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Covington: Make The Responsible Go Flipping Burgers

The Diocese of Covington has issued one of those sugary apologies for the way a Catholic diocese has treated a group of perfectly decent Catholic boys.

Too little and too late.

Firstly, the apology only came after the diocese was threatened with a law suit. Secondly, the scale of what has happened (a Catholic diocese eagerly taking part to the public lynching of their own boys) is not something that can be washed away with an apology.

What happened is a symptom of a very serious disease: the fact that many Catholic dioceses have sold out to the world to such an extent that they cannot resist taking part in the lynching of their own, lest anyone thinks they are not wordly and politically correct enough.

This should have consequences going way beyond an apology, and I hope that the diocese is sued anyway and this scandal makes as much noise as possible.

The lives of several good Catholic boys could have been destroyed. Obvioysly, this was of no consequence to the people responsible for the statement released by the Covington diocese; people clearly so morally rotten that they do not hesitated one second in believing the “white supremacist” fake news leftist narrative because the boys were… wearing MAGA hats!

It is time for the PR people of the Diocese to go flipping burgers or, alternatively, apply for a job at the CNN or the New York Times, where they will be able to fulfil their real vocation of brown-nosing to liberal culture.

As to the Bishop, we need to know whether he was previously informed and approved of the statement and, if yes, he should be sent to the most rural parish in Kentucky as a parish priest, assuming he still remembers how to celebrate Mass. But honestly, even if he did not know of the statement, he should be held responsible both for the people he employs and for not having fired them in advance of the threat of a law suit.

This happened in Kentucky, for crying out loud. It goes to show what a sewer of political correctness the average US Diocese has become.

Will heads roll? I doubt.

Should they? Most certainly, and many of them.

Catholic dioceses have become the enemies of their own boys. This truly says it all.

Kudos to you, brave Covington boys.

You are making America great again, and FrancisChurch just a little less miserable.


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