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A stupid wannabe catholic site has an article where the author has consulted a “theologian” about hell. No link. You are welcome. 

The problem the author had is whether blessed souls suffer because some whom they loved on earth are in hell. Well, Sherlock, they are called “blessed souls”, so you have the answer right there. Apparently, what I knew in Kindergarten is now beyond the pale for these people. 

The “theologian” answers the author with the usual stuff about the blessed being, you know, blessed. However, he drops a bomb immediately later stating that hey, we don’t even know whether there are any people in hell at all. 

OK, Einstein. So Jesus has lied to us, and several thousand years of Judeo-Christian tradition have been all a misunderstanding. Mama Jesus could hardly suffer anyone being in hell, because there is no happeeeee endiiiing for them, you see. 

What satanic rubbish. 

I have not finished the article as it seemed to me that I was wilfully covering myself with dirt, so I have spared myself – and you – the imposition of reading more rubbish with all the related medical implication (like the adrenaline surge). I should by now be accustomed to the idea that there are so-called “catholic” sites out there making the work of Satan; but hey, it drives me mad every time. 

One cannot avoid thinking that, unless they repent, both the author of the “article” and the “catholic” theologian will meet one day in a very hot place, and will tell each other “damn, there is a hell”…. 

I do not know what the Divine Plan for these rubbish sites is. It can be that Satan is just  allowed to seek whom he may devour through them, and there can be little doubt that the way of such “experimental catholicism” is the way to hell.  In other cases, one can hope that distracted or agnostic readers will stumble on these sites and, in time, will discover the existence of the real Catholics on the Internet; after which, the original, accidental gateway will be remember with embarrassment, as a painful encounter.

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  1. Daniel P. Furey

    If feel your pain, but the problem is this “theology” is being pushed by the Church. They have pandered to the culture and all but lost me.

  2. sixlittlerabbits

    My philosopher friend Severinus tells me that the Orthodox believe in the heresy of Origen, who taught that those sent to hell will be released into heaven. The idiot whom you discuss seems to be entertaining a variant of this false belief.

    Hans von Balthasar, admired by Pope John Paul II, wrote “Dare We Hope That All Men Be Saved?”, published in 1988 in the US by Ignatius Press, to its shame. von Balthasar’s answer was “Yes.” The book was reissued in 2014 as a “second edition” with a foreword by Bishop Robert Barron (surprise, surprise).

  3. I meant mad. But being “made” can mean being bought by the Mafioso, so in that case, I’m not made either.

  4. Then they probably would say a triple ‘damn’!
    1. “damn, there is a hell!”…
    2. “damn, hell just too hot!”…
    3. “damn, a hell is not empty!”…

    And yeah, there are also all (kind of) demons in hell!

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