Trump Vs Crooked: Where We Stand


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Shouldn’t be so terribly difficult…

Some short reflections on where (I think) we stand. 

Trump is constitutionally unable to avoid gaffes, politically incorrect statements, and fights he might have avoided. He is also, at times, petty in a way that does not do him any favour. 

Whenever Trump makes some mistake, the Mass media attack him like sharks sensing the blood. Unfit. Unstable. Panic among Republicans. The Ship is sinking. Oh why haven’t you heeded us…

The usual spate of biased polls, promoted and paid by notorious liberal magazines and newspapers, follow. They tell us Trump is toast. 

Amazingly, people take these fake polls seriously. They have already forgotten that these are the same pollster who have consistently underestimated Trump’s appeal. Embarrassingly so. But no, they keep trying to manipulate public opinon.

Of course, Trump cannot go on this way. Whilst his mistakes are certainly far less damaging than the polls would want you to believe, someone must  more or less symbolically slap the man in the face (Lewandowski is sadly away)  and tell him he must start behaving like a statesman. Unless he does, he will be probably defeated in the end, because there is a limit to what tepid voters can accept as colourful.

 Consolingly, Trump seems to realise this. He did endorse Ryan in the end, and one can hope whatever mistakes he makes in future will be mistakes caused by passion, not pettiness. I think he has understood by now that he needs a more finely tuned message to appeal to millions of tepid, undecided voters. He does not need to become a puppet, or the usual PC idiot. But he does need to be perceived as statesmanlike rather than capricious.

I do not believe the polls, which I think are all biased by the very mindset of those who make them; which is why they were so tragically wrong up to now. However, I do not doubt that Trump has put himself on a very dangerous path, and that he is doomed to fail unless he understands that he must now start to behave like a President.

I do not even mind so much the controversies with the Muslim parents of the dead soldier. What truly scared me was the initial refusal to endorse Ryan, the petty revenge against the man, using almost the same words Ryan had used. Heavens.

It would have been so easy to just be the better man, and let the entire Country see it. It would have been such a stark contrast to Ryan’s behaviour, and such a powerful business card. Behold Donald Trump, future President, strong in the fight and gracious in victory! Instead of this, we got a kindergarten squabble followed by a belated, forcibly weak endorsement. What a waste. One almost got the impression the man is in this merely for the fun.  

If you ask me, Trump can still win, and he can still win big. His opponent is as weak as can be wished, and she was almost knocked out by… a Socialist. He does not need to be Reagan to win. But as he manages to mobilise the disaffected white males damaged by Chinese imports and illegal immigrants (I think he will do it easily) and the Christian conservatives (I think he will make a good job of it, and Pence will help a lot), he must pay attention that he does not lose the millions of undecided who loathe Hillary, and must only be shown a measure of statesmanship to assuage the fears instilled in them by the media. Of this, I am less sure.     

Trump was born rich, and through his intelligence and ability became much richer. His showmanship also made him very proficient in dealing with the masses. He is not very accustomed to eat humble pie and to realise what he must really change. He must understand that at this point, showmanship isn’t enough anymore. 

The man is obviously far more intelligent than the stupid media want you to believe, so I am still hopeful.

 Let us pray God that the man does not disappoint.

He is the only candidate we have. 






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  1. Trump is a blue collar billionaire powered by Love for his country and countrymen. Media are hitting on him unfairly and give a spin to everything he says. People distrust media and trust Trump to give America back to them, and a government that serve them and not national or foreign special interests. A country is like a family and must be cherished and protected.

  2. I feel we must pray for Trump and VOTE for him. He has his flaws for sure, but he is our only viable choice.

  3. I don’t think it’s that bad.

    Reminds me of Reagan/Carter in 1980. The polls (and they were nowhere as bad then) had it tight going into the election. I remember watching a live feed into Reagan’s suite during election evening. Ron was sitting with Nancy in his arms on a couch watching the TV. And the results were rolling in, and boy did they roll in.

    So stiff upper lip, but all will be well.

  4. I strongly agree about the polls. They are so frantic to weaken Trump’s chance of election. Frankly, I honestly believe that even the ugly, childish squabbles brought to the White House would be better than Hillary at her best, whatever that is…

  5. Trump has said he would have top advisors to assist him as president. But he won’t even listen to the advice of his campaign managers. If he does not get back on track, we are going to be stuck with 4 to 8 years of Crooked Hillary. He was in a good position to win after the Republican convention, but now he seems to be his own worst enemy. If he makes it to the debates, I think his poll numbers will go up again. It will be Trump, the witty, likeable showman, vs. Hillary, the personality-free, scripted robot. Hoping he can turn this thing around. For sure, he is our only candidate.

  6. I like Trump. He doesn’t mince words. Really, you know where he stands. Hillary lies and hides everything she can. Honestly, the Democrat party is like its father, the devil. They are all liars.

    Quite frankly, it scares me how much sway the mass media has. It is only through social media that we can really see what is going on here.

    Paul Ryan is a big amnesty guy. That is why Trump dislikes him. Ryan wants to open up the flood gates for the Syrians and any other muslim that wants to get a free ride. He will say no to any fleeing Christians, however. Somehow muslims are special.

  7. Trump would triumph if he’d behaved. The man is the “last white hope.”

  8. You need to read Ann Barnhardt more.

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