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Russia Says No To Abominations

It is ironic, but at the same time indicative of the ways of the Lord (whose sense of humour must be absolutely divine) that the Western countries where Christianity is more keenly felt are the ex communist one. Poland, Hungary, and Russia seem to be at the head of the movement.

The latest noises from Russia are a further confirmation of this, with the local government indicating a ban on adoption of Russian children to France and England is on its way because of the so-called same-sex marriage legislation in the planning.

Now, the Russian officials are clearly wrong in that such an abomination as the adoption of a poor child from a couple of perverts can be obtained, at least in England, even before the other abomination of a mock marriage. Such a ban should, therefore, be enforced immediately.

Still, one can forgive Russian officials for being unaware of all the kinds of monstrous perversity not only allowed, but “celebrated” in this once great country.

Kudos to the Russian government. I hope they implement the measure fast, and say very loudly why.

A lesson in Christianity can’t be wrong, and might sway the one or the other even among an utter godless generation.


Dream Popes

Dream Pope: Pastor Angelicus, 1939-1958.

Dream Pope: “Pastor Angelicus”, 1939-1958.

The Pope has, so to speak, just about finished to resign, and already you read on the Press the most unbelievably uninformed articles and commentaries. My favourite up to now is the one of the perverts calling themselves “Catholics” who see in Pope Benedict’s resignation a hope for a Pope who will “embrace” their lifestyle. They dream (or blather about to make themselves important; fags & co. are always primadonnas)  of a Pope starting a III Vatican Council to tell them they are spot on on pretty much everything, and the Church has been so naughty from Jesus down.

I am certainly very scared of the possibility of a mickey mouse Cardinal like Schoenborn becoming Pope (don’t bet your pint), but these people really don’t know what they are thinking. They don’t know what they’re writing, either (“ecumenicalism”. I kid you not), but they manage to be angered at the Church’s insistence on “purity”.

The pope should, therefore, embrace filth. Keep dreaming.

So these people can’t write and can’t think, but  I am sure they know a lot of things we can’t even imagine, so they must think they are fine on the “knowledge” issue.
Sorry, no link. They’d feel important at counting your clicks.

Well, then, dreaming for dreaming, let us see what I would want my dream Pope to do….

He would declare the V II experiment officially failed; announce a re-writing of all V II documents, which (the old ones) are with immediate effect not to be used for pastoral purposes anymore; announce a gradual demolition of all V II innovations, from the Novus Ordo (obviously) to the bishops’ conferences, from the altar girls to the parish councils (or how on earth are called), from communion in the hand and/or standing to the V II-induced revisions of the rules of religious orders. Then I would very much like for him to proceed to a purge of Stalinian proportions among the Cardinal first, followed by the archbishops and bishops, all given the strictest warnings that thy are responsible for the behaviour of their priests, and slacking will be punished without fail or delay.

All the clergy (priests, bishops, cardinals, deacons; not Hans Kueng, though, because he will be already defrocked) would obviously have to take the Oath of Allegiance, which for the Cardinals and most important Archbishops would be recorded and put on the Vatican channel o YouTube, so that the faithful can think “look, let me see how my Bishop gives the Oath”. Obviously, Cardinal Archbishop Fellay would proudly have his own oath online too. The priests and other bishops would of course have it put on the parish/diocesan website, because it should not be said my dream Pope isn’t very modern and, well, aggiornato.

What next? Well, stupid names should be rethought. For example, “Holy Inquisition” would be a brilliant name for the most important department, now led from Cardinal Fellay (first case: Father Mueller, the former Archbishop); “confession” sounds so much better than “reconciliation”, and “last rites” is actually far more appropriate than the way they call it now, and distribute around like M&Ms (how is that? Has to do with anointing…).

I am sure one can think of many other useful measures, but my ideal Pope would have a slogan he applies to all of them: WDPPD? This means “What did Pope Pacelli do?”. Did he want altar rails? Altar rails it is! Was he in favour of Capital punishment? Bring it on! Did he want three hours of fasting before communion? Three hours for us, please!

A capital chap, my ideal Pope.

Not sure the above mentioned fags would like him much, though.


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