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#BreakThemUp: Powerful Monopolies Threaten Western Freedoms

Theodore Roosevelt / Photo / 1903

Not afraid to attack dominant market positions: Theodore Roosevelt, the Trump of his age.  

I have been pointing out for some time now the increasing censure and political activism of social media platform dominant in their own segment: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube immediately come to mind. 

The censorship frenzy, ongoing for years now, has lately reached a new level with a Soviet-Style censorship of even mere facts, when Twitter locked LifeSiteNews for posting a statistic they did not like.  

One would have to be a six-years-old in order not to understand what a threat this is for the free circulation of not only opinions, but mere facts within Western Societies. 

The fact that these are private companies, which can therefore make their own rules, does not apply anymore. These company detain a quasi-monopoly on certain channels of information, and there is no provision to ensure that they do not abuse it. Standard Oil was also private, and still it was broken up. Mind, though: Standard Oil was never so dangerous for the Western Democracy as these social media platforms are. 

One solution would be to strictly separate the editorial from the platform function. If, say, Twitter were obliged to publish everything, with the publisher of the content made responsible for the content of his own tweets, the problem would be, at least in principle, solved. However, this platform would still be too powerful to avoid the risk of censorship sneaking in with some other pretext (are we are seeing, in fact, now). 

The other solution is, in my eyes, the most obvious and, in the end, the unavoidable one: these platforms must be broken up, allowing a number and possibly a multitude of separate companies, all obliged to work merely as platforms, but still without any editorial power or editorial responsibility, and all forced to allow on each platform the publishing of content published on another platform.

If I write a blog post on this site, it must be possible for my readers to divulge it on Platform 1, and for some of the readers to echo it on platform 2, and for others on Platform 3, 4 and 5. Twatter, Twetter, Twitter, Twotter,  Twutter and a dozen of other companies would therefore be interconnected by the common accessibility of message, and would be free from any legal responsibility concerning what is published on them. This responsibility would be the one of the entity that has published the original message and the person who has re-tweeted it, and it would be for the police to make the investigations of the case if criminal laws have been impinged. 

If a pervert starts groping men on the underground it is not fair to make the company running the underground trains responsible for it. The underground is open to everyone, as it should be. He who commits a criminal offence using that particular transportation mode will answer for it himself.

This is no rocket science. It is solid common sense, that should be shared by everyone who has an interest in the free circulations of ideas. The quasi-monopoly of (private) newspapers in Germany greatly facilitated the rise of Nazism. The lesson should not be forgotten.  

A functioning market must always be marked by healthy competition in every sector of activity. When positions of quasi-monopoly have been established, the market forces have been subverted and must be restored. In this case it is not only a matter of healthy economic development, but of maintaining the free circulation of ideas. It is naive, and actually disingenuous, to think that the private ownership of these companies should protect them when they become a danger not only for the markets, but for our Western democracy itself. 

Twitter & Co. are a greater danger to Western Democracies than Saddam of North Korea could or will ever be.

If you don’t understand this, you don’t understand freedom. 




Nobility In FrancisWorld, Or: Digging One’s Own Grave.


The Queens, Live in St. Peter, Rome, 2010.

Pope Francis The Evil Clown has finally accepted the resignation of Cardinal Wuerl. Only, in a way, he hasn’t, because the man remains in place trying to ensure that his successor ruins him as little as possible. Already this tells you all the stupidity of a Pope who still does not get that this is not the time for empty words and little clerical amateur maneuvers.

It gets worse. 

You have a Cardinal who is behinds decades of cover-ups concerning his own perverted priests, and clearly a pervert himself according to now multiplying reports from serious people. What does a stupid Pope does? He praises the “nobility” of the man in admitting his “mistakes”.

Wait a moment there. The man even set up an entire web page trying to do exactly the contrary! His admission of guilt is not the result of a sudden change of heart, it is the result of a mountain of evidence accumulating against him!  The hypocrisy and clerical thinking were seldom more evident than in the case of this miserable old queen. That this should be deemed worthy of praise is another indication of the moral bankruptcy of a Pope who, I am now pretty sure, did not live one day of his own miserable life as a honest Catholic.

In FrancisWorld, “nobility” is when your desperate, weeks-long attempts to deny a mountain of evidence against you finally end in inevitable defeat. Go figure.

I also note that the Cardinal has not been forced to admit his homosexuality, thus continuing a cover up of the real cause of his being entangled in a net of paedohomo connections with men who could have easily ruined him and who could, for this reason, ask or demand the protection of the powerful closeted Archbishop and then Cardinal.

In a word, Francis keeps doing what every other prelate with an IQ lower than his shoe size would do: he keeps denying, minimising, obfuscating, and praising the culprits. The man must think he still lives in Argentina.

What is fun in all this tragedy is to see this old commie digging his own grave day in and day out, adding a new error every day to the old ones; unable to change course because too dumb to do anything else than what he has always done, and unable to accept the reality that he is being judged  (see what I am doing here?) as one of the dumbest, most corrupt, most horrible Popes in history.

Keep digging, Frankie dear. Go on now, canonise “Che” Guevara! Won’t be so much worse than Paul VI or Romero!

It’s not only that you have no clothes. It is that you stand in the middle of the crowd in your lewd nakedness, and insult those who say you are naked telling them they are making the work of the devil.

Go on, Frankie dear. Keep demolishing your Pontificate.

It will be sad, but also fun, to watch.





Advice For A Dying Faithful

Blessed Virgin and Child

After my last post, a reader who would like to remain anonymous informed me of her stage IV incurable cancer. She is aware that this is a great grace, as I (and many of our ancestors) have maintained for very long.

The reader asks for my advice. I posted below my first thoughts, then cancelled as I became aware that the reader, in a following comment, asked to remain anonymous.

 Hi ,
sad to hear, but really: a great grace.
I do not have to give you any different advice than any good priest would, I think, give you.
Spend as much time as you can in prayer. Take absolute care that you go to confession often and have provided for the Last Rites (God Forbid, relatives think to keep him away from you in order to let you believe things are not so advanced!). Put every suffering at the head of the Cross. But what I would like to do, is to pray as much as I can before and after caring that I am not in mortal sin. Rosary, litanies, other traditional devotions, I think everything will do, but the Rosary first. Today’s rosary is for you.
What, I think, you can *also* do is to arrange for a Gregorian Mass to be celebrated, for you after your death. Contact a good priest, or write to the SSPX. You can also have a Gregorian Mass said from Aid to the Church in Need. I believe you can do it yourself, otherwise ask a person of your trust to do it for you (you leave him the money of course).
Again: sad to hear, but a great grace. I wish some of the people I loved most had been given the same privilege. I for myself would consider myself lucky and would see in it a great sign of predestination.

I ask my reader to say their rosary for this faithful Catholic today (name not necessary) and to add whatever other idea they would have (I am assuming the earthly ones, like a will, have long been taken care of).

The Cancer Game©

Capuchins Palermo

Have you ever played The Cancer Game© ? I have played it many times now, and I must say I found it very beneficial.

The cancer game is played in this way: take time for yourself, and find a crowded spot in the place where you live. Then imagine that you have just been told by the doctor that you have an incurable cancer, and just a few months to live, perhaps five or six before having to enter a hospital.

Repeat this to yourself, many times, and let it sink in. Get in that state of mind.

And then observe the world around you.

You will see around you a world of beauty and wonderment. The great grace that is Life appears to you in all its splendour. The people walking around seem, in a way, all beautiful, but unaware themselves of their great beauty. The traffic, the honking cars, the noisy buses hit your senses like a beautiful movie, now sadly about to end but so intensely graceful. The sky above is so beautiful as it never was. The smells in the air so sweet of the sweetness of life, sprinkled everywhere by a good God of Whom most of those people you are observing are, actually, perfectly oblivious. Still, Grace is everywhere: in the face of the people, in the clouds above, in the restless movement that you see around you. It is as you had pierced the veil of your constant concerns and worries and planning and stopped to see the beauty of creation for what it is, now in the middle of it but also as a spectator about to take leave from the show. Again, you notice that Grace is what appears to shine everywhere and fill everything.

The Cancer Game© is, at its root, not new at all. Countless wise people have practiced it since the dawn of Christianity in one form or another. You can visit, in Palermo, a Capuchin monastery with thousands of skeletons in plain view along its rooms and corridors. The good friars have walked along those corridors for many centuries, and have been constantly reminded of their final destination. Wise good men, they were; unafraid of death, and healthily vigilant about their souls. Their game and mine are just variations of a simple thought: memento mori, probably best translated with “remember death”, though “mori” is obviously a verb (therefore, more like “remember the dying”).

We need to prepare ourselves for our death. We need to have death as a constantly present possibility in our life. Not only will this help us to develop a healthy fear of the Lord, but it will make the real news easier to digest if that is the kind of news we will, one day, receive. We will also (at least I certainly did) develop a keener appreciation for the gift of a healthy life, and for the beauty of life in general, for as long as it will please God to make both lasts.

No, you will not develop a cancer for playing The Cancer Game©.   You will develop a cancer if the Lord has decreed, out of all eternity, that you should get one. And that, my friend, has already been decided for you even as you read this.

I suggest you play The Cancer Game ©, every now and then, when you have time and inclination. When the shivers down the spine cease it is a good sign that you are making progress. We are on this show for a short time only, and we might be told every day that our time is up.







Francis Questions His Own Canonisations


Oh, it’s his fault now… 


Oh, the irony!

Pope Francis the Heretic is no trying to deflect the blame for the McCarrick & Co. HomopaedoScandal from himself and to direct it towards the man he himself has just canonised.   

Mind: I am, like most real Catholics, persuaded that Francis’ Pontificate shows that those theologians who have always denied the canonisation as total certainty, as a sort of infallible statement that the canonised person is in heaven, are right. There is no other way to reconcile, otherwise, the Papal Moonbattery (inter alia) in matters of canonisations with the existence of a valid Papacy. In time, a healed Church will examine the matter of Francis’ canonisations and will probably toss them away en bloc, as it does not make sense to try to save the one or other strawberry from an otherwise clearly poisoned cake. For the moment I, as many others, refuse to consider the statements of a clearly heretical Pope as binding on myself in everything that is not in accordance with what the Church has always believed.

However, we must note the following:

  1. The extreme cowardice, a new low point even for Francis, of accusing dead Popes for his own criminal negligence and cover-ups.
  2. The inherent stupidity of the accusations now being concocted against JP II. Firstly, everyone who was breathing at the time could clearly see that “gaga” was the first word coming to mind whenever one saw the man on TV for at least the last ten years of his Pontificate, actually more. Secondly, whilst JP II was certainly too naive and innocent at times, and perhaps easily persuaded by people he should not have trusted, it is preposterous to think that JP II could promote McCarrick to a Red Hat in full knowledge of his acts. Thirdly, whilst there is no evidence whatsoever that JP II did this, we have a very compelling testimony, from a person above suspicion, with dates and exact reporting of actual conversation with Francis himself, that Francis did exactly this.
  3. As the Evil Clown tries to save his own Pontificate from exploding, he sinks it himself. What is a Pope worth, who first canonises one of his predecessors and then proceeds to besmirch his memory and show how un-saintly he actually was? What does this say of Francis’ canonisation process in particular, and of the way this Pope operates in general? If this is not a complete declaration of ineptitude and moral bankruptcy, what is?
  4. This is another evidence of the Pope’s atheism. If Francis had a shred of faith he would either not proceed to the canonisation of a man of whose saintliness he is not 100% persuaded, or he would never think of besmirching the memory of such a man. No, these are the actions of a faithless thug, surrounded by homos and seeing them – provided he is not one of them himself – as the basis of his own power, to be protected at no matter what cost.

This stupid Pontificate is now clutching at straws in order to save itself from certain drowning; and, the man being stupid, it is sinking in a way that makes it look exactly that: stupid from the beginning to the end, from paying a hotel bill for a hotel belonging to him to the wheelchairs, the humble cars, and all that stupid stunts only an idiot can think will help him in the long term.

I thank Providence for the way it is showing us what a toxic Pontificate we are dealing with. We must accept the punishment the Lord justly sent us as the deserved wages of more than half a century of rebellion. We keep our fidelity to the Church, and we deny our allegiance to any statement of this despicable man that does not reflect what we are obliged to believe anyway.

And we welcome, we welcome every new way in which Francis is atomising his own Pontificate as a little step toward the sanity which, one day, will not fail to return.





Hail Mary, Full Of Gratuitousness and Beauty

Witchcraft ferula

As happened some days ago with the terrifying episode of the witchcraft ferula, Pope Francis has given us another example of his utter lack of most elementary intelligence, coupled with an arrogance that defies imagination.

This excerpt from his latest book shows first of all that Francis has lived an entire life without knowing what Grace is. Seriously, this is stuff every Catholic boys knows perhaps not in elementary school, but certainly at Confirmation.

But then again this appalling ignorance shows the arrogance of the man. A man who does not care to show the world his ignorance of Catholicism, because to him it is far more important that you know how much he despises it. The man who has already objected to the Our Father now tries to remake the meaning of, very likely, the first praying words learned by every Catholic little boy and girl all over Catholicism.

Let me repeat this point so that it sinks in: it is very clear to Francis that he does not understand the basics of Catholicism. What he wants you to know is that he cannot even be bothered to learn anything about it, because he despises Catholicism so much that he wants you to know it is not worth the effort,  and it is utterly inferior to his  own blather about everything.

This is a consistent feature of this papacy: Francis explains to you what Catholicism really means, and it is never what Catholicism has always meant.

I am more and more persuaded that this man never had any faith. Born of a poor family and with little prospects in life, in a Country with paucity of opportunity and in which family, money and connections are pretty much everything, the man decided to scrounge an existence by attaching himself to a powerful and rich order; a course, this, that he deemed vastly preferable to a humble existence perhaps, at some point, graced (see what I am doing here?) with a wife and children and to be lived in humility and faith in the Lord. A course, however, even more understandable is he is, as he might well be, homosexual. In all cases, there can be no doubt that to a power crazed man like this one the possibility to enter an order that did not require power, money or political or other connections, but made one respected and one day, possibly influential, was vastly preferable to the existence of a lowly employee, married or not.

This explains both Bergoglio the Jesuit and Bergoglio the Arrogant. He lived out of the Church whilst he despised Her with a passion all his life. When he was put at the top, his lifelong resentment and his stellar arrogance created exactly what we are seeing now: the man who wants to explain to us, out of his own appalling ignorance, what “full of Grace” means.

It is so embarrassing it makes one cringe. But then again by now we are accustomed.

Hail Francis, full of shit.

I hope you die soon.




Thug Cardinals


Cardinals supporting the Pope in a moment of relaxation.


Cardinal Ouellet has answered to Archbishop Vigano’ and his answer is, if devoid of facts against the good Archbishop, even more spiteful than you would expect.

The main takeaway is that Ouellet does not deny the truthfulness of Vigano’s main charge: McCarrick was ordered to live a retired life by Benedict, and this was relaxed by Francis. However, he says he has not found any official document prescribing such behaviour (something, by the way, Vigano’ never maintained), which then would make Francis’ allowing McCarrick to fly around the world suddenly OK.

The Cardinal also launches a series of insults against Vigano’, culpable of just having listened to what the Pope said and having faithfully reported it, drawing the consequences from the events and asking such a shameless scoundrel to do the only decent thing and abdicate.

The Cardinal, and the Pope, thus stand naked in front of the just man they accuse and insult.

Note here: Vigano’ clearly reported that the Pope himself introduced the argument, asking him what he thought about McCarrick, to which Vigano’ responded with a clarity and energy that could never justify inaction.  Therefore, Ouellet’s argument, that there were no official document mandating restrictions in McCarrick’s life and movement is no less than an admission of this willed inaction after the clear warning of the Archbishop. 

Cardinal Ouellet is a rotten man; a man who, like many others, pretended to be somewhat conservative when this was convenient to him, only to sell out and become a part of Francis’ heretical machine when the heretics came to power. The very fact that Ouellet openly insults Vigano’ without being able to disprove any of his very reasonable statements, and actually providing evidence of Francis’ scandalous inaction, is a clear indication of the extent to which this man has sold his soul to Francischurch; but then the man also defended Amoris Laetitia and other heretical stunts, so this is par for the course.  

The only argument that Cardinal Ouellet can try to make is this: Vigano’ is a complete liar; one who would invent a total lie out of thin air for the pleasure of taking down a Pope. One who would report conversations that never took place for reasons no one really understands. One, basically, not better than any pussy hat feminist inventing bogus charges against Brett Kavanaugh.

However, this one is not a pussy hat feminist, but an extremely respected man of God. He does not allege facts happened who knows when and where, but certainly decades ago. He reports date, place and exact content of his conversation with Francis. His accounts of the harsh confrontation with McCarrick by the previous Nuncio are substantiated by the Monsignor who was present at it. His account is recent, detailed, corroborated and very credible.

What has Cardinal Ouellet to oppose to it? Something along the lines of “you are a liar and an enemy of the Pope”. In fact, this is the only way anyone could believe Ouellet: persuading oneself that Vigano’ is a pussy hat clerical feminist harpy, suddenly starting to screech against Francis with bogus accusations.

A good man on the one side, a shameless thug on the other.

Pray for the end of this pontificate, and of people like Ouellet infesting the Vatican.



The Lepanto Trilogy

The Day After The Great Victory: Reflections From The Brink Of The Abyss


The morning after (in Europe) and I feel like Trump after being sworn President. I have said, and repeat here, that this was as important as having a Catholic as Pope, because this can actually do more to cleanse the Christian West than, at the moment, even a Catholic Pope would.

I disagree with some of the “winners” of this article.  

It seems to me that the generally excellent Nolte is infected by the “all is well that ends well”-mentality that is so easy in these moments.

Flake was a flake, a coward as always, and a very hypocritical one at that. The idea that a Senator should change his mind because two feminist witches scream at him on an elevator is below kindergarten level, and I actually think it was staged. Nolte’s argument, that it was the right thing to do because of the polls, is monstrous; it is exactly the same logic followed by the Democrats.

Senators must do what is right, screw the polls today, tomorrow and forever.  

A just man was crucified for another week whilst her reckless accuser accumulated $1m on several go fund me accounts. Libelling people now makes you a lot of money. Hey, the polls say it’s fine.

Nor do I want to call Senator Collins innocent or even honest. Every word she said on the press conference could have been said one week before. She played a shameful game of self-aggrandising, by keeping all the Country in a suspense and then doing the only decent thing to do. She did that which dozens of her colleagues on the Republican side did without looking for a stage, without trying to look as the Saviour of the Fatherland at the eleventh hour. It is good etiquette and good against the Democrats to praise her now; but I hope that the Republicans never forget that this is a woman who first fuels a witch hunt, and then needs a week to discover that perhaps witch hunts are a tad wrong.

I hope Murkowski disappears into irrelevance as soon as possible, and that she gets recalled (I understand this is possible in Alaska) or substituted by the Governor (I understand this is, in theory, possible too). Compared to her, Stormy Daniels is a Catholic school girl. Her constituents held in utter contempt, she can even hope, now, that she will not have to suffer any consequences. If Alaskans keep her, they deserve her.

I despise Manchin, too. He has spit directly in the face of the voters of West Virginia, making extremely clear to them that they count for almost nothing, and he will throw them a bone only if this does not put him in a conflict with his real masters in Washington.

The lesson also applies to Heitkamp in North Dakota, McCaskill in Missouri, and Donnelly in Indiana. There is nothing like a moderate Democrat and if you vote for them, you poison your Country. I have a strong suspicion that all of them voted no to Kavanaugh because they know their scant chances of reelection are not worth the brownie points they can earn by toeing the Democrat line. Once again, their voters are irrelevant, only their own careers matter.

And as we are there, let us not forget those voters in Alabama who, too precious to vote for Roy Moore, allowed Doug Jones to be elected. How did Doug Jones vote? Thought so! Talking about cutting one’s nose to spite the wife. 

US voters must stop seeking for perfection where victory is at hand. They must stop condoning  atrocious political behaviour.  They must, now, never forget and, starting in November, punish the party of the modern Salem Witch Trials (and the KKK, and Bill Clinton, and much beside).

And please stop praising Collins and Flake. They were part of the problem, and of the insanity, until two days ago; and I suspect they have backpedalled in the end only because they had nothing else to do if they want to have a future in politics or lobbying.

God bless America.

And God bless Justice Kavanaugh and the great, great Donald John Trump.




Te Deum Laudamus

Believe The Survivor!!!


Brett Kavanaugh, of course. 

Survivor of an attempted, very public character rape and lynching if there ever was one. 


“How Do You Dare To Investigate My Friends!!??”



We already knew this as a rumour. But now Cardinal Mueller himself has confirmed:

  1. Francis did order Mueller to stop the investigation against Cardinal Murphy O’Connor
  2. With sacrilegious callousness, he forced the Cardinal to interrupt Mass and go to him immediately to receive his orders.

    The two points exemplify Francis’ character in an admirable way. On the one hand, the willed sabotage of investigations for homopaedobehaviour or cover up of such behaviour, whenever these investigations concern people belonging to his own Mafia.

On the other hand, the shocking lack of faith, with the man clearly considering the celebration of Mass nothing more than a time-consuming formality that must be followed to keep deceiving the dumb, but can be not only discarded, but interrupted  every time the man has, actually, something to say to someone. The Cardinal was, also, celebrating for a group of Germans. Therefore, the affront happened in public, though we don’t know to what extent the Germans present actually realised the Pope is actually forcing a cardinal to interrupt a mass because he wants to speak to him.     

I also see a further profile here. In my eyes, Francis’ angry summoning of Cardinal Mueller had a subtext that is never mentioned, but is there nevertheless: the message “how do you dare to investigate my friends!!??”, so clear that he probably had no need to even make it explicit.

Boorish, complicit, shameless, and totally faithless.

Francis described in one line. 


The Downfall

And it came to pass Francis decided to ignore the voices of reason – who suggested that he postpones the so-called Synod on Young People, which will be presided by an impressive number of old queens in purple and red – and to push on with another aggressive exercise in demolition of Catholicism.

This, the Evil Clown does not only because, as we all know by now, he hates Catholicism with a passion; but because he is so stupid that he thinks pretending that nothing is happening is, actually, a winning strategy. The man is so dumb, so arrogant, so deluded that it would be amusing if we were not talking about Holy Mother Church.

The truth of the matter, though, is that the train of clerical cover ups has left the platform more than one month ago and there’s nothing Frankie can do to call it back. At this point, if Francis were to produce himself in an obscene Lambada with Monsignor Ricca live on TV, the stunt would not move one inch the dozen or so AGs about to let a tidal shit wave of biblical proportion impact the Vatican and his wheelchair-loving Comandante with force never imagined up to a short time ago.

The mushrooms of dozens of homopaedo atomic bombs has already gone up in the skies of Pennsylvania. Francis plays with stupid synods for fake Catholics, and pretends that the fallout is not going to invest him in a matter of months. With him, a cohort of bishops and cardinals already involved in the scandals up to their bras, and with zero chances of going out of them without a destroyed reputations, with jail terms not necessarily excluded.

What cretins, he and them.

This Pontificate is now in its own bunker, and Pope Adolf still pretends that initiatives like this one will save him from total ignominy.

Not happening, Frankie.

The only interesting thing to be observed in the months and years to come will be to guess to what degree your Pontificate will be pulverised. Stupid synod or no stupid synod.


Make Francis Happy And Pray The Rosary In October

Pope Very Dumb has invited the faithful to pray the Rosary in October, in order to… defend his arrogant ass from the accusations of decent Catholics.

Funny, isn’t it? This the Pope who mocked those who count their rosaries!

But no, do not think for a moment that this guy has any faith in the effects of praying the Rosary. If he did, he would know that the Blessed Virgin was never known as the Helper of Heretics. What the man is trying to do is to put a varnish of wannabe Catholicism on his overweight persona, in the hope of impressing the gullible; of which, one must say, there are less and less around as this Pontificate is disgraced by the increasingly more outlandish behaviour of the guy currently in charge.

Well, the invitation in itself is not wrong, only the motives are.

Make Francis happy.

Pray the Rosary every day for the end of this disgraceful Pontificate.


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