Self-Burning Activist Was A Self-Loathing Homo

And it came to pass the enviro-nutcase who, yesterday, reduced himself to a crisp bacon was, also, a homo. Which, in the New York context, realistically means a sodomite.

This prompts us to the usual consideration concerning the so-called “gay” “lifestyle” (which, to you and me, means a life of sexual perversion).

Firstly, we note the high rate of suicide. Our hopefully future convert friend Pukeko has a link, in the other blog post, under the comments, showing an almost 20% probability of at least attempting suicide. I can tell you from memory that all sorts of psychosomatic diseases are also increased. It is, finally, well-known that homos hate themselves, and other homos, with a passion, which translates in the most absurdly self-harmjng behaviour, from an extremely sadistic double suicide pact including castration, as happened in Germany, to the massacring of 50 other homos in a homo club, as happened in Florida, to the astonishingly self-loathing death by burning oneself alive as happened in Brooklyn. I also remember a case in Italy of a murder after an elaborate torture of many hours, and no prize for guessing the rest.

Also, one notices the narcissism, the utter self-centredness even in death. The Florida and the Brooklyn guys really wanted all the world to know. They may hate themselves to death, but they still want to be acknowledged in life (this tribe is strong among actors, politicians, jobs offering a stage) as well as in death. Again, it must be a desperate attempt at validation from people strangled by the hate of themselves.

This is sad, so sad. But it should also be a cautionary tale. These stories should be used by sane people to educate their children concerning the miserable life of the fairies, and to explain to them how Satan, after using their perversion – which is nothing else than a willed rebellion to innocence and wholesome thinking – to get a foot in the door, then proceeds to make the lives of those people a veritable hell on earth, hoping to persuade them to deserve the real hell in time, and most safely by suicide.

I have posted here on this blog some time ago the shocking link of Mr Sciambra, describing in vivid detail the sordid life, the dirt, the self-loathing, and nog least the homicidal hate for the others like him, of your average “gay person”. To those who pay attention, the facts match and mirror Mr Sciambra’s quite shocking assertions.

Still, expect the truth of what happened yesterday to be downplayed or instrumentalised by the God-hating Press, who will do all they can to try to portray this human wreck as a sort of unfortunate hero victim of his big, big, generous heart.

Who knows how many of those God-hating journalists actually belong to the same parish as their new hero, Mr Crispy Bacon.


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  1. Like so much today, the facts will be ignored or twisted into something else.
    And to think that today there are parents who encourage their child to be gay or experiment with being gay. Clearly there are mental health issues that accompany the behavior.
    It is shocking to imagine someone doing this. Suicide is one thing, but this manner of death, freely chosen, it is really horrific. What other reason could there be but incredible self-hatred, I mean, why else. It’s awful, and I hope God has mercy on his soul.

  2. ilovevictoriasbows

    Until the Pulse nightclub murders by the muslim homosexual in Orlando, FL, New Orleans was the worst mass killing of homosexuals in America. The fire in the homosexual Upstairs Lounge was set by…..a homosexual.

    [EDITED: No links to homo magazines please]

  3. “It is, finally, well-known that homos hate themselves, and other homos…”

    Dear M,

    The documentation regarding the self-loathing of sodomites is well published. Can you expand more on their hatred for other sodomites? Thank you, and God love you.

  4. As usual with selfish sodomites like David Buckel, he “leaves behind a daughter, Hannah, who he raised with his partner Terry Kaelber. The men co-parented Hannah with another couple, Rona and Cindy Vail.”

    Poor child – raised by two daddys and 2 mommies…now reduced to one daddy and 2 mommies.

    • Yeah, it seems to be the latest fad in virtue-signalling stage-setting to adopt poor children and raise them to a life of horrid imbalance and lack of faith. Unless they take the way out first…

  5. Or maybe he was once married to either Rona Vail or Cindy Broholm (Hannah’s name is Hannah Broholm-Vail) they had a baby, then got a divorce when they both decided to be gay and thought how great it would be for Hannah to be “parented” by 2 sodomites and 2 lesbians.
    It never ends with sodomites. Evil to the core. Like Islam.

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