The Rhine Flows Into Hell



Punctually, we have the results of a study conducted by three German universities about the abuses in German FrancisChurch KirchensteuerLand. Conveniently, the researchers threw in some pre-V-II years, in order to make it more difficult to discern the pathology (the Pre V II years, with a very healthy church as a whole) from the physiology (the Post V II years, with homos systematically co-opting each others in positions of power and selecting their own for entry in the seminaries).

The main results: 

  1. Thousands of children likely abused. 
  2. Victims predominantly males (what a surprise…). 
  3. Only one third of the cases investigated internally
  4. Results: often no or very mild consequences. Usual shuffling around, too. 
  5. Documents often manipulated or destroyed 
  6. No collaboration from the dioceses
  7. Some cases recent or very recent, with possible criminal investigation in the cards. 
  8. There could be much more where this comes from. 

This is where the oh so sensitive Kirchensteuer-machine shows its real face: a money-making apparatus vastly infiltrated by perverts, with not a shred of faith or decency in sight, and bent on deforming Church teaching and praxis on several fronts: 

  1. The desecration of the Sacraments in order for the faithless paying public to keep paying them (and, incidentally, keep providing them with boys to prey on). 
  2. The normalisation of perverted, sodomitic behaviour in the general climate of “acceptance” 
  3. The complicity in the De-Christianisation of Germany as they make money out of the charity machine providing for shelter etc. 

This is the reality of the oh-so-inclusive German clergy as a whole, and we see it perfectly well not only in the Cardinals they pushed for their red hat (people like Marx and Woelki are absolutely atrocious human beings), but in the praxis spread all over the country, where the Church has done nothing to encourage to defence of Christian heritage promoted, imperfectly as may be, by the likes of Alternative fuer Deutschland.     

More than fifty years ago, Satan used the German church to unhinge the doors of orthodoxy. 

It appears he still likes his sauerkraut.



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  1. Yes, the Germans created Protestantism, progressive philosophy, Two World Wars, Communism, Vatican II, The New World Order, Pope Francis base of support, etc. It is obviously the devils playground and country of origin.

  2. With you having lived there, M., you certainly “have their number”, so to speak.
    I imagine you suffered greatly, gastronomically, in Marx-Merkel-Woelki-Land, your nostrils inflamed with the acrid air of boiling kraut. I imagine that took time off your purgatory.

  3. A Papal Bull of Interdict should be promulgated by the Apostolic See for all of Germany…that Mother of the deepest Hell, and putrid pit of vilest evil. Long has it been the Church’s torturer, ban of the Gospel, and the most perverse of our Holy Mother’s daughters….the pagan whore of Europe.
    Where is a Pope St. Gregory VII when you need one?

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