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NHS Goes Dr Mengele on Its Patients

The United Kingdom is marching fast towards the presumption of organ donation. This means, in real life, that every Mengele-type doctor (of whom there are many, though they do not see themselves that way) will see many a patient as a useful provider of human spare parts. This is quite ok with these people, because they see human life as just another form of animal life and the end of life as something not linked to any Divine will. They will, therefore, not hesitate in abandoning the fight for a human life whenever other lives can be saved by harvesting his organs.

You can, they tell us, “opt out”; but apart from the intrinsic monstrosity of saying to people that the NHS will “go Mengele” on them unless they opt out, you can bet your dog that it will not be many years before incrementalism creeps in and those who opt out are punished in various ways (e.g. with higher NI contribution) and treated like selfish bastards before the opt out is outlawed outright.

This is where the lack of awe for the human life and the end of the Christian vision of a God-given life has led us. This is nothing more than the logical continuation of the mentality that gave us abortion. If it is allowed to dispose of a human life for the comfort of her mother, why should it be not allowed to terminate a human life for the survival of other humans?

What people forget is that Dr Mengele did not think he was doing anything evil. He merely discarded the sacredness of human life when it was convenient to the scope he wanted to reach. I am pretty sure he was quite nice to his neighbours, too.

Now Dr Mengele becomes mainstream, courtesy of the British Democracy; a Democracy betrayed and ridiculed by its very representative whenever convenient (look at the Brexit saga to watch open, blatant disregard for the clearly stated will of the people) , but also used to further the agenda of Satan; which must perforce happen when the voters just stop believing in God. All this happens under the miserable excuse of a Sovereign who is supposed to be “Defender of the Faith” and seems, if the rumours are true, quite happy to let the Faith go to the dogs, because niceness. She could abdicate, of course, making the Monarchy halfway relevant for one last time. But that, I am afraid, wouldn’t be the nice, or convenient, thing to do.

God will, I think, not save the Queen, or many of his godless subjects.


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