Not Liked.

The humble stairs.


Two falls from the stairs in two days. Three in around six weeks. And these are, of course, only those in front of the cameras. Who knows what happens after a belly-expanding meal and a generous glass of grappa.

Pity poor Francis: Catholics all over the planet can’t wait for this papacy to end. Cries of heresy fill the blogosphere pretty much every time he opens his mouth. Even mass publications clearly start to see in him a huge problem. Soon even Patheos will deny having ever supported him. Is the man not enough persecuted? No, there’s clearly more.

Stairs don’t like him much, either.


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  1. I think either a) his tailor needs to hem his cassock up, or more likely, b) God is giving him a gentle push to wake him up before it’s too late. But due to his stubbornness, he probably won’t get the message.

    • Oh, if he were to fall flat with that cabeza of his I think the stairs could actually be damaged… Though I dare to think the natural belly-airbag might help to deflect the worse impact from the humble nose.

  2. Hello Mundy,

    I’m shocked & bewildered that the world at large ever thought Bergie could walk and chew gum at the same time anyways.

    But, who am I to judge Blondes and Retards?

  3. How long before even Opus Dei throws in the towel on this guy?

  4. He’s out again with a 49 minute speech slamming everything that came before him as “obsolete.” He’s really tiresome.

    • Slowly, I would say that you don’t claim fever and stay home when you are invited to the Evil Circus you deserve all the 49-minutes-long toilet exercise he throws at you…

  5. Some smart cookie might make a fortune selling banana peels to disgruntled Catholics to throw at him as he walks by!

    • Ah, but a good Catholic cannot cause physical harm to the Pope…
      They can only pray and hope in a “merciful” step…
      If it’s the will of the Lord, of course.

  6. Maybe he really has a brain tumor!

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