Hillary Is After Stupid Women: Some Inconvenient Truth About The Tragedy Of Female Suffrage.

Bar big surprises (Assange is your friend) it seems to me that the remaining weeks of the electoral campaign will be dominated by the following themes. 

  1. The MSM will keep screaming hysterically by every new tape (of which, of course, there will be several) in which Trump says something that wouldn’t be heard at the local Salvation Army chapel. All those liberals ceaselessly spitting on Christian morality will discover themselves aflame with zeal for purity in their candidates. Actually, in the candidate of the Republicans only. They will manage to impress the gullible, and I suspect that many of these will be women.  
  2.  The sane part of America – and I suspect many of these will be men – will actually react to the MSM pro-Hillary, nuMorality bombardment by doing exactly the contrary of what the media relentlessly push for. They will vote for Trump just because they can’t stand this North Korean situation anymore.

It remains to be seen how many are ready to be impressed by lies and fake indignation, and how many are those who can still think straight. However, it seems to me that Hillary’s campaign is doing the only thing that leaves them with a shot at victory: make of the campaign an emotional attack to Trump and try to capture with it the gullible females (and some not very manly men) ready and willing to be carried away by this wave of emotions. Already the fact that Trump appears to have suffered in the polls for calling a fat woman “Miss Piggy” tells you all you need to know how easily US female voters can be manipulated, how emotional this race has become. And don’t get me started about the “first female president” rubbish, which is the same as to say that a vagina gives a candidate special rights. 

I’d suggest these Miss Piggy women eat less instead. But hey, I am a man, what do I know… 

So, let’s come to the inconvenient part of this blog post.

It fills me with rage at this stupid age to know that, in the most crucial US election in the last decades, there is such a discrepancy between female and male voter orientation. It seems that this wave of Reprobation (make no mistake: voting for Clinton can only be a mortal sin) is mainly fueled by the female sex, who is more prone to swallow hook, line and sinker all the rubbish about the “first female President”, the “objectifying of women” and all that insignificant noise meant to cover the real issues: the fact that Christian heritage and fundamental liberties (besides the Country’s security) may well be at stake.

Women of past ages knew very well that it was better for them that only men could vote, or be a judge. It helped a lot to keep the emotions out, and preserve an ordered society. It prevented the brutal emotional manipulation of serious issues we see today.

In a society in which only males can vote you can’t get very far with the emotional appeal to the “poor pregnant girl”. In a society in which only males can vote you could never attack the Second Amendment. In a society in which only male can vote not only Trump would clean up, but you would probably have a better Democrat opponent in the first place. Instead, we have a world in which a conversation filled with reasoning and expletives any men who was not raised among girls has heard hundreds of times truly is an important part in deciding the destiny of a nation. 

Women suffrage has done great damage to women. It has allowed them to hurt themselves in so many ways: with abortion, with divorce, with a stupid push for an “emancipation” that has become a double burden, with the attempt to dismantle a patriarchal society that served them so much better than making of them the toys of many men. 

The extreme emotional tones of this campaign, in which the word “Pussy” (let me say it again: “Pussy”) has at least the same public echo and relevance than the real issues (security, immigration, Christian values, fundamental liberties) could never exist if only men had the right to vote. You may not like it, but that’s how it is. Even those pussified men (like Paul “Pussy” Ryan) who profit from the events to stab their own candidate in the back do so not only because of intrinsic lack of manliness, but because they are afraid of their female electorate. Ryan’s pathetic, unnatural, unmanly grovelling is the result of the sex of more than 50% of the voters.

It would be better for everyone, and particularly for women, if they were not allowed to vote. In time, this would cause a reversion to what every Catholic (that is: sensible) woman must wish: a solidly patriarchal society honoring women for their real qualities and helping them to give the best of their feminine nature, whilst stifling the self-destructive tendencies unavoidably generated by their (otherwise so beautifully) emotional nature.

Look at what three generations of female voters have done to the US, and reflect whether they have made a better world for women. A better world, I mean, not only as the world judges, but as the Lord does.






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  1. As you await the outrage two thumbs up from me.

  2. God bless you! You are the only person I’ve heard say this. You are a man. You are the man. Could you possibly recruit some more men to save Christendom? We need a whole army of you lest we continue our free fall into complete ruin.

    • Thanks Erica!
      Nowadays, most men are girly things afraid to say anything that could merit them a frown of disapprobation.
      I am happy to say I grew up in a different environment.

  3. Spot on per usual:+) Women have no business being in leadership positions in society and should not have the right to vote. Yes, women are to blame but sadly so are men. It was the men in power that allowed the insanity of women’s suffrage…men in power who ok’d contraception, divorce and abortion too. Very sad.

    I watched this prison show on TV one time and it hit me…the ONLY reason women are not in slave or subjugated roles on this Earth is due to the stupidity, cowardice or Christian meekness of men. Because at the beginning, middle and end of the day, MEN (due to their higher physical strength and let’s also admit it, intellect) run the show.

    Why have men abrogated their role as leader? Maybe because they have mixed up their fallen nature’s tendency to want to oppress women with their God given right and ability to lead them. Not a surprise when mommy and all of the feminazi’s have been brainwashing poor Johnny into thinking that natural desire is evil.

    I think it no coincidence that as the demonic rises in this world, godless women (Hillary, Madonna, Merkel etc) are held up as examples to follow. I wouldn’t be surprised if Satan looked like a feminazi woman.

    God bless~

    • I agree that it was themen’s fault to allow women to vote in the first place. But in my view what happened later (abortion, divorce) was the product of a society now heavily influenced from the female vote, and thus misleading even many males.

    • I think men have given up their own God give role of leading women because they have lost the faith, and have substituted it with a misplaced sense of equality. In some Countries, however, the reason was political. In Italy female vote was introduced only in 1946, and was heavily pushed by the Catholic party (DC), because the female vote was thought to be more Catholic and less Communist than the male one.

  4. Just as I finished reading your reasoned comments a top of the hour abc news report came across. One of the lead stories was an interview with a high school football team who were outraged that “locker room talk” was being misrepresented as objectification of women, instead these eunuchs desscribed their locker room banter as discussions of sports standings! One wonders if their discussions didnt also include the desirability of eliminating gender itself as a “patriarchal” and reactionary concept.

  5. Amen!


  6. Excellent entry! Chapeu Mundabor! This reminded me of the things my beloved grandmother used to say and angered some of my aunts back then in the 60s when the poison of feminism started to contaminate female brains in France, but time has demonstrated that my grandmother was right, our grandmothers were smarter than the kitchen-phobic feminist of today.

    • I have listened to the same conversations, from old women who were happy, balanced, fulfilled women with wisdom to share. Whence the feminist tale of the dissatisfied, enslaved woman who wishes to work 40 hours a week in an office comes from i do not know, but from my experience it comes from feminist fantasies.

  7. I agree with your blogpost. Good job!

  8. I agree with you that women did not gain anything by “winning” the right to vote. Who does a better job of influencing men than the women who are close to them? We had the vote before and could concentrate on more important things like what’s for dinner.

  9. Mundabor, I think that you rashly corrected tmsharel who is totally correct. When the woman was in the home she ran that home. She influenced her husband and her children and she had the vote. She knew what was going on in the community and she desired to protect her family. Now, no longer. She does not run her home she survives it. She is not protecting her family, she is lost in the world. The vote of the family which was her’s is outnumbered by the rif raff. The woman lost her power when she gained suffrage and left the home.

  10. Paul Ryno is pussywhipped: “Paul Ryan is married to Janna Little a liberal, left wing progressive, anti-Constitutional, big government George Soros supporter who voted for Barack Hussein Obama twice.”


    Not manly at all.

  11. I have mixed feelings about this post. I am one heck of an intelligent woman, but I am a widow and no longer have a husband whose vote I can influence, so I’m darn glad I have the right to vote. I’m just sorry that so many of my fellow women are selfish, shallow sluts. And the ones who aren’t — e.g., sincere, Christian women — often wear political non-involvement as a sort of moral badge of honor; that is, they’re so busy with their kids that they “don’t have time” to keep up with news and political issues — and they disapprove of those of us who do devote time to those things. Unfortunately, despite these women’s stubborn refusal to get informed on the issues, they vote anyway. When I bring up issues such as abortion or radical Islam, they don’t want to hear about it because those things are so “negative.” Well, indeed they are! But if you don’t pay attention to them, you end up doing crazy things like voting for Hillary Clinton because Donald Trump is so “un-Christian.” Augh!

    • You are actually helping my argument.
      Much as it can be a personal “satisfaction” to have the right to vote, it is clear that, collectively, this is a big problem.

  12. To destroy family Lucifer thru NWO put women in to work that dumped housewife’s role and turned the household up side down. There is no home, indeed a house, economic unit in which there is no love, no care and no share and a lot of selfishness. Modernists, Satan’s agents use feminism to abolish first, the mass, then the Catholic Church. Have you ever seen immodest dressed feminists jumping up and down the altar, delivering communion. It’s everywhere now. Most of the Catholic churches, diocese bishops these day have and love it. A lot of women want to be lectors, EUs so that they can get more attention, gain more respect, and more power and the men applause this. Men want to be feminists’ side and want to be considered as progressive, civilized people whose have no gut to tell the truth and seek the truth. They are jo-jo men. Sorry I think they’re always trying to please women so that they think they can get laid. If I, the jerk want sex I do the same. Good article, M. Hope that men especially high ranking church’s clergies read this and behave like a real men, bravely say NO to feminists. God have mercy on us.

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