Francis’ Total Trainwreck

Reader Catholic Muscle has alerted me to this, and it really makes for entertaining reading.

We have here the crumbling of an old, stupid man in front of questions that I would not even define “challenging” (I would call challenging questions like “are you homosexual?” “Are you A Socialist?” “Do you believe in the bodily Resurrection of Our Lord?” “Why did you allow Pachamama on the altar?” “What excuse do you have for not answering the Dubia?” and the like), but that go merely as far as, say, mention a certain Archbishop Vigano’.

Francis, who either was not prepared or, more likely, does not care to even prepare, proceeds to a series of self-goals that would be cringe worthy, if we did not already know the nature, attitude and character of the man.

Before I start, note this: the style, the articulation of this man can be defined “childish” at best, and “stupid” more appropriately. He just cannot talk, because he cannot think. Reading Francis is like reading the rant of some twelve years old who believes himself brilliant, but is mocked by his peers.

On the walls, the man is really so stupid that he wants us to equate a wall built to keep one’s own people prisoner, to the many walls (including his own!) that have always been built to keep the enemy out. Perhaps, at five, a child might struggle to understand the difference. But to make the comparison with adults really shows the stupidity of this sad individual.

On the riches, the man can only spout his trite socialist mantras. To him, it is a problem that there are rich people and, actually, rich people are the reason why there are poor people. Effing Commie. Had he an IQ higher than 22, he would understand that rich people make everybody around them better off. But no, he must be envious of those who had more than him when he grew up and became an adult. Because, my dear reader, you are clearly in front of a professional, lifelong scrounger, who obviously joined an order merely to have a solid, respected position in life, hating the hand that fed him for the majority of his remarkably evil existence.

Then we have “wymyn”, when the Holy Farter cannot see the difference between Christianity and Islam. I truly hope he does not accuse us one day for the women who have to endure genital mutilation. Still, in his usually stupid way, Francis goes for the applause here. Look at me. I am a feminist pope. Isn’t it grand?

It goes worse and worse from there, and I invite you to read the article in its entirety and the excellent arguments, and vast examples of past behaviour, that the always excellent Chris Ferrara makes against the man.

We get here into meltdown territory. We have attempts at self-defence that are so stupid, so childish, so arrogant that one really does not know whether the man is so stupid that he cannot do any better, or is so arrogant that he does not want to even make the effort of being better. 

Towards the end, we have the oh so ‘umble comparison of his ‘umble person with Our Lord. The stupidity and arrogance of this man reach their summit, at least for this interview. Once again, one wonders whether this is a pope or a guy still wearing shorts.

Please make the link posted above circulate. It is good that every Catholic you know sees the level of embarrassment this man subjects himself to, very possibly thinking he has been smart in the process.

This papacy has definitely become what I have been predicting for years: the progressive self-denunciation of a man too stupid, too arrogant, just too damn thick to understand the dig he has worked himself to, and unable to get out of it because unable to think any other way, and unable to show even a microscopic amount of that humility for which he praises himself so highly.

I hope he dies today.

I invite you to pray for this outcome, for the good of the Church we love.





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  1. Excellent interview and comments by Chris Ferrara who said in conclusion: “pray that God will raise up a holy and courageous Roman Pontiff to end the ecclesial crisis of the past half-century which, during this unparalleled pontificate, has reached its height.”

    This man who calls himself Pope is a disgrace to the Catholic Church, an embarrassment to all Catholics and a scourge on mankind. He represents the fullness of Vatican II, an apotheosis of all of its hidden evils. Vatican II is the surreptitious strategy to substitute Modernist/Masonic theories for genuine Catholicism. God has given us this man so that we will clearly see the living catastrophe of this devilish council designed to overthrow the Catholic Church. The interview helps confirm this belief. Lord have mercy.

  2. I know papa buttlick the 1st is going to die. No miracle there. No need to pray for that.

    I pray for him to be publicly denounced as a heretic and anti-pope, stripped of his clerical faculties, and all his writings, actions, and appointments be declared invalid by the bishops of the church.

    And THEN to die.

  3. Please do not capitalize the “h” in ‘holy’ or the “f” in ‘farter.’ I suppose it would br acceptable to hyphenate the two words. Thank you.

  4. Of note:
    In answer to the “walls” question bergolio refers to human beings – (“… it seems that what man does is what animals do not do. Man is the only animal….”- as an “animal.” A very secular and non-Catholic view. He seems to think that we should behave more in line with his delusional concept of animal behavior. He does not say what “animals casnnot do,” but rather what they “do not do,” as if we should be basing our actions on those of animals. Perhaps he is basing his thinking on that of a parakeet.

    More to the point, he, in his own words, sees human beings as the equivalent in Creation of snails and turtles (who have shells to keep enemies out) and weasels and sheep and no more worth than any of those “other animals.” And even, that humans are less than animals as humans build ‘walls’ and other animals don’t. He is taking a position that humans building things for their own use and protection, walls, houses, makes us less than these other creatures. Is he also against clothing? The natural extension of his thought process is that all things that man provides for himself are unnatural and wrongful.

  5. Teutonic Warrior

    The current crisis can be seen in light of warnings from Saints, and stigmatists as well as public Revelation. In 1950 just a decade prior to the apostasy of the bishops at the Vatican 2 Council, Archbishop Fulton Sheen wrote these chilling words: “We are living in the days of the Apocalypse–the last days of our era…. The two great forces of the Mystical Body of Christ and the Mystical Body of Antichrist are beginning to draw up the battle lines for the catastrophic contest.” This man had a huge radio following of Catholics in the world.

    He continued, “The False Prophet will have a religion without a cross. A religion without a world to come. A religion to destroy religions. There will be a counterfeit church. Christ’s Church [the Catholic Church] will be one. And the False Prophet will create the other. The false church will be worldly ecumenical, and global. It will be a loose federation of churches. And religions forming some type of global association. A world parliament of churches. It will be emptied of all divine content and will be the mystical body of the Antichrist. The mystical body on earth today will have its Judas Iscariot and he will be the false prophet. Satan will recruit him from among our bishops. ”

    Blindly following an organization, without the love of the truth, is at the root of the problem. To be Catholic is more than a mere unity for convenience, but a unity of Truth that true Catholic believers share. Pride and self-love are the things that ultimately hinder us from seeing the truth of the matter: Satan has infiltrated the Papacy.

  6. His stupidity should make it obvious to all Catholics how terrible he is, because there is no subtlety in the man. I’m not sure mainstream Catholics pay attention, however. Many of them seem to just go to Mass on Sundays and forget about things the rest of the week.

    I like what some bishop said about him just when we were all seeing what a gigantic phony Francis is, when the bishop said “Let God open his eyes or close them for good”. The only thing I can pray for this man is for his conversion, and then for God to send the remedy for him.

  7. First, thank you for your uplifting and encouraging post on thanksgiving. As far as the Holy Farter’s latest expulsions, he is nearly incoherent, but not in a way that engenders pity; he is a disgrace. As for his gynophilia, enough already! Stop pandering to us! We are as corrupted as men, most especially in this present time. God has elevated Mother Mary only, not Eve. And perhaps the evil clown would understand that if he stopped imbibing the drug addled narcissism of 1969 long enough. The scandal of millions of children aborted is enough to make any decent thinking woman cringe at the spectacle of this foolish commie gassing about our tenderness. Great victimization of women has come from the anti-God anti-family anti-nature Marxist crusaders, and feminazis who assiduously worked to mutilate and suffocate our natures with their propaganda.

    He quite correctly speaks the truth when he says the world thinks wrongly about women though not for the kooky reasons he thinks. Yes, evil clown… the Muslim culture you cowardly bow down to and can’t even mention, AND the west that has encouraged and enabled our degeneracy. Everywhere is the wreckage of this loss of “tenderness” and self respect. Only a culture So utterly divested of any understanding of femininity and masculinity can believe in the lunacy of transgenderism, initiated and primarily driven by women. Another proof of imbecilic subjectivism and sentimentalism.

    Women want MEN who will protect and defend them, and be good providers. They don’t want or need patsies and emasculated fan boys. This is nature, this is Godly. No wonder His fatuousness cannot grasp this. So sorry for this rant. Print whatever you might see fit. I’ve lived to see so much sorrow and suffering of generations of women from these stupid evil tools it would fill an encyclopedia.

  8. So animals don’t build walls, eh? No, they don’t. But they’re still territorial, and they defend their territory in other ways. With teeth and claws, scratching, biting and killing other animals that get too close. Is that better than what humans do? Is that a lesson we have to learn from the animals? Or is Old Shitty just reflexively reaching for any old stick to hit us with, and continuing his life’s work of yelling, “You’re all wrong! Wrong! WRONG!!!”

  9. Serious theological question here– how does the dictum “love thy enemies” apply to the Francis situation and the Novus Ordo Catholicism as a whole?

    • “Love your enemies” means that you do not wish your enemies hell, and hope they will be with you in heaven one day, all brothers.
      It does not mean that the enemy is right, that you have to love his ideas or, in certain cases (war) that you don’t try to kill him.

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