A Question About Cardinal Pell

The news is everywhere so that part will be kept short: the Cardinal was convicted of an assault and “forced” sexual act that seems both frail in the accusation themselves (one of the accusers, dead in the meantime, and if memory serves an addict, would have confessed of lying) and absurd for the circumstances in which it would have taken place.  Also, it seems impossible that a man able of such an absurdly, risky, “daring” behaviour would not be so addicted to it as to be exposed not one, but one hundred times during the many decades in a position of power. It this had been the way he gets his “kicks”, he would have been totally incapable of controlling himself.

Everybody is discussing the Cardinal’s innocence or guilt. I have a different question: is Cardinal Pell homosexual?

More to the point: has the Cardinal denied that he is homosexual in the first place? If he did, I have never read about it, and it would greatly, greatly surprise me that this has not been the very fundament of his defence.

If he hasn’t, sorry to disturb Houston, but we have the usual damn problem.

The astonishing scandal of a homosexual Cardinal must not be hushed behind the sensational news of a convicted Cardinal. We need to denounce the rot beyond what is interesting to the secular press. We need to make of this, not of the distraction of a possibly never happened abuse, the real centre of the conversation.We can’t give the world and the Catholics in the pews the impression that a homosexual Cardinal is just a side news.

I have been no admirer of Cardinal Pell for a while. When he was reported to have explored with the Australian Government ways to force a priest to report what happens in the confessional (I don’t care about the nuances: in this matter, a Cardinal must be like Caesar’s wife) I was done with the guy. I will, also, not cry one single tear if a homosexual Cardinal is convicted, because if he really is homosexual (which I don’t know for sure, but this is the impression I gathered up to now) the monstrosity of his entire life makes the abuse of an adolescent, obviously also homosexual boy pale in comparison.

I will wait to see whether I hear more about this specific fact. It can be that the Cardinal claims to be, and in fact is, straight. But then a lot of the reporting I have read would be just as absurd for not mentioning this as the very core of the debunking of the accusations against him.

Sodomite priest were, in more Christian times, given to the secular justice to be executed. If the man is a homosexual (and in this case, very likely, a sodomite), let the statement above sink in before you cry for Cardinal Pell. If he is straight and innocent of all accusations, he is still a traitor and fake conservative.

We need to realise that we have many, many more enemies in our own rank than we think, and act accordingly.









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  1. Raphael Hythloday

    Sources please Mundabor. As an Australian who follows such matters closely, this is the first time I’ve ever heard that Pell was open to compromising the seal of confession. Even the liberal wing of bishops in this country don’t countenance that. It’s frankly unthinkable that Pell would.

    As for the suspicion that Pell is queer, and the presumption that no denial is tantamount to confession … I do love your blog Mundabor, but sometimes your logic baffles me.

    • My dear friend, I run a blog, not a press agency. You will have to make your own research. If it helps, I was alerted to the fact by a link on Canon 212. As to the other argument, the logic of what I have stated obviously escapes you. These were 13 old boys, not little boys. It is unthinkable that the question whether the man is homosexual is not deal with.

  2. Cardinal Pell is certainly no homosexual. His trial was a disgrace. He is certainly not guilty of anything. How many “trials” must a man undergo before the sentence of “not guilty” is accepted as the outcome?

    • A consoling answer, but does it answer the question? Has the man denied of being homosexual? Has he made of it the cornerstone of his defence? If not, why not? Because he knew the argument would not stand?

  3. Don’t vent all your spleen on Cd. Pell, leave some for PF, McCarrick, Cupich, Farrell, Joseph Tobin, Grassi, Coccopalmerio, James Martin, Timothy Radcliffe, Mauro Inzol, Paglia, Gomez, Maradiaga et al.Why shouldn’t these apostates also do time?
    Best heed St. Francis de Sales advice “Do not lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upset.”

  4. Agree. Sodomite priests should be handed over to the authorities for execution. Although they should be given access to the sacraments first. If they are found to have abused a child/teenager, then they can be either shot, hung or burnt at the stake depending on the degree and number of abuse. I would also require ALL seminarians to watch the execution…to let them know what awaits them if they even attempt to hurt an innocent.

    God bless~

  5. I agree with what you are saying and can’t remember how old these boys were but if they were 11 or 12 as I recall, they would not necessarily be homosexuals. Boys are boys and young men are young men. Seminarians who cooperate with molestations in any way are surely homosexual. They have the capacity to quickly end such advances, but boys of 11 or 12 do not and are easily intimidated. A full grown man, unfortunately, can overwhelm a child and if a child hesitates out of confusion, it’s tough to get out of it. After that moment they are then caught in the trap of a corrupted innocence and disordered sexuality. Most confusing.

    If he is guilty he is surely homosexual by definition. The supposed victims are boys.
    If he is heterosexual he wouldn’t have selected boys as his victims.
    To me it does not seem likely. To me it seems the pope wanted him out. He fell out of favor for Vatican bank reasons perhaps and when you fall out of favor with our church, you end up faring badly. We used to say that about the mafia.

    • Exactly my point. I think the boys were 13 or older, this is ephebophilia (a manifestation of homosexuality) territory all right.

  6. Put it this way: what are the chances that a straight man would have stayed eight long years in a seminary environment that was tantamount to a gay bathhouse? At that would have been the case in the generation when Pell was a seminarian.

  7. How on earth you could come up with the question “Is Cardinal Pell a homosexual? is beyond me!.Never, ever have I though that he could be such a man. I have always regarded him as a man’s man. And I am sure that is the truth. It is also true that he has been subjected to religious persecution. He is simply a scape-goat who has been hounded and hounded and hounded. The Victorian Police actually posted adverts asking the public if anyone could come up with accusations alleging sexual misconduct. They had their victim they just wanted accusations to use against him! The only accusation which the jury has accepted came from a man who gave his “evidence” in secret and there is no one who will support his accusations. The whole trial was a shonky disgrace and is the nadir of all trials in Australia.

  8. Only a well formed inquisition can ferret out these heretics, masons and sodomites.. That can’t happen without an eviction of the present occupier of the papal throne.

  9. I usually like your site, but you are way off the mark about Cardinal Pell. He has always been hated by homosexuals and liberals because of his orthodoxy and his refusal to give in to their demands. He has never been afraid to come out and plainly state the truth about homosexuality in a very unpolitically correct fashion.

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