Short And Sweet

Pope Francis has made an(other) “impassionate appeal” for globalist wealth redistribution, condemning tax cuts as, in a word, “sinful”. In Francis Commie World taxes can never go down, only up, and they will never be high enough.

I thought this guy was supposed to be about the message of Christ, the protection of the doctrine of the Church, eternal salvation, stuff like that. I thought the poor would always be with us. I thought we were supposed to be poor in spirit. I thought Jesus had some very rich friends. I thought the Church condemns Socialism and Communism.

This guy has not a shred of faith in him. He is as much of an atheist as a door handle. He is a bitter, resentful, lewd old guy who has lived an entire existence evidently scrounging from the organisation he hates the most on the planet, with the possible exception of the United States of America.

Go away, Pachamama Pope. Resign already and disappear somewhere in Venezuela, where you can’t do any damage that has not been done already. Remove your disgusting, scandalous presence from the reach of decent Catholics who, actually, love the Church.

But wait: your resignation would leave, irrespective of the title you choose to take, two former Popes! Not good! I remember the Three Tenors, and I still shudder!

I suggest you do something better, and more clear-cut.

Do us the favour and die. I wish you salvation, and hope to embrace you in heaven one day. I have just said the best three Hail Mary I could muster for you. I sincerely wish your immortal soul all the best.

But as it is now, kindly do all of us a great favour and die.

We will have challenges after you. We will have them, largely, because of you and the horrible Cardinals and Bishops you have appointed. But we will face these challenges in prayer and with faith, knowing that God will sort this out one day.

But you, you old faithless, lewd, Commie scoundrel, you have done enough damage already.

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  1. My belief is Bergoglio was never the Pope. He is a usurper having forced Benedict to resign. Benedict is still the real Pope. The problem is all the Cardinals and saints Bergoglio created are also illegitimate. How we will have a another true Pope after both Benedict and Bergoglio die is a conundrum. Maybe St. Malachi was right and Benedict was the last Pope?

    • Maybe you should accept reality and stop it with these childish fantasies?
      By the by: I put Bennyvacantists on my spam list.
      I made an exception for you.
      For heaven’s sake, stop this nonsense.

    • Unfortunately, Bergoglio the Apostate, Heretic and, no doubt, Usurper, IS ACTUALLY REALLY THERE and it is a fact and accepted legally, the pope, even if, later on, he’ll be found to have demissioned himself because of his stated heresies; and, possibly, the manner of his election will be found to be illegal.

    • I agree with all but usurper. As you say, Francis sits on the throne of Peter legally. But yes, heretic big time, and I think apostate, too. Still, until the cardinals declare him deposed because of his heresies and apostasy, this is where we are.

  2. “But you, you old faithless, kewd, Commie scoundrel, you have done enough damage already.”
    What does”kewd” mean?

  3. Amen Mundy!

  4. Several of the Ten Commandments are prohibitions against envy and the sanctity of the rights of property owners. These are not suggestions rather Almighty God inscribed His Word on tablets of stone. Also doesn’t the probibition of work on Sundays imply we should work on the other days? At least one of the temptations offered by Satan to Our Lord concerned violations of these sacred themes of private possessions, the taking of something from others. Clearly Francis and his social justice warriors hate these commandments of God just as does Satan.

  5. Francis will never resign. Any talk to the contrary – even, and especially if, it is directly from the horse’s mouth – is a misdirection to keep us off balance. It is a classic tactic of narcissists. They dangle the possibility that they will comply with our discomfort & distress and just go away. Then the fools who believe them actually end up ‘begging’ them to remain and not carry out their threats for fear of something worse. This drama is very familiar nowadays. In my workplace we have coworker who is always causing drama about his intention of quitting until he gets attention from others. Just like celebrities who shout from the rooftops that they’ll leave the U.S.A. if their political fantasies are not obliged. Last time I checked, they’re still here!

    • Agreed 100%. It’s the coquetting of an old, possibly effeminate man, who wants to hear those around you begging him to stay, because he is so wonderful.

  6. Joseph D'Hippolito

    M, Francis is not an outlier. He is the logical consequence of the Vatican’s embrace of the globalist, secular materialist paradigm, which started at Vatican II. Paul VI’s “Populorum Progresio” and Benedict XVI’s “Caritas in Veritate” both promote it:

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