Be Very Afraid, Mssss Jowell!

The former Labour heavyweight (and separated wife of a lawyer implicated in Silvio Berlusconi sordid dealings, I do not even remember which now) Tessa Jowell has gone on TV, with an obviously advanced case of brain cancer, and has said what leftists like her to say in these things: we must spend even more taxpayer money in the failed, monstrous, Soviet-Style, abortion factory of the NHS system (and by the way, I am now off to Germany, where things are done properly).

The usual rubbish of the Secular Kingdom followed: everyone praises her “courage”, and her “I am not afraid” is now widely publicised as if it were something different from the usual political stunt and a self-aggrandisement every politician seeks with her last breath, particularly if she, as clearly is the case for Jowell, does not believe in God. And this, my dear friends, is exactly what is happening here: a widely publicised atheist death fed to the atheist society, which then praises her “I am not afraid” whilst secretly scared Obamaless of death themselves. Forgive me – or not; I don't care – for not participating in this impious spectacle.

Tessa Jowell has not mentioned, to my knowledge, God or her faith with one single word. Her Wikipedia page is silent on the matter, a clear sign that whatever parody of a faith she might have she does not want you to be informed – and her embarrassed – about it. This is also a full-fledged Friend Of Sodom, which alone speaks volumes.

Plus, and as always in the leftist-atheist society, note that it is all and always about her: I want to raise awareness, I want to let you know I am fighting, I am not scared, I show you my devastated face, I ask you to look at me.

Look. At. Me.

Atheists make of themselves their God, and of other people (particularly if they don't know them personally) minor deities of their Humanist Pantheon. The paying public of the Atheist Circus applaud. How offensive to God all this is, how selfish and self-centred and utterly impious, no one dares to remark, because in the Age Of Madness everyone must praise the “courage” of the Socialist godless activist as she dies a godless death in front of her paying public.

Well, not really ” no one”.

I do, and I tell you that Mssss Jowell is just as sadly wrong in dying as she was in living, and seems intentioned to reap the most atrocious, but well-deserved reward of her godless arrogance. She should be afraid all right, Mssss Jowell, and I can't see any trace of the beginning of wisdom in this dying, feminist harridan.

O for one leftist politician with the gut to say “the news of my impending death has forced me to revisit my priorities, and I wish to tell you that I am deeply repentant of my past life and desirous now to do only one thing: die at peace with the Lord and as a help for other faithful, and offering my suffering to Christ Crucified”.

Not holding your breath?

Me neither.




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  1. You may be right, but it is difficult not to be moved by her physical condition!

    • Oh, one has compassion for the bad state of her body.
      But then one reflects that her souls looks far, far worse, and she is helping others to look just the same.

  2. Courage is doing the right thing even while afraid. This lost woman is doing the wrong thing thus is being brash and arrogant not courageous in the least. I remember a priest once wisely noting “even Satan has his martyrs”…sounds like this poor woman is one of that sad lot. God have mercy on her soul. God bless~

  3. You’ll be accused of being harsh here, but I don’t think so. Ultimately it is the most unloving thing to do, to pretend as if a dying person should not be reminded of the terrible choice they have made, but that it’s not too late, as long as there is even one breath.
    This tremendous narcissism, this societal need to be noticed, to be acknowledged, to be the center of attention, is due to the denial of God, because the person knows full well they matter little, even when tremendously loved in life, and to deny The One Love you do have the chance of having, pushing His hand away, leaves you with only people as your all in all. They will let you down every time, or at least, not give you the love you were hoping to find. It must get horrible and desperate at the end. We all want to be noticed and loved, but Only God is a consolation then. Even celebrity at the end must feel hollow.
    Today people are driven to be noticed, ala the “me-too” insanity. It’s all for attention and acknowledgement, so sad. And all must be made public, all of it, every emotion, every experience. Locally a mother who lost a son in a tragic accident, was talking to the press within DAYS, giving full verbal eulogies about her poor son. I have no doubt Mother was truly distressed, but we are now at the point where a mother is driven to come out of the house and describe her son in full detail to the press, where back in the day families suffered their loss privately. Now they give interviews.
    These are weird, weird times.

  4. sixlittlerabbits

    Saw that Jowell was previously a psychiatric social worker. How predictable that the NHS can’t help her. She has the bucks to fly to Germany for “experimental” treatment.

    • I think as a EU citizen she has the right to, she only pays transport and the like.
      But the point is that the extremely competitive German system (with hundreds of cooperatives vying for your business, a bit like in the car insurance industry) blows out of the water the Socialist Moloch of the National Health System, the pride and joy of Secular and Sovietised England.

  5. Pegon Zellschmidt

    Ms Jowell is obviously an islamaphobe. Doesn’t she know there’s only so much money to go around? Either she gets it for cancer or the migrants get it for jizya. The greed of these cancer victims is appalling!

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