“Wallgate”: More Rubbish From FrancisTroops

Vatican, A.D. 2016

Vatican, A.D. 2016


The CNN is embarrassing itself by echoing the comments of the always embarrassing Father James Martin (yes, this chap here), who is on record with the astonishing novelty that everyone can walk in St Peter’s Square and, therefore, “the door is always open”.

What a load of tosh.

Firstly, St Peter’s is half Italian Republic and half Vatican Square. Everyone can walk there because this is what the agreement between the two Countries foresee. But I cannot enter any other parts of the Vatican state without due authorisation. I cannot have a stroll in the (heavenly) Vatican Gardens just because I feel like it.

Secondly, walking in St Peter’s Square does not mean that I can permanently introduce myself into the place, claim the state of “refugee” at my liking, enjoy the many benefits of the around 1,000 citizen of the Vatican (among many others: no income taxes). No, this is not being “open”; and no, the walls are exactly what keeps the people out even today, from  beggars to car thieves to prostitutes.

Thirdly, the Vatican city is around 1 square km, and around 1,000 inhabitants, with many services provided by the Italian Republic. Only a tool like Martin can think there can be any valid comparison with an immense Country plagued by massive illegal immigration for decades.

Fourthly, there can be no doubt whatsoever that when Pope Leo IV built the wall he did it exactly for the explicit reason build a defense against the enemy as opposed to a bridge to them. 

Wall here. Bridge there. Pope Leo IV chose the wall. Full stop.

One doe not know who is more stupid: the Pope with his moronic observations purely motivated by his desire to take revenge on Trump who had criticised him, those like Father Martin who try to defend him in a way that makes him appear even more stupid, or the libtards at CNN that echo his comment as if it were something intelligent or at least worth pondering.

We are surrounded by idiots. Which is the main reasons why we might soon be surrounded by Muslims.


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  1. Martin is such a tool. Is that his best rejoinder to Francis’s 100% critics on this issue of walls?? Laughable.

  2. 100% CORRECT critics, meant to write…

  3. We live in an idiocracy. Intelligent thought is now a criminal offence. Bergoglio’s anti-intellectualism and cognitive dissonance land him on first pages of pro-idiocy propaganda.

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