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Career Counsel: How To become Pope

Not entirely reverent, but rather well-made video about how to become Pope.



(P.s.: I didn’t know one needs to be a bishop to become Cardinal. Actually I thought this is not a requirement).

Political Correctness Gravely Harms Your Health


We are now informed that, in an unprecedented decision, a Swedish council has decided that a mosque in Stockholm can install speakers on its minaret to call its people to prayer. The speakers will be audible within (unless it is a typo) two kilometres, which covers the territory of a small-ish city. Whilst It might be true that the local community is composed prevalently of Muslim immigrants, two km of radius is an awful lot of space, so this should be fun for a lot of people.

One sees here political correctness at work. Sweden certainly has laws concerning sound pollution & Co., but it was evidently decided a local community can make its own rules. One wonders, then, what prevents this community from having its own laws in matter of pork eating, alcohol drinking, honour killing, infibulation, and the like.

Political correctness does not think logically. Actually, it does not think at all. Its only aim is to please minorities whilst letting another minority of PC-nutcases look good, and expecting subservience (which they generally get, particularly in Sweden) from the herd.

The sublime irony of this is that PC at some point turns against those who have promoted or tolerated it. Countless non-Muslim Swedes will now be forced to hear the Lamentations of the muezzin very early in the morning, which should make for a good start of the day.

Believe it or not, Sweden is a country where men pay the same as women (that is: a lot of money) to go to the barber, because it is considered “discriminating” to make different prices for men and women. So you see the local eunuchs have a certain practice in political correctness already, and are already – and deservedly so – paying the price of their own effeminacy.

They had it coming, and I hope they’ll have fun.


“Vatileaks” Report To Remain Confidential

We are sorry, Your Eminence. This is not for you after all. Unless you are the next Pope, that is..

We are sorry, Your Eminence. This is not for you after all. Unless you are the next Pope, that is…

I have this from Reuters and I cannot imagine this is a misunderstanding or an unchecked news. The famous explosive report is then destined to remain under key, and for the eyes of the next Pope only. Clearly there is the fear that the most interesting details may be (cough: will be) leaked.

Personally, I think it would have been much better that the Cardinal had been able to have access to the document before the Conclave, and I cannot see the damage from leaking as so big as the damage from not letting the Cardinal know what’s going on before taking such an important decision like the election of a new Pope. As they say, at some point oportet ut scandala eveniant.

In any case, I always thought it wise to think carefully before taking an important decision and then stick to it.


The “aggiornamento” reblog…

Mundabor's Blog

From yesterday’s SSPX communique’

“doctrinal mutism is not the answer to this “silent apostasy”, which even John Paul II denounced already in 2003.”


amidst a Church in crisis and a world which distances itself farther from God and His law with each passing day.


waiting for the day when an open and serious debate will be possible which may allow the return to Tradition of the ecclesiastical authorities 

If I understand correctly, the chap in white with the long hair is a Catholic priest, and this horror was set in scene in a real Catholic Cathedral.

In other words, this is not a movie, or a joke. This is supposed to be the real thing.

Welcome to the Church of Paul VII.

In case you want more, here is another video about the same exercise. Note how after (or during?)  the “concert” what is supposed to be…

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