The Most Dangerous Word Of All

One day later, and I am still basking in the SCOTUS “Sanity vs Sodom” victory. I have tried to remember another judicial reversal for the Gaystapo of this magnitude, but I cannot recall any.

But then I remembered something different and now almost forgotten: the defeat of so-called same-sex marriage proposals in 38 cases out of 38 in state ballots in the US.

Even in these disgraceful times, normal people have refused to embrace absurdity in 38 cases out of 38; before it was decided, by pure judicial activism first in California (by a sodomite judge who did not think one moment of recusing himself), and then up to the Supreme Court, that normal human beings are homophobic, haters and enemies of human rights.

You can pervert entire generations, making them think that perversion is normal; but it will take an awfully long time, and the simple appeal of sanity will be a constant threat to the status quo promoted by the SS officers of politically correct madness.

What happened yesterday is not a reversal of the dire situation in which we live, but it is an earthquake living a pile of rubble where a huge “pride” monument, believed indestructible, used to stand. God willing, more earthquakes will come, and this satanic “movement” will, one day, be thrown the dustbin of history together with abortion, both distant memories of a mad, godless era.

Still, we must all do our duty, and we can all give a contribution in our little way. I suggest one simple way that is not difficult at all, but very effective: stop using that most pernicious, lying, dangerous word of all: “gay”.

It’s “homosexual” if you speak about the orientation, and “sodomite” if you speak about the practice. “Gay” means “happy”, “debonair”, “in a good mood”, “free of cares”.

Calling homos “gay” is the worst misnomer in the western language. It also actively helps them to spread their ideology and make it appear harmless. It embraces the language of the enemy even when it seems to criticise him.

Ditch that stupid word. It’s the language of perdition.


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  1. I’d go step further and say there can not be such thing as homosexuality. There is not such thing as sex between the same gender, only perversity, nastiness, sin, sodomizing, bestiality if you wish. Sex (act) can be as such only and only between male and female. Which should be, btw. only between legitimate, lawfully husband and wife.

  2. Oh please, PLEASE, add the worst offender right after “gay”. It’s GENDER.
    People of goodwill continue to use this word, which only completely replaces the proper and binary term of “sex”. To the rational mind, one’s sex IS binary, one is either male, or one is female. To the disordered, that no longer applies, and they have co-opted the word ‘gender’ as it’s substitute. It is not a substitute, and it is amazing how many people have allowed themselves to use the word “gender”, despite it’s being crafted by LGBT to replace the perfectly accurate word “sex”.
    Gender, is a role we play, a typically feminine girl would play with dolls and play house, then grow up to be a mother and take care of a home, fulfilling the female gender role. A male fulfilling a typical male gender role would find the boy playing with trucks as a boy, then grow up to be a responsible provider and care for his family and home.
    The word “sex” has been given up as inadequate to describe boys, girls, men, women, penguins, whatever you want.
    We need to reclaim it and use it. Warning: Gender madness has taken over and is everywhere.

    • I agree Kathleen and despise that word. It is embedded in computerized forms, applications, etc. I hate to tick the “gender” box.
      My Catholic goddaughter was pregnant and like all her lemming peers exclaimed that of course she would have an ultrasound, and of course she wants to know the baby’s
      “gender”. I urged her to ditch that term, that the word “sex” was more appropriate. But as she and her apostate parents enshrine sodomy, and champion all things disordered, I didn’t make much headway.

  3. And ditto for the word “gender”.

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