St John The Baptist And “Irreversible Situations”

Pity St John The Baptist. The poor man did not have the fine insights of prime Judas like Baldisseri, Kasper, or Francis.

If he had had, he would have understood that the situation was simply “irreversible”. Look, They say, it would have been ideal if Herodias had remained with her husband. But clearly, there was now a new situation of which St John had to take account; a new reality to which he should have reacted with compassion and sensitivity. Then there was a child, in her teens; a very delicate age, in which separation from the father can lead to lifelong scars.

Where was St John’s compassion? Did he know anything about inclusiveness? Had he ever heard of mercy? Why did not prepare a path for Heros and Herodias? Why this cruel exclusion?

How could St John ask Herodias and Herod Antipas to… just split? Destroy a new family? Destroy a new reality? With a child in it?

I cannot imagine what would happen to St John today. He would probably be beheaded by Michelle Obama (she needs only one hand for the sword) after Barack Hussein Obama has played for her the dance of the seven faggots (a gender-neutral celebration of diversity), in front of an audience of screaming feminists, lesbians, and assorted man-pussies.

Now as then, the motivation behind the justification of sin is the desire to sin, to cover sin, or to profit from it.

God will not be fooled.

I cannot avoid imagining that Herod, Herodiades and Salome, upon knowing of Francis’ and his minions’ last push, commented “this is a bunch of people we will get to meet rather soon”.




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