Teach Your Children Well

Sometime during the weekend I have read a blog post of some blogger, reflecting on whether children should be prepared to the sad realities of our time.

In my eyes not only this should happen, but it should have happened with several Popes of the past.

Children are highly impressionable , and well-disposed to absorb what their parents tell them. A 5 years old told that Francis is one of the baddies, but the Church is sacred and Indefectible, and God guides all good people no matter how confusing the times, will immediately reconcile this information with the reality he sees around him. On the contrary, a 5 years old told that Francis is the good uncle in white will, upon discovering the truth, doubt everything his parents have taught him; this, provided he does not take Francis’ part in the first place.

We would be much, much better off today if these harsh lessons had been taught to children in the sad times of Paul VI and John Paul The Tarmac Kisser. Those children would have, in much greater number, become adults allergic to all that childish and effeminate baggage of V II. They would, today, make for far better-prepared troops in the service of Christ.

Children understand good and evil. They do not expect earth to be a paradise. What they expect is that the loving voice of their parents give them guidance as to what is good and what is bad. Armed with these security, they will be able to walk through life in faith, and without questioning it the moment they realised that they have been lied to concerning Francis.

Teach your children well, my dear readers. Equip them for a long battle to come. They will, I think, be grateful to you forever.

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  1. Agree completely. We removed our kids from Catholic schools and official Catholic education beginning in the late 1960’s when Vatican II came crashing into the Detroit Archdiocese which became the model diocese for Vatican II rollout across the country.
    As a result most parishes also had to be avoided. We and a group of parents started our own school but after that floundered my wife started an after school orthodox religious education program after hours in a public school. 100 kids were enrolled.
    But all of this was not enough to offset the effect of Vatican II as the kids left home, went to college, Marines, etc. Today most are coming back to the Catholic Church but it is the Vatican II variety. But once the failure of “Pope” Francis is established hopefully it will be possible to re-direct them to Traditional Catholicism. It is also possible they will be so scandalized they will reject it all. Lord have mercy.

  2. Most of our children were fortunate enough to have been enrolled in a parent-run Catholic school and did not attend “Catholic” post-primary schools. We will not shove our children (now parents) out of the way to educate THEIR children, but it appears that we will not have to do so, as my children can add 1+1 and get 2 with regard to religion.

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