Make A Mess

Another week begins, and something tells me before it has finished the world will be shocked again at some new outrageous statement of the Unholy Father.

My take on the man is very simple: he has no faith, no fear of the Lord, nothing Catholic in him. He hates the Church and the good Catholics in her. Unless you stink as he does, he will hate and insult you. If you are a heretic, a pervert, or a public atheist he will like you all right. But woe you count your rosary, and believe in Absolute Truth.

Therefore, I think the man's pontificate can be safely framed within the following two statements:

1. He has not dared yet to officially proclaim heresy and sacrilege, because he is afraid of the consequences.

2. There is nothing he won't do to damage the Church you know and love – absolutely nothing excluded – if he thinks he'll get away with it.

If this is true – and I am pretty sure it is – it follows that the best way to do our job of defending the Church – in our own little sphere of influence – is to… make a mess.

Francis must be vocally criticised at every step. Each one of his idiotic or blasphemous or heretical or plain disquieting statement (next time I hear again about smelling of sheep I'll hope someone throws an entire bucket of ovine excrements on him, just in order to help him in his pious desire) must be harshly condemned. Not, mind, in that polite way that makes you feel good with yourself whilst no one else notices; rather, in that far less polite way that makes the reader realise we never had anything like this one, and he must realise this Pope is the enemy of everything that is clean, honest and pure.

Make a mess. Be vocal. Let your scandal be heard up to the sky. Ask that our bishops and cardinals shame him or threaten to depose him. Do your part in creating a climate of active and loud resistance to this FrancisRevolution. Bury this papacy in mockery and ridicule. This is all we can do. Heretics don't burn at the stake nowadays.

The more the Pope is publicly and vocally criticised, the less probable it is that the man will do something very officially heretical.

Conversely, the more the Pope can rely on nothing more than polite disagreements and cries of “I do not understand what the Pope is doing” every time he lets another bomb explode under the chair of the Church, the more probable it is that he will promote and proclaim sacrilege very publicly, thinking that after a week or two of mild excitement everyone will fall into line, and he will have his FrancisRevolution as the usual “c”atholic sites explain to us that nothing has changed, but isn't it wonderful how Francis is changing everything.

Think about it.

Make a mess.




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  1. Would you agree that Pope Francis is a greater danger to the world order than Islamic Terrorists? He is undermining the very moral structure and foundation of Western civilization.

    • I understand where you’re coming from, but I must disagree. The ISIS is a long-term existential threat, Francis doesn’t fool anyone who does not want to be fooled.

  2. “Bury this papacy in mockery and ridicule. This is all we can do. Heretics don’t burn at the stake nowadays.”

    So… you are saying we should make him *wish* he could, to escape the burning mockery and condemnation, simply burn at the stake instead…?

    • No. I mean that it being not realistic in our age that a heretical Pope be fist deposed and then burnt at the stake, I will gladly settle for having him deposed.

  3. Maybe Pope Francis just needs a visit from St. Nick?

    I saw Santa punching Arius( Musical version at link below)

    I saw Santa punching Arius
    in the council chambers at Nicaea.

    He just couldn’t stand
    to hear the heretic expand
    his theory how Our Blessed Lord
    was not much more than just a man.

    Then I saw Santa grabbing Arius
    by the beard to pull him off his chair.
    The other bishops were justified,
    in assuming this was undignified
    throwing Santa in a cell for the night.

    I saw Jesus and His Mother
    come to Santa praying in his chains.

    Christ asked, “Why are you here?”
    “All for my love of You.”
    Off fell the chains and to him was given
    the pallium and the Gospels.

    St. Nick went back up to the chamber
    amazing everyone at the sight.
    They said, “It must have been righteous anger!”
    “It is Arius we must excommunicate.”
    “The Son is consubstantial with the Father.”

    script from Vox Cantoris blog today.

  4. Today on the feast of the Immaculate Conception we have the sacrilege of climate change propaganda projected onto the dome of St. Peter’s.

    • I know, I know! I do no thave the time to write about everything! Things are happening here with astonishing speed! Only between today and yesterday we have had the mad archbishop and the sacrilege on the dome of St Peter!
      It’s not to be believed!

  5. Mundabor. Have considered that while ISIS kills people, Pope Francis may be complicit in folks going to hell.

  6. This satanic pope is worse thousand times than ISIS who only kill temporary bodies, but Francis with his heretical teachings and sick intentions kills millions millions of everlasting souls. Please God, save us from this false, evil man. Take him away ASAP. Lord.

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