here to persuade yourself that these words were pronounced (fists, blows, and all) by one of the best Popes of all times.

What does this teach us? Very simply, that the Popes of the past – more importantly, the greatest Popes of the past – thought and spoke like men instead of limiting themselves to the whining of their during- and  post-V-II successors, who regularly are oh so “saddened” and “hurt” and generally passive-aggressive…

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Archbishop Paglia Fails To Amuse

Benedict XVI asleep

Time for some serious coffee…

This is one of those days in which every right-thinking Catholic is confronted with the sickness not only of the Western societies, but of the Church of Christ Herself. I wouldn’t call it a case of open heresy, seeing the oily and slimy way these post V II Church officials always have of expressing themselves, but rather another particularly tragic instance of how said Church officials bend themselves forward to try to appease the civil society out there, all the while trying not to appear as openly heretical.

The Head of the Pontifical Council for the Family has said the church is not against giving “unmarried couples” some form of protection. The first hypocrisy  is in the formulation “unmarried couples”, which may, or may not, include sodomites. You must know in many countries, like Italy, heterosexual cohabiting people have no right to any payment (for the children, for example), because such payments presuppose (and rightly so) a proper family rather than concubinage. Therefore, the discussion is always “mixed” as when people talk of “recognising” they mostly talk of co-habiting heterosexual couples.

The Archbishop now happily mixes the cards, by putting heterosexual couples and homosexual wannabe couples on the same plane when he says some forms of “cohabitation” (which ones, Archbishop? Professional sharers? People who have sex? People who practice sodomy? People who cohabit with their dog?) “do not constitute a family” and “their number is growing” (of course it is, Archbishop, if you keep being such a tool! You’ll soon have “cohabitations” with incest, or bestiality, or multiples wives if you and yours continue to sleep!).

Therefore, says our Archbishop, there should be measures to “make their lives easier”, which prompts three questions: why? Why? Why?

When has the Church been preoccupied that sodomites have it easier to live a sodomite lifestyle? When has the Church been worried that heterosexual couples living more uxorio may not feel gently invited to marry? Since when is the Church worried with making the life of sinners easier in their sin, rather than holier without them?

This is, again, a purest exercise in Vatican II cowardice and hypocrisy.

Then there is the other whining about countries where “homosexuality is illegal”. I do not know of many countries in which it is illegal to simply be a pervert, but I think the Cardinal, who should know these things, was talking of sodomy laws.

Sodomy laws are then, we are given to understand, very bad. Awful governments like those in the Papal States had such laws, and awful people like Padre Pio never asked for their abolition. It is sad to see great Saints and Popes of the past do not comply with the Archbishop’s rather strange moral standards, but being the times so astonishingly stupid I doubt many will notice.

Archbishop Paglia is one of those men who make more damage than an army of shrieking homosexualists, because with his cowardice and desire of appeasement he confuses sincere Catholics and makes a strong impression he doesn’t believe in the values he is allegedly defending.

It doesn’t take a genius to understand that Sodomarriage is either an abomination, or it isn’t. If it is, no help whatsoever can be demanded so that these people can have an “easier life”  with these abominations. If it isn’t, then Christianity was wrong from the start, the Church has been conning us these to thousand years and Archbishop Paglia should start a new career as circus clown .

We live in times when even the corridors of the Vatican at full of people who spend their days wondering how they can sabotage Christian values but maintain an appearance of orthodoxy. They do it not only with he pet causes of the last decades (war, death penalty, the attitude towards social issues), but even pandering to the desire of he people in matter of sexual perversion.

This time the Archbishop was even asked a second time what he meant. Vatican II prelates are such nincompoops they make entire speeches and at the end they must be asked what they meant by it. The Holy Father merrily promotes them where they can do maximum damage, confuse the faithful, and make of themselves and the Church a laughing stock. 

May God have mercy of this bunch of appeasing amateurs.


So-Called Same Sex Marriage: Rot, Britannia!

And so the first vote over so-called same-sex marriage has arrived, and the perverts and their friends predictably carried the day. The bad news is that Labour and LibDems voted overwhelmingly in favour of the measure (which goes to show the extent of godlessness reigning among their ranks), the good news is that opposition among the Tory ranks was massive, with more than half the Tory MPs voting against (136) or abstaining (35) against only 127 wannabe “conservative” MPs voting for their own damnation.

And in fact, an entire country seems in the process of wanting to embrace perversion and damnation: shamelessly “celebrating” one of the worst abominations known to human nature and enshrining this approval not only in law (this had already happened with the so-called “civil partnerships”), but even in the brainless and godless idea you can legislate past the simple facts of nature. If Sodom had had a parliament, one wonders in what their leader’s expressions would have been different from the one of our Camerons, Millibands, and Millers: “inclusiveness” here, “love” there, a bit of “commitment” for the socially “conservative” sodomites and – of course – a lot of “equality” everywhere.

Until the angel came, and it was the end of the “equality”.  

Now, yesterday’s was only the first vote, in which the representatives of a godless nation have said it is all right to continue to work on the draft measure presented to them. Further debates and votes will now have to be made in – as I understand the process – both the Lower House and the Upper House, but it is improbable that the law will fail to get a majority in the House of Commons. The situation looks more encouraging in the Lords, where the new law could well go the same way as the infamous ” reform” so spectacularly failed some months ago.

There is no denying, though, that the situation is serious. Unless opposition mounts from the ranks of Labour, a party traditionally voted by many Catholics in the North (who need a good examination of conscience now), the Lords really are the last line of fire before years of litigation, and being most of the Peers in the end actual of former professional politicians one can really not do much more than hoping.

Other than that, I can at the moment see only two ways: a slowing down of the measure until the Parliament ends (only two years to go; might be feasible) or the awakening of the Tory party and defenestration of their disgraceful leader, with which the measure would probably die of neglect and starvation very soon.

It is astonishing to me how people who call themselves Christians can see their own party (supposed to be a Conservative one) openly embrace Satan without a shred of Christian thinking, let alone fear of the Lord. This here is not about technical details, this is about absolutes, it is about accepting that one’s own party carries out the biggest attack on Christianity in the British Isles since the Vikings, a threat more insidious because coming from their own ranks rather than from an outside enemy. The Tory MPs and party members really have to wake up, and punish their leadership before they are punished -as they most probably will in 2015 – by their own core voters, who have been spat at in the face in the most arrogant of manners.

You might say that resistance is now futile, as if the measure does not make it in this Parliament it will most certainly make it in the next, with a Labour majority now very probably in the cards in 2015 and the death of the boundaries’ reform quashing the last hopes of the Tories to get a majority at the next elections. 

My answer to that is that resistance for Christ is never futile, mounting pressure always has an effect in an organised democracy, Labour once in power might not have interest in touching the wasps’ nest and the possible Scottish independence in 2015 might shuffle the cards again, making The parliament more “English” and, therefore, politically and socially more Conservative. But most of all, the mood of the stupid crowds might change if the pressure is kept and the battle becomes restless.

This is a country where an awful lot of people has no interests beyond getting drunk, getting laid, and looking at stupid tv shows. They will say and think what they think it’s cool to be thought and said. Let sodomy become uncool and you’ll see the entire “sodomymania” disappear faster than the Global Warming craze.

This battle might well be lost here on earth, in rotting Britain where politicians of all political colours are not even bothered to mention Christian values anymore. But please always remember this battle is already won in Heaven, and the day we go to (hopefully) our rewards there will be no sodomite’s propaganda, no stupid politicians and no brainless “equality” rhetoric around.

Be brave, stand firm, never stop the fight. let the likes of Cameron and Maria Miller go to the hell they have richly deserved. Let us make ours the beautiful verses from the “Requiem”:

Confutatis maledictis / flammis acribus addictis / voca me cum benedictis.


The “Casti Connubii” Reblog

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Some people think (I know they do, though it is beyond me how this happens 😉 ) that this humble correspondent is too harsh towards the Heresy; that he shouldn’t use this word, heresy, at all; that to do so is rude and (how was the word again?) uncharitable.

But the simple fact is that heresy is heresy however nice the relevant heretic, and that heresy is wrong and leads the faithful to error.

Here (courtesy, once again, of that Catholic wonder called Rorate Coeli; you’ll have to scroll down to the 6th January 2011) we have another example of how heresy, deprived of the help of the Holy Ghost, leads into fatal error and contributes to the demolition of Christian values and of Western societies.

At the Lambeth Conference of 1930, the Anglicans opened the door to contraception. They did it in the usual way such things…

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You may have noticed that I very seldom post about some speech of the Pope. The reason for this is that I rarely (nay: almost never) find them of any relevance whatsoever in dealing with the concrete, everyday problems of the life of Catholics.

I do not mean here that a Pope should thunder every Monday against Obama and every Tuesday against Cameron, though that would be good, too (A Pope is a head of State, but a Pope first; strong Popes of the past never had a problem in confronting Kings and Emperors). I also do not mean to say that a Pope should not talk about peace, love, and other Christian subjects.

What I mean is that by reading the Pope’s messages you wonder whether the news from  Planet Earth manage to enter the offices of the Vatican.

There is almost no day without some new attack on…

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Copper And Catholicism


If you live in England, you might have heard of – or experienced directly – frequent delays and service interruption in 2011-2012, caused by strange causes like “signal failure” and the like. It was as if the rail infrastructure had suddenly stopped working properly, and the face of the one or other colleague arriving late in the office would tell you they were not amused.

It turns out many of these technical problems were caused by copper theft, with the rail companies unwilling to say ” we have no trains until we replace the copper stolen in….. last night”, but rather “we have no trains due to signal failure at…”.

The problem had become more than a nuisance, and several measures were adopted: a dedicated task force, the use of painted water and the like. As a result, copper theft went down more than 50% in a year, with tougher laws now coming to further deter the criminal (this doesn’t seem so urgent, though. So-called same sex marriage apparently is….).

What do we learn from this? When problems are recognised and appropriate measures taken, things change.

Copper theft is not inevitable. One recognises the problem, deals with it appropriately and in due course, things start to change.

Our bishops should take this as an example: if they start thundering against sexual perversion instead of telling us how sensitive and pastoral they are, things will change. Not today and not tomorrow, but not even in two generations’ time.

The task force is supposed to be there: the priests. The legislative measures can also be used: the exclusion from communion whenever advisable, and of excommunications whenever possible (and if not yet possible, as someone seem to think, then it is clear the Canon Law is obsolete in this respect and must be changed to make them possible).  As water, holy water will work perfectly well. As for the copper theft, it is the will to achieve results that brings success, not the thinking that “these are the times”.

Alas, copper theft is decreasing whilst open sexual perversion is raging.


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