2014 SSPX Rosary Crusade: Keep Calm, And Count Your Rosaries.

Beato Angelico, "Madonna and Child"

Beato Angelico, “Madonna and Child”

The SSPX has now released the anticipated details about the 2014 Rosary Crusade.

All details here.

I will not repeat the very useful and complete information you will find on the site. Still, please note the following: 

1. As Francis invites you not to pray by rote, and ridicules those who count rosaries, it is the more important we react to this devotional barbarism by increasing our efforts not only to pray the Rosary, but to reestablish Tradition.  

2. From the site:

The three-fold object of this Rosary Crusade for the good of the entire Catholic Church is:

  • To implore from the Immaculate Heart of Mary a special protection for the traditional apostolate;

  • For the return to Tradition within the Church;

  • For the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary by the consecration of Russia.

The insertion of the consecration of Russia will certainly be welcome to many of us, and might persuade the one or the other to join this crusade who are not the best fans of the SSPX.

3. The tally and reporting have been made as easy as possible, with several formats that can be used for the purpose, and with the possibility to send only one tally by email in June.

The aim is 5 million rosaries. Just think: all that rosary counting!

This is more than enough to let the heart of a good Catholic rejoice.

Keep calm, and count your rosaries.



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  1. I have a question, Mundabor. To join this crusade, must I say an extra rosary every day or simply change the intentions of my current daily rosary?
    (Spot the lazy bitch/very busy woman — take your pick! 🙂 )

    • I can’t imagine anything else than you saying the rosary for the intentions of the SSPX.

      It is a “rosary crusade”, not an “extra rosary” crusade… 😉

      I have said some rosaries for the Pope. Alas, this is now gone from the 1 January to the 8 June…


  2. It’s a little bit OT, but mundabor have you remembered the article of Scalafri http://www.repubblica.it/politica/2013/12/29/news/la_rivoluzione_di_francesco_ha_abolito_il_peccato-74697884/
    how he has understood Pope Francis?

  3. Count me in also !
    God Bless the SSPX and this Rosary Crusade!

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