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Monsters In Power

I have written yesterday about the new Virginia Law proposal, which would allow abortion up to the moment of birth.

Monstrous enough.

But it gets worse.

The Governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, is on record with interpreting the law as follows: if a child is not aborted in time, the mother would have the possibility of getting rid of him after birth. After the legal, officially-official natural birth.

I want to vomit. Possibly on the Governor’s certainly quite expensive jacket.

These people are monsters. They are Molochs. They would possibly terrify a Pol Pot. The open display of evil beggars belief.

I reflect on the scale of the evil, as a sitting Governor would likely not do such a thing unless he thought that this furthers his political careers after his stint as Governor.

Still, I think the calculation is dumb; both for the reasons I explained yesterday and because such monstrous initiatives are certain to find their way to the Supreme Court, where the possibility of them being culled is, even with Ruth Bader Ginsburg lamentably still on her seat (asleep, of course) very high.

This will never work as propaganda instrument. This is infanticide pure and simple. You can sell it to the rabid activists, but I can’t imagine that they are so many. For every screaming witch you get, you lose two or three voters who were previously on the fence and now open their eyes.

Monsters are in power. But we must hope and pray that humanity has not sunk so deep.

This time, I think the people of Satan have overplayed their hand.


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