The Prince of Hypocrites

Pope Francis does not intervene in the Italian controversy about “civil partnerships”, because he does not want to interfere in the political matters of another Country. 

Weeks later he celebrates Mass at the very boundary between Mexico and USA, and calls “not a Christian” someone (= Trump) who builds walls instead of bridges. A more blatant intervention in the affairs of another foreign Country is unthinkable; and this, even without considering the obvious attack against Trump.

This one is the Prince of Hypocrites.


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  1. He said someone else is “not a Christian”. Who is he to judge. Disgraceful

  2. Is Mr Bergoglio frequently drunk on these flights? I think we should be told.

  3. He wants bridges, not walls, yet he lives within very tall and well-guarded walls.
    He acts as follower of Jesus Christ, who said: I am the way, and only through me you will be saved, and yet he claims that there are many ways.
    He is the head of the Church, whose role is to preserve her teaching, yet he rejects and plots to overhaul her doctrines as too stifling.
    He wines, and dines, hugs and kisses, makes peace with dictators and tyrants, thieves and main perpetrators of injustice and poverty, yet he plays the role of the defender of the poor and downtrodden.

    He is a proponent of separation of belief from practice. Is there a more perfect example of a hypocrite today?
    He won’t have me fooled by his black shoes and smaller vehicles.

    Our Lord Jesus did not despise the rich. He didn’t advocate the redistribution of their wealth. Our Lord Jesus Christ despised the hypocrites – or at least their hypocrisy.

    The humble one considers himself more relevant than God Himself, the perfect person for the new times, for cooperation and unity with the devil. There is no bigger fool and hypocrite than Jorge Bergoglio.

  4. The Pope’s actions and words gave liberal and conservative Catholics alike reason to side with Trump on the immigration and border protection issue. Trump got lots of media attention over this one,and it’s a good thing for Francis that Trump is only running for U.S. President and not for the Chair of Peter!

    • And please note how clumsy and stupid was Francis’ attack, and how smart Trump response.
      Trump does do diplomacy. He merely does it in a different way.

  5. please watch Mundy. We Americans do not want someone who buys votes. This is just one reason we are for Trump.

    If this post didn’t work, you can get the video on youtube, it is Bill Still
    – Still Report #642.

    • On one side, the man talks sense as to Trump momentum. To his arguments I add this: that Trump’s followers are so devoted to him, that not even the discovery of, say, wild orgies with Arab and Mexican prostitutes would do much to harm him.

      However, one notices that in most two-way polls Trump **loses to Cruz or Rubio**. Therefore, if the field clears rapidly Trump might soon be in trouble. Still, if the field does not clear rapidly he will already have swept too many winner-takes-all States for any Rubio or Cruz to stop him. I do not see either Cruz or Rubio suspending their campaign before the 15th march, so this will be one to watch. in my eyes, both Rubio and Cruz are well aware of the formidable imapct of the Trump troops, but they think that they are still in time to coalesce “the others”. We shall see.

      For the record, I think I have the same chances of winning the nomination as Kasich and Carson. Exactly zero.



  6. This past week will perhaps go down in history as one of the worst of his papacy. At least, I hope it doesn’t get any worse, and it surely could….

  7. Not only hypocrisy, he is also falling short of one of the most important duties he has as pope, which is to condemn immorality and sin.

  8. Bergie’s no hypocrite. He’s a horse’s ass, manipulative, bullying, bullshit artist.

    In fact, he’s been consistently pro-gay and anti-family thru out his career. He pulled the same stunt in Argentina.

    Actually, it’s all true to form with Him; just ask Ricca the Licka, the official gay bellboy of the Vatican.

    Bergie’s just behaving in the same fashion he did as a bar bouncer…letting the cute guys in while making sure that nice heterosexual couples were turned away.

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