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Twitter, Freedom, NAACP

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W for Freedom. Long may it last.

One of the reasons I like WordPress is what seems to me a commitment to protect typically American freedoms, particularly the freedom of speech so relevant to their work (but also, say, the privacy of anonymous bloggers, which is the other side of the coin). 

I run a blog with rather strong words in it, or with photos comparing Sebelius and Obama to Hitler. I use (and so should you, by the way) words like “faggot” or “whore” to make very clear the time of senseless, self-harming “sensitivity” must end and things must be called with their own proper name again; I compare entire Countries to the evil of the past as I did it with Norway, and so on.

The only time WordPress expressed a “concern” about my blog (and stopped me from posting new material for a couple of days) was when the not very smart PR man of a English bishop, probably not having better to do with his time, threatened legal action because I had, by a Google-induced mistake, posted the photo of a different bishop than the bishop indicated in the caption, and who was the employer of the above-mentioned genius.

After that, I never had the slightest problem with WordPress, and I must say all in all they make an excellent job at no cost to either you or me.

Twitter seems,on the other hand, a different matter. I read more and more frequently about accounts being suspended, and those strange backup accounts I see every now and then seem linked to at least the possibility of being suspended. From anecdotical experience, it seems the reasons for suspension become more and more linked to simple grounds of political correctness, as Twitter becomes the watchdog of all those who think there’s nothing better that silencing their opponents.

The last episodes has now made It to the press, with comments critical of the liberal, pro-murder of babies stance of the NAACP leading to the suspension of the authors of the remark. For those of you who don’t know, the NAACP is the official megaphone of Democrat America among the US Black community, and is clearly at the service of the social engineering proposed by the Democratic agenda. This includes the genocide of unborn Black babies according to the ideology of Margaret Sanger, the racist (and whoring) founder of that other pet of liberal America called Planned Parenthood.

Small as my blog is, it isn’t minuscule anymore; rare are now the days below 1,000 page views (at least when I do post), and I cannot imagine that my robust writing style – far more robust, by the way, than the tweets leading to the account suspension – has not led the one or other activist homosexual or abortionist to complain with WordPress about my blog. My blogging activity, though, goes on undisturbed.

Twitter has a very strong position now, and very many – including yours truly – enjoy the occasional jump into its 140 character-rows. Still, they – and I – do so because we think we will find a free exchange of opinions there, and take into account the inevitable unpleasantness that goes with it. I have received – and, honestly, given – my dose of fancy names and adjectives, and the thought of asking that someone’s account be suspended because someone offended me never entered my mind.

Twitter must pay attention not to squander the biggest asset they have: freedom of expression. If they don’t, it’s only a matter of time before more intelligent competitors come along and Twitter goes the way of MySpace.


Cardinal Mahony Officially Disgraced


In a rather brutal communique’ of the (huge) archdiocese of Los Angeles (Socialist Republic of California, USA), Archbishop Gomez has announced that Cardinal Mahony and an auxiliary bishop (Curry) have now been relieved of every duty concerning the Diocese (Mahony) and from his responsibility for his part of the Archdiocese (Curry). I do not know about the other bishop, but Mahony’s duties within the Archdiocese cannot have been numerous, or of any real importance. Possibly one dinner here and one lunch there, with the occasional buffet thrown in. Therefore, one cannot avoid thinking this last measure is simply due to either something big about to happen or  to the frustration of his successor at the mess Mahony has left behind him.

If memory serves, Mahony’s idiocy already cost Californian Catholics several hundred million dollars in compensations, though if one understands the way the press presented the matter this should prevent further money going down the drain.

Again, one can’t escape the impression that further developments are going to be announced, and the Archdiocese wants to start a preventative cleaning to avoid accusations from the usual corners; or  maybe Archbishop Gomez is simply fed up with the continuous references to the Archdiocese’s past, and understandably wants to separate the Cardinal’s responsibilities from his own tenure.

Something tells me, though, that this is not the last we hear from our disgraceful -and now disgraced – Cardinal.


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