Pachamama Logic: Meet The People Francis Likes

I am writing this with almost daily frequency now, but it is really as if we were living in a parallel universe.

In two days Francis managed to meet a so-called “Anglican” dyke who fights to make it a criminal offence to help a homosexual to get back to normal,  and a Muslim leader who wants to kill those who convert to Christianity. 

So, Francis loves dykes and homos, but he also loves those who – whilst the imam did not say this explicitly – throw them from the roofs. He talks of inter religious dialogue, but then he meets those whose dialogue with converts to Christ is limited to killing them unless they deny Him.

What do we make of this? Two things.

The first: Francis lives in a logic-free space, where no shame or decency have ever existed. He probably knows it and, if he does, he certainly enjoys it. It is like being a very powerful child of three, able to throw all the toys you want out of the pram without consequences.

The second: this man hates Christianity in general, and Catholicism in particular. He will like you if, and exactly because, you hate Christianity and Its values. He will promote dialogue with you if you deny Christ. He will meet you if you do all you can to fight against common sense and Christian culture.

This explain the “logic” of this guy. Whether it is the pagan cult of Pachamama, wannabe Convert-killing Imams, atheist journalists like Scalfari, or society-perverting dykes, he will like you if you hate, despise or adverse Christianity, all the while raging against us, “rigid” Catholics, and comparing us to Nazis.

You would think the Bishops and Cardinals aren’t blind, deaf, and stupid? You would think there is still a number of them that is decent enough to react to this, and who are afraid for their own salvation enough to realise that there must be a reaction? You would think the pagan idolatry within the Vatican, and pagan symbols on the altar during mass (this is even worse than Assisi!) caused some of them to finally wake up and condemn Francis? Think again.

It is not enough to condemn the statues of Pachamama. Those statues did not find their way to the Vatican because of some strange magic. They were there because Francis ordered them to be there, in full knowledge of what they are. Similarly, Francis obviously did know that the plant and earth he had put on the altar are alternative symbol of the same pagan deity.

All this is clear enough to our Cardinals and Bishops. I am not sure the Lord will have mercy on them when they die.

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  1. Daily Francis acts like and does the work of the devil. And it only gets worse.

  2. I’m obsessed with that thought: will Our Lord have mercy on them when they die. Last week’s Denver Catholic Register didn’t even mention anything about the idols, as if it never happened.

    I said a Hail Mary already for you this morning.

  3. Given Francis is a Globalist, and is supported by the likes of Soros & Co. who all want a “world church” to replace Christianity and all other religions in order to control humanity under a single government and religion, could his actions be the attempts “merge” everyone into the Church? Yes, this is the typical squaring of the circle nonsense that is the legacy of the “Enlightenment” that has made the past 300 years the most bloody and destructive in human history—all in the name of establishing a peaceful utopia.

    Of course, you can’t build utopia on lies and dead bodies. But these people are so possessed that they can’t see, or don’t care, that they are doing the Devil’s bidding. Their pride and arrogance (and every other deadly sin) drives them further for a goal that can’t be obtained. But the Devil thinks he’s getting what he wants—the destruction of the Church as he bragged in front of Pope Leo XIII.

  4. In my mind I have labeled Francis as a “dolt”. I really do not think him very bright.

  5. John J. Marren, Jr.

    Holy Phew!

  6. He closed the Synod with a totem staff , depicting pagan deities.

  7. Well put. It has always seemed we could survive a rogue pope, even one as big a bast— as this one, but we cannot survive a rogue pope coupled with an entirely effeminate church body, which we also have. They fear hunger far more than God, by leagues. Abp Vigano, the manliest of the bunch, is still in hiding. We think he comprehends the depths of these men, the lengths they would go for vengeance. He is no doubt correct, but of course this is what they signed on for, the reason they have been financially supported all their lives, so that, should the need arise, they were expected to leap to the defense of Christ, the faith, the church, the flock, only we see now they shiver in the shadows, offering nauseating, syrupy homages to him, acting for all the world as if there is nothing to see here. It will take God to root these sodomites and useless men out of the church and how He will do it we don’t know, but He can because “with God all things are possible”.

  8. It’s true that the people Francis chooses to meet with and bestow favors upon, have a common denominator: their ideologies are always opposed to Christianity. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” And it doesn’t matter that his favorites are often disparate types. Miss Dyke and Mr. Muslim needn’t be in the same room together for the pope to use them to continue his rampage on the Church. As far as a potential clash between the Alphabet People and the “religion of peace”, I don’t think his mind strays very far beyond his own objectives. Francis does act like the world’s oldest toddler, throwing his toys around without worrying about making a mess. Just don’t touch his “precious”!! (pachamama)

  9. Joseph D'Hippolito

    M, Malachi Martin wrote in “Windswept House” of a ceremony enthroning Satan in the Vatican. That ceremony included a simultaneous satanic counterpart in South Carolina. A couple of months ago, a woman who claimed to have been victimized in that ceremony said that Cardinal Joseph Bernardin (notorious homosexual) participated in it and violated her.

    If Satan is indeed enthroned in the Vatican, then the Holy See is full-bore apostate, Francis or no Francis. Had Bergoglio never been elected, somebody else like him would have been chosen — and somebody like him will replace him.

    Yes, it’s that bad.

  10. At this point, any Cardinal who does not publicly condemn this man as not Catholic, has probably either been blackmailed or fears to be. There is a lot of talk about schism, but the College of Cardinals is already in Schism. They did NOT elect this man by chance. They have stood by him in all that counts, through think or thin, with only a few pretending dissent to garner fans. We need to rally around the only member of the hierarchy who is Catholic and a real man, Bishop Gracida, who openly calls Bergoglio a heretic and most likely uncanonically elected for one of two reasons.

  11. John J. Marren, Jr.

    Agreed….I think you’ve drawn an ineluctable conclusion.

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