Yes, We Do!

Some of the events I had forgotten, some others I did not know.

Boy, this is impressive, and not in a good way.

Kudos to Fr Ray Blake for the guts.


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  1. Yeah that was a superb post. This entire situation is so unreal, there is no way to anticipate what’s coming next nor what part anyone will play. It’s like when I think of the likely outcomes, my mind has a black wall that prevents any conjecture about the future of the church, I really have no idea at all of what might happen. I’ve decided to get active, and let God worry about “who should”. Certainly it would be better if we all do it, and even if we all did it, the number would likely be relatively few, but this is exactly what was prophesied, so whatever it is, it is! BXVI’s words “the future church will be smaller”, runs through my thoughts so often. Yes, the remnant will be smaller. I only know I want to be part of it, and I want to do my part while I can. I’m going to petition our bishop so that he knows some of his flock are completely unhappy with Rome’s apostasy. There is a convocation near me in a few weeks. I believe I will be at the gates with a sign asking for justice for Juan Carlos Cruz and the Chinese Catholics. Whatever we can do, we ought to do.
    God bless you for this blog, that inspires and gives voice to the downtrodden, and now that’s us!

  2. Indeed KUDOS to Fr. Blake!!!! FR. BLAKE of all people!!!! If any of you know Fr. Blake and his aversion for even ‘correcting’ the ‘Holy Father’…….LET THAT SINK IN!!!

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