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Forgive Me Father, Because I Left The Light On.

The Evil Clown has recently complained that people never confess the sin of offending nature, whatever that is.

With the stupidity that is so typical of the man, he added that this is because they are not aware that those are sins, you know.

So we have a situation where, for two thousand years, Christians have not been aware that something is a sin. But then Francis arrives on the scene, and proceeds to teach Christianity what is what. Let this sink in.

One truly has to be a functional retard in order to miss the arrogance, stupidity and veiled blasphemy of all this. Francis seems blissfully unaware, or – because even he might be more intelligent than that – defiantly uncaring of all the cow-defying flatulence he produces.

This is the man who downplays sexual sins at every occasion, and is on record with telling journalists not to expect too much success in the fight against paedo priests, because hey…. But woe to you, you like flying to your holiday destination. Repent!! And buy an old Renault 4! No, wait, that is sinful, too! I wonder if Frankie has confessed it?

Again, the conclusion is easy to reach: Francis is either satanically evil or shockingly stupid, tertium non datur. I vote for mainly evil, but also dumb; though not that dumb.

And now excuse me, I need to go to the kitchen, where I will “sin” with a nice steak; actually savouring not only the meat in itself, but the thought of all that “sinful” CO2 that went into its production. Tsk, tsk…


Benedict: The Hindenburg To Francis’ Hitler.

The unexpected announcement of Pope Benedict that he would abdicate on the 11 February 2013 has started a chain of events that, seen six years later, look like a well-deserved punishment for the decade-long infidelity of Vatican II, and the way chosen by a just God to put us in front of the consequences of the rebellion we have created and approved and clapped to for decades.

What I would like to avoid is the impression that if Benedict had not resigned, everything would be fine and the Church would be marching toward sanity in great strides. Whilst this is a guessing game, my take is that the decline would have continued unabated, only in a slower form and without the cold comfort of knowing that Francis does hate the Church and his game is too dumb to deceive anyone who cares about his own salvation.

Firstly, consider this: Benedict had received the famous 300 pages report and had deemed himself too weak to do anything. Therefore, if he had stayed he would have done exactly that: nothing.

Also, whilst McCarrick was unofficially in a sort of punishment during Benedict’s Pontificate, it was a punishment just as weak as Benedict: an informal, sort-of, hush-hush kind of thing that truly reveals the weak, compromise-prone, spineless attitude of the man.

I also wonder (and I know what I answer) whether Benedict knew about the proclivities of the Farrells and Wuerls of the world before reading the famous report; people he allowed to exercise a vast amount of power during his Pontificate.

At the moment he resigned, Benedict had clearly become the useful idiot of a vast homosexual lobby, happy to keep doing their dirty deeds and biding their time as they feigned indignation at the “conservative” Pope. If Benedict had stayed in power, the decline of everything Catholic would have continued more slowly, but unabated.

Francis at least gave many people a sorely needed wake-up call; a painful and traumatic one, certainly, but a necessary one, too. With Benedict, the Pollyannism would have reached unsuspected highs as the likes of Father Martin would have kept faggoting around and the “piously naive” Catholics would have kept repeating their consoling, feel-good legend about the “good man” surrounded by wolves who just doesn’t know, poor innocent lamb, what happens around him, because evil people keep him away from newspaper, radio, TV, computers, decent people, and thinking.

When the future speaks his verdict about this horrible XXI Century, Benedict will be judged very harshly. I have tried to have understanding for the man and, before knowing the facts we all know now, have tried to give him all the credit I reasonably could. But the events which came to light in the last year throw such a sinister light on Benedict’s Pontificate that it is impossible that the man goes out of it with his reputation intact. They also throw an ominous shadow on the decision to abdicate, as it appear less and less likely that the man could reasonably hope that a strong, conservative Catholic could have come out of the Conclave. More likely, after what we know now, he knew of the strength of the homo lobby among the Cardinals and just caved in to them, out of cowardice and tiredness but giving to himself the convenient excuse that a stronger man was needed, a man he knew full well would probably never be elected.

Benedict was the Hindenburg to Francis’ Hitler. I have no good opinion of him, and he does not inspire in me any compassion. He knew when he accepted the job what it entailed. He is culpable of dereliction of duty even as he kept clinging to the trinkets of his positions, in a vain and ultimately failed attempt to persuade us that he was not a Celestine.

He was a Celestine all right, without any of the saintliness.


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