Why Would She Do That?


“What do you mean, ‘we are behind in Nevada and Colorado, too’?”


The very strange news has reached us yesterday that the Dems headquarters have cancelled the big fireworks planned for election nights. Apparently, they did not bother to even give an excuse for it to the Fire Brigade-slash-competent authority.

One wonders. They may well not be very upbeat about what is about to happen (they certainly have their own internal polls; I suspect they know that the situation is much different from what they want you to believe). However, the smart thing to do in this case would be to let the fireworks go on as planned and then, at the appropriate time, cancel them for the most obvious of reasons. Everyone, even Libtards, would understand.

Instead, we have this strange decision without even the elementary caution of preparing some ground, some shred of an explanation.

I will dare my own hypothesis here:

Hitlery is receiving internal polls smelling of defeat and, in fact, possibly jail. She has an attack of bitchiness, starts insulting everyone around her, throws books and ashtrays around.

And then, in an attack of self despondent rage, orders that the fireworks be cancelled. No one dares to suggest to her that this is not the time to do such things, or that they should at least have a halfway excuse at the ready, because she is in full Cruella mode.  

Therefore this huge blunder goes out: fireworks cancelled, no explanation.

on the day before the election, this is just the ticket.


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  1. I wished you lived in the States! We are in desperate need of sound voters like yourself. As for me, I contributed a couple times to the Trump campaign, the ONLY politician I have ever given money to, like many of us “little guys”, I have 4 of his signs in my front window (In Illinois I can not put them outside because they will be stolen in less than an hour), I voted for him and now praying for his victory. Your piece gives me and may other loyal Americans hope. I am posted it on facebook to give my friends a little hope as well.

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