Ratzingergate. Part II: More Downfall, And Some Background



The first part of this embarrassed analysis is here. 

The horror shows continues: 

The moment he was elected I felt, as many others did, a spontaneous sense of gratitude towards Providence. After two Pontiffs from Central Europe, the Lord set his eyes as it were on the universal Church and invited us towards a broader, more Catholic communion.

The “spontaneous sense of gratitude” wasn’t shared by many. The man does not say a word indicating he knew Bergoglio before. It appears to him he was a perfect nobody, known mainly for coming from Argentina. But in the age of Francis a Pope Emeritus is probably expected to say how delighted he is that a flaming heretic was made Pope.

Note, here, that at this point Benedict starts a long encomium of Francis as a nice guy, and does not spend a word about his Pontificate. Methinks, our Ratzi doesn’t think Bergo a great blessing after all. But hey, he will tow the line anyway. That’s what yes-men are for.


Let me now come to the unavoidable reaction of the pro-Ratzingerian conservatives to this, well, downfall.

Unable to see reality for what it is, they will claim one or more of the following:

  • The Pontiff Emeritus has not pronounced the words.
  • The Pontiff Emeritus never gave the interview 
  • The Pontiff Emeritus knows nothing about the book. 
  • The Pontiff Emeritus has been told not to buy “La Repubblica”, because it’s a bad, bad newspaper beloved by his successor.
  • The Pontiff Emeritus was in the bathroom when the words were added to the minutes.
  • The Pontiff Emeritus has been threatened with, oh I don’t know, being left without the piano if he says those were not his words.
  • The Pontiff Emeritus is tied in the basement of Castel Gandolfo 
  • The Pontiff Emeritus has died years ago. A Duracell-battery-powered mechanical bunny has taken his place since.
  • The Pontiff Emeritus is playing a very refined game: around 2026 he will come out and say it was all a joke, and everyone will recognise his genius and great political and spiritual game.

You see, there is a problem with all this: the man has not denied the words. Therefore, he owns them. That’s it [and no, you don’t think he is tied in the basement of Castel Gandolfo, either]. 

We must treat responsible adults like responsible adults. Ratzinger can dictate interview-books. Therefore, he can answer for what is in them. That he really pronounced those literal words is very hard to believe. That he is OK with having them attributed to himself is obvious. As they say, scripta manent.

The man has nowhere to hide. He is clearly practising mini-me Francis. Can’t imagine it’s because of personal vanity. I think it’s for love of being aligned with the Obrigkeit, and because of the fear of being seen as the difficult one, the party pooper, the “rebel”, the one that does not play for the team. Jesus’ team is irrelevant, of course. What count is to be on the side of the (earthly) authority.   

Depressing, I know.

But so freakin’ German. 





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  1. You silly silly man. Everyone knows it’s the ENERGIZER bunny. Cheers!

  2. Sieg Heil. OK, you win, it just’s got to be that way.

    This disclosure is rather faith sapping. But worse to be a sap and deny it.

    • In my eyes, every challenge to our faith must be countered with renewed allegiance of the faith. A traitorous prelate doe snot endanger my faith. Sin does.
      All these little plate-licking clergy can impact my faith just as much as a toddler with a spoon could impact a huge block of granite.

  3. Benedict is a weak man. If he didn’t want the responsibility of being Pope he should have never accepted the office in 2005. It is my belief that a Pope should be for life, no matter how difficult things get. Pope John Paul stayed to the end through a debilitating condition and this guy gives up the papacy because he felt he couldn’t handle the idiocy of WYD which should frankly have been done away with a long time ago.

  4. Words fail me, decoder rings non withstanding, but what becomes ever more clear: “But yet the Son of man, when he cometh, shall he find, think you, faith on earth?” Luke 18:8

  5. Mundabor,
    What do you mean by “he died years ago”? Any reasonable observer has long since concluded that he never existed at all. His body has been tied in the basement of his parents’ home, sealed behind a great stone, guarded by a legion of Illuminati in order to prevent any trouble with him (who never lived) coming to life again.

    Also, the True Pope will at some point break out of his cruel imprisonment in basement and nonexistence and return gloriously to save Vatican II from evil traditionalist schismatics and progressive dissident rupturists alike. He will do so by uttering a devastatingly intellectual witticism that will immediately convince all opponents of the rational superiority of mush. This is God’s Plan and it requires that evil remains unfought until the right time is come. All who fight back against evil *now* are traitors to the Church, seeking to prevent the second coming of the True Pope and Paradise on Earth. They must be mercilessly crushed once and for all, in the name of Mercy.

    Francis is naturally a paragon of orthodoxy, specifically selected by the Holy Spirit, filling an important geographical quota and preparing the Church for her tenth New Springtime of Parish Closure and Pente-costly Reality Denialism…

    The story about the mechanical bunny is obviously true! How could you *possibly* have missed the ears!? These robo-bunnies are everywhere now. I hear Trump is one, too… 😉

  6. But in all seriousness, this is pure Ratzinger. He would have made a great lieutenant to General Pius XIII.

  7. I’m not pro-Ratzingeriang, but after reading that paragraph and others around the web it doesn’t sound like something Ratzinger would say, actually it sounds so Bergoglian…sentimentalistic bull*hit

  8. I used to refer to Benedict XVI, Benedict the Beloved. Why, because by reading his sermons etc, my love grew and grew for my Lord Jesus, His Beautiful and Beloved Mother, and for the Holy Catholic Church, the Mystical Body of Christ.

    I was heartbroken when Benedict XVI resigned. I do not trust Pope Francis – ever since the first Synod of the Family, which I followed closely. Following this current pontiff would jeopardize my eternal salvation.

    Nor will I read anything by Pope emeritus Benedict XVI. I am still reeling from the gut punches thrown by Benedict XVI – from his resignation from the Papacy, then about the ‘two pope papacy’ and now with what I hear about his latest book.

    What’s left? Continuing to do the same as before, regular Mass, Confession, the daily rosary, novenas. However, what I left out during Benedict XVI’s papacy, was a daily special prayer for the pope. I’m diligent now in praying daily for Pope Francis, that he may tap into ‘the grace of state’ that is given to him as Pontiff. He is after all, only a steward of Our Lord’s Church. In that role, his burden and responsibility are heavy; may he soon turn to serving Our Lord and His Church.. especially because in the meantime, we are sheep without an earthly chief shepherd.

  9. On another note, I saw “Downfall” when it played in the United States. Quite enjoyed it.

    Anyway, modern Catholics should not pretend that the deceit, treachery and political maneuverings that permeated the Vatican in past centuries has gone away. Pope Paul VI himself said that “the smoke of Satan has entered the sanctuary,” and that was nearly 40 years ago.

    • In the meantime Satan has a huge barbecue going on.

      I did like the film, but it depressed me for days. One of those films whose imagery remain with you for days on end.


  10. Everyone says, “It doesn’t sound like Ratzinger, it sounds like Bergoglio.” Maybe that’s because there’s not a penny’s-worth of difference between them. The ideas expressed in this interview are so vapid it’s embarrassing. Abandoning the papacy for WYD? Jet lag as an excuse for funking his duties? How does one weave in elegant references to the Church Fathers when dropping a bag of poo on the table? And why even bother? Sure, let him sound like Bergoglio; his behaviour puts him in the same class, and squirting perfumed phrases around won’t change that.

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