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creepy clown

Creepy Clown, for a change…


One read rubbish like this, and struggles to remain calm. 

One of the most abused tricks of Francis is to make a false parallelism between perceived sinners (who aren’t such in reality) and real ones. 

The bleeding woman wasn’t sinning because she was bleeding, nor was her bleeding indication that God despised her. This is what the Jews believed, but we aren’t Jews. For us Christians bleeding is not a sin, period.

Adultery, however, is another cup of tea entirely. The adulterers are gravely sinning, and that’s that.

To extend unconditional acceptance (without repentance even) to public sinners because Jesus destroyed a Jewish prejudice is to make a stupid argument. And Christianity does not know this unconditional acceptance the man goes preaching around. This is below Dalai Lama level. 

But then again Francis never goes for the argument. He always goes for the easy emotions. He has the argumentative cogency of a child of six claiming that as kitten are sweet, they will go to heaven because hey, God is mercy.

Disgusting, old, lewd man. It creeps me that he embraces children. 

Pray for the end of this pontificate and the election of Pope Pius XIII. 



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  1. Yes, creepy clown indeed. On the same site with the incident you refer to above is another about Pope Francis visiting a house of former prostitutes. He says to the women there: “Today I apologize to all of you. For all Christians, Catholics, that abused you and forgiveness for me for not having prayed enough for you and for this slavery.”

    It infuriates me that what he fails to do is to warn abusers (pimps, adulterers, fornicators, sodomites, Christian, Catholic or not, etc.) that there is a place in hell for them. That, in my opinion, is his failure that he should apologize for, but he never will because he has denied that anyone will be condemned forever (AL #297). Therefore, how can he ask anyone to forgive him or abusers? Why do they need forgiveness if they aren’t going to be damned?

    If I had a child in my arms who was brought into this world by the act of some dirty man, the only consolation I would get would be for that man to be forced to listen to Dante’s Inferno for starters.

    Am I missing something? And, by all means, his touching children creeps me out. I hope their mothers gave them a good scrubbing.

    • Ah, the prostitution “slavery”! How funny I always found it! Slaves who make five, ten or twenty times the good girl working as a waitress. Sorry mate, I don’t buy it.

  2. I see invaders in Germany demanding good food and accommodation (and soon – voting rights), who refuse to do any work, as they are guests of mother Merkel, and it is impolite to ask guests to work. I walk through an aisle in a grocery store, and upon seeing a person in a hijab, make room for her to pass, while she deliberately blocks my passing, while frowning at me with visible disgust, just minutes later (was it because my hair was not covered?). Tax-paying citizens are forced to let illegal aliens (I know, I use criminal language) move ahead in line to see a doctor in emergency rooms. Business owners in the US are fined for discrimination after letting go of employees unable to do their dues due to lack of English skills.
    There is so much more of this injustice, this evil propagation of victim mentality, but the farce of a pope will not rest until all civility, all morality, all responsibility for oneself, all fairness and common sense, are completely eradicated. He will use anything and everything to promote his hatred for what is healthy and good in humanity.
    He is like a member of Black Lives Matter. Say: All lives matter, you are a criminal, a racist, Say to Bergoglio: My family matters more to me than these military-age foreigners with demands, you are a bigot, unchristian. Of course, both BLM and Bergoglio are backed by Soros’ money.

  3. Unconscionable! Pope Feelgood is all about destroying consciences with his faulty theology and cheap grace. He should be condemned by the Cardinals responsible for this outrage.

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