What Is The Use Of Cardinal Dolan?


Cardinal Dolan has, recently, again refused to excommunicate New York State Governor Mario Cuomo for his murderous – even for abortionists standards – abortion law. His reasoning: If Cuomo is not going to be moved by excommunication, what’s the use?

This logic is very interesting. Let us apply it to other situations of life.

If a thief, or a murderer, or a paedophile, want to continue thieving, or murdering, or raping children, what’s the use of jail sentences? If an adulterer lives in public sin and wants to continue to do so, what is the use of withholding communion and confession?

You might think that Cardinal Dolan is utterly and completely stupid, or that he has forgotten the basics of what he learned, many years ago, in seminary. I disagree with you. Let me give you my take.

Cardinal Dolan has lost his faith a long, long time ago. He does not believe in God. Therefore, he does not believe in the Sacraments. Therefore, he does not believe in the importance of withholding them when necessary, for the sake of the salvation of the person involved and in order to give the faithful reassurance that their pastors take the Sacraments seriously and are still are able to defend the faith.

When even a Protestant pastor publicly calls for a Cardinal to do his job, you know that something has gone terribly wrong. God forbid, this man were to become Pope. We would have a pathetic attempt at a comedy show instead of a Pontificate. Thankfully, it is improbable that a US American be made Pope. For now.

Dolan is sold to the world. He is a mediocre politician with no faith, no morals and no decency. His logic is self-defeating and a travesty of Catholicism. His inaction shames the entire Church. The shame is so obvious and evident, that even heretics must call him to… orthodoxy.

Who made this tool a Bishop? John Paul The Not-So-Great. Who made him Archbishop and Cardinal? Benedict The Coward.

The issues in the Church surely predate Francis. This guy is a perfect example of them.






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  1. “The issues in the Church surely predate Francis. This guy is a perfect example of them”.

    Yes, for sure. Dolan is the personification of Vatican II with all its happy face jollity. Loving rather than hating the world became the goal. Go along, get along became the operative strategy.

  2. I’ve said often enough that Card. Dolan and others of his ilk defend their gilded thrones no matter what. They long ago lost any pretense of Faithfulness to their vocation, let alone to Catholicism. With Dolan, you just have to follow whom he follows – mostly Dems & the money they provide to his diocese. To deny Communion to or to excommunicate any pro-abort politico means he’d be doing the same to his prestige and his money. He simply won’t do that, no matter the Eternal cost.

  3. Mundy thank you for this spot on critique of C Dolan. We trad catholics in NY have suffered so much from him and his modernist V2 cohorts. As you wrote in your blog Dolan is a sorry example of how the modernist V2 church led by JPII and Benedict appointed many scores of horrible bishops who have viciously attacked and mocked the traditions of the Catholic faith yet these same bishops cower in fear over the scorn and ridicule of the Hollywood media. To bishops like Dolan Hollywood has become the magisterium of their faith.

  4. sixlittlerabbits

    Thanks for the update on Clown Cardinal Timothy Dolan. Thi blog entry explains Dolan’s duplicity when the vile Reproductive Health Act was first passed: https://dorothydayworker.blogspot.com/2019/02/no-surprise-morally-bankrupt-cardinal.html

  5. We already have a comedy show instead of a papacy and I’m loving every minute of it. It started fifty years ago and its wonderful, since it is a token of the Parousia, which is not now far off. Bishop erects a cross in Munich; Pope erects the panchamama statue in Rome. These are signs of the times, heralding that the Second Coming is near at hand

    • You don’t know the hour,Diadochos. Unless God gave you a private revelation, I suggest you do not join the choir of idiots who have so assuredly predicted the end of times in every age past.

  6. Why would “a pathetic attempt at a comedy show instead of a Pontificate” be worse than what we have now, a heretical attempt at a comedy show instead of a Pontificate?

  7. “Cardinal Timothy Dolan” is the answer to the question: What if the Simpson’s Crusty the Clown character became a Catholic Cardinal?

  8. Surely you mean Chris Cuomo…

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