Some way, something is going seriously wrong here...


I would like to tell you that the way Francis is, with his own hands, destroying his pontificate fills me with sadness. Alas, I never was the one for the soppy phrases.

I have been saying for years now that, once clear that this Pontificate is of the devil, it is good for the papacy and for the Church that this pontificate implodes. What I was not expecting is that this Pope – whom I have never considered a genius anyway; rather the contrary – would be so unbelievably dumb to shoot himself in the gonads with the energy he is showing, for all the world to see.

Francis is, basically, attacking his own pontificate on several fronts. His Chinese wholesale of the entire Church in China to his favourite people – the Communists – comes at the exact same time that he is exposed as a gross liar – raise his hand who believes that Cardinal O'Malley, not Francis, is lying…. – and a shameless protector of his friends, just as the number of powerful homos within the hierarchy becomes larger and more embarrassing.

I dare here to formulate three hypotheses, and I would be very surprised if no one would apply:

1. The man is stupid, childish and arrogant; to the point that he does not even understand that his homo antics and his erotic attraction for socialism, environmentalism and income redistribution will end up destroying his papacy.

2. He is a homo, blackmailed by other homos into espousing the perverts' agenda, and possibly also encouraged – provided he needs any encouragement – to further an anti-Catholic agenda in other matters to make the homo plan more easily digestible.

3. He has other secrets, not of perverted nature, and he is blackmailed by the homo lobby into number 2 through them.

Be it as it may, this papacy is now rapidly becoming Francisgeddon, as I do not remember a single name of a world personality who, once targeted by the entire planet for being an a better of pedophilia, managed to get out of trouble by crying “Environment!” Or “Inequality!”

Paedophilia is the last taboo of the taboo less society.

Francis has doomed his Pontificate with his very own hands.



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  1. sixlittlerabbits

    It would be wonderful if this comes to pass and Francis is forced to resign.

  2. Let it be so. And please God, do not let these men elect a more cunning devil, one who learns by this dolt not to be so obvious. When you are putting on a public display of your inclinations by parading half-naked men contorting themselves in audiences on a monthly basis, you’re over the top.
    He has enjoyed this whole papal experience. “It’s fun to be pope!” he said, at the outset.
    May this be the start of it all crashing down around his ears.
    When in one week you facilitate another spectacle of male nudity in St. Peter’s.
    And you abandon Chinese Catholics to the Communists, and you let slide one of your demons saying “Communism understands Catholic social teaching”, or some such.
    And you are found to be a liar, a provider of cover for homosexuals, and you not only not fire them based on CDF recommendations but PROMOTE them, to Bishop!
    And it is revealed you furthermore not only promote boy rapers but you FIRE the priests who investigated it and revealed it to you.
    You should be done. Catholic the pope idolaters finally wake up and face reality!

  3. I don’t know what happened to the last sentence. It should say “CAN the pope idolaters finally wake up and face reality!”.

  4. A year ago it must have seemed unthinkable to Hollywood insiders that Harvey Weinstein could be in the position he’s in today. A year ago I thought the Clintons were untouchable, now their world is unravelling. And now this with Francis. Something is moving, it’s working up the food chain, and at the top are the money-changers. We may see the long predicted demise of the petro-dollar next, there are strange creaks and groanings. When it goes the whole house of cards comes down and comeuppance is upon us all.

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