Best Article I Read Today

Saint AR-15


The best article I read today is here.

Concise, impassioned, perceptive, and very impressive. It explains to bad priests and worse deacons the fundamentals of freedom. It also explains why they have already lost. 

A propos losers: the rage of the enemies of freedom after the late, unfortunate massacre prompted and facilitated by stupid laws declaring schools “gun-free zones” has been, up to now, nothing more than a hysteric show of childish, impotent rage, “not my President”-style.

Get angry, you dumb idiots. Get mad. Lose sleep.

May you keep losing forever.

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  1. What else can be said? That explains the whole error of the left: there is not one of them brave enough to challenge anyone about their gun ownership. Cowards! They want ‘someone’ to do it, though.

    My older son has recently bought guns for himself and for his wife. He teaches his little boys to use them safely. My younger son is moving back from Australia, and I believe he plans to become a gun owner soon. We were never much interested in guns, not being hunters. But the radical Left makes it seem like a very good thing to do. Thanks for reposting this!

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