Francis’ Casual Blasphemy

One of the differences between Trump and Francis is – besides the fact that Trump is, actually, a decent human being – their twitter account.

Trump writes his tweets himself, and they are overcharged with his robust spirit and love for saying it like it is. Francis evidently has some kind of homo monsignor writing platitudes for him, and literally shitting five or six Dalai Lama wannabe pieces of crap every day. These tweets are pure new age hot air, as you will soon discover if you can stomach a fast perusal of his account.

Of course, this causes all sorts of trouble, of which Francis is fully aware; but do not think that this dissuades him from having his homo monsignor writing them! On the contrary, I am sure he enjoys the idea of riling up Catholics with them!

The tweet below is a textbook example:

There is possibly not one idea in this tweet that is not contrary to Christianity.

We don’t need the Holy spirit to give us new eyes, in the sense in which Francis is obvious intending the phrase here, that is: change our mind about what the Church believes. The Holy Spirit (I prefer “Ghost”, because I am fussy like that…) does not need new instruments, or a new strategy, or new actions of any sort, in this XXI Century. Human nature never changes, and our challenges are perennially the same. If it were not so, we would need a new Gospel every hundred year or so.

Humanity is, also, not one. This is new age, one-world drivel. We have an individual soul and this soul will go to his individual judgment. The outcomes of the individual judgments are infinitely different. Therefore, there can be no “oneness” in humanity more than there is oneness between the eternally damned in hell and the eternally blessed in heaven.

“No one is saved alone” is the last piece of blasphemy. Yes, Frankie dear, there is more than one saved, and the Elect certainly work together, and do together God’s work, to collaborate with God and merit His salvation. In this sense, their work certainly is a collaboration for, and in, Christ. But this is not what Francis means. Francis means that “we are the world, we are the children” (remember that most stupid of songs?), and we are like a cooperative where we need to lick the reprobate’s boots and adhere to their agenda if we want to be saved ourselves, because “one”.

Thanks, but no, thanks; and you go to hell without me, Frankie dear.

I do not read the tweets of the homosexual monsignor. But make no mistake: Francis answers to heaven for everything that the fairy in question writes, because it is written in his name, with his authorisation, and with his acquiescence.

One days, this tweet will make good comedy reading, and will be good for a laugh. At the moment I do not have the necessary distance, and prefer to pray that this scoundrel dies soon.



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  1. One of the differences between Trump and Francis is they are two sides of the same coin i.e. impious modern world walking together towards one world religion . Some examples:
    1. Trump’s administration loves the Abu Dhabi declaration and follows with supporting initiatives… in Vatican of bad, bad Bergoglio – cf.
    2. Every year the Trump’s administration issues reports on religious freedom in different countries. Do you know what is their permanent problem with respect to my country (Poland)?
    “Crucifixes continued to be displayed in both the upper and lower houses of
    parliament, as well as in many other public buildings, including public school

    Click to access Poland-3.pdf

    Click to access Poland-2.pdf


    3. On the eve of the corona-panicdemic (February 5, 2020) Trump’s administration (Mr Pompeo) signed the Declaration of Principles for the International Religious Freedom Alliance . The High Contracting Parties as “Instruments of Action” shall in particular promote “interfaith dialogue to solve problems and promote greater inter- and intra-religious understanding” cf. If it is not interference of so-called “neutral in matters of religion” (ha, ha, ha) masonic state in matters of religion I don’t know what is.

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