ProPublica Hate Group Should Be Banned

The Remnant and the Jihad Watch have been the target of an attack from uber-Leftist, Nazi hate groups affiliated to George Soros and his net of satanical warfare on God. The minions of Satan tried to bully Paypal into closing the accounts of the two organisations.

It is extremely concerning that the account of the Gateway Pundit was, in fact, closed before the storm that followed “inspired” PayPal to think again. Still, this kind of event tells you without any doubt the kind of tactics these bile-filled Hate Groups are ready to employ. Also not surprising is the tactic of fake “journalism” employed to do so, a tactic perfectly in line with the Fake News dominating our media environment.

ProPublica clearly is an organisation meant to suppress every opinion different from their own with whatever means, legal or illegal. This sort of intimidation should attract the attention of some smart prosecutor in the US and lead to the banning of the hate group and the arrest of the people responsible for its intimidation tactics.


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  1. Wonder if it is possible to sue ProPublica for defamation? Trump needs to get into this situation quickly and call for an investigation.

  2. Mr. Mundabor, can you name a few good catholic conservative biblical scholars?
    Byron Perry
    Ontario, Canada

    • What’s a biblical scholar? I can name some Catholic writers expounding Catholic doctrine: Garrigou-Lagrange and Dom Gueranger should be near to you, and you should buy the Ott for a comprehensive view.
      Iota Unum also has a comprehensive exposition of Catholicdoctrine.
      “Biblical scholar” sounds vaguely Protestant to me, but many in the past have, St Thomas for one, wrote scripture commentaries and concordances.

    • I second Catena Aurea by Saint Thomas Aquinas

  3. You can add Pam Geller to their “hit” list. Her Atlasshrugs website has been dumped by paypal as well. The whole thing sure seems organized including the Soro’s funded rent a mob for President Trumps events. The swamp is much deeper than we ever imagined.

  4. So I now feel I need to boycott Paypal. They clearly are trying to control our money

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